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    Guys Ive read in some italian forum that there were problem in the past between Mazzanti and C.Bosetti? Can someone explain the drama to me? I'm italian but never heard about it. Thanks

    I never heard till 2019 cause mazzanti didn't call caterina to main events as olympics qualification and european championship,only play in vnl so people think he doesn't like her or something like that but caterina was recovering

    Maybe he would have called her

    Bruna had a serious operation that risk her life

    Before she was a scorer machine and now showing in poland

    You are a big fan of sheilla

    I really don't get why so many people want to see Robinson as libero. During WCH 2018 she was the libero and USA failed big time that tournament:gone: She just isn't a libero IMO, same as Courtney who isn't a real libero either. I would take Wong-Orantes as starting libero to the Olympics. She now has experience of playing 2 seasons overseas, so I believe her reception skills improved. Next to that team USA has 4 good/decent receiving outside hitters, so it will take some of the pressure away from the libero in serve reception. Main job for the libero would be defense and setting. Wong-Orantes clearly the best in these aspects! ^^

    If she were a good libero don't you think they wouldn't improvize with players deom another positions...

    Im still not convinced she'll retire... she's too good (and the money she's getting is too)

    If she wouldn't retire she will continue in imoco

    She said she stay one more season in imoco bcz of og,she feels comfortable there and she consider them as a family

    If there was a possibility,imoco would bid for her

    well tomorrow it gonna be released the first list of players to train in NT

    I just put the 18 I considered mazzanti will call eveb if I knew he would work with 24

    With new vnl rule I gonna put who I considered gonna be the other 6

    If he decide to call players that weren't at NT in a time as gennari he could call also diouf that did a good job in Korea but I think he would call enweonwu or piani instead

    Signorile,if not Bosio..

    Also villani,mazzaro and Fersino

    I'm still waiting an answer on Wolosz big moments far from Imoco.

    Complaining about some teams or players - Eczacibasi for example - is okay, it's like a trend on here, you get a lot of likes, but doing the same on others - like Wolosz - isn't allowed. I got it now. :lol:

    She did good at busto with the team she had

    Now I want to see carlini leading a team with players of that level ....

    And is true you want to criticize another players but your favs NO ONE can say any bad thing about themm

    Really partial you are

    for the ones that said why chanpions fials takes too long

    There's still playing the finals of poland and german leagues

    I know that is weirdly possible to see a team from both countries in a final but cev need to analize all cases and all leagues

    If it's true that italian and turkish dominates the champions,we never know about a surprise so that's why the date IMO

    Also turkish league would have end + 20 april if they did a 5 game and italian this year was best of 3 because if it was best out of 5,it would have take much more time ..

    Can use her magic only in Imoco but never in her NT, thats what you call dependent only to one player. With Stysiak, and great middles she have, why cant she use those magic in her NT.

    Give Carlini time and experience, she will soar high.

    I am not a big fan of wolosz but middles in poland are normal,if you compared to the other teams that made semi final at ech the others were better

    About poland they have stysiak and smarzek yes but the other oh no words and middles are normal,good sometimes

    Other time stop being off topic with player that isn't here

    A lot of off topic from one setter that didn't even play in this league so STOP

    Her fans are crazy and will never accept something bad about that players as with moscow so..

    Is something i hate,they want to criticize others but when they talk about their fav,they can deal with truth

    maja did a good job there being champions and make all that awful russian players like scherban play well

    She lead dinamo to win from vakif in first leg of qf

    Also bethania,natalia that have bad setters or teammates work there

    When you are BLIND and the love for your fav don't let you see the big picture

    Totally Agree with you