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    Lindsey Berg played well in the quarterfinals against Italy in 2012 especially with her service but she was never even close to being a great setter, only average. IMO Alish Glass was US's best setter in the past 2 decades being million miles away in front of the others.

    I thought Lloyd could reach a higher level but she didn't.


    Alisha was great only for fast system in US NT. Otherwise she was just average, nothing special. Lindsay was pretty decent for a long time and I think played in different systems at high level which made her better, for me.

    And why Poulter is mentioned? She just started her international career and doing good so far.

    Imo poulter reminds me to her

    Fit in a system and do what they tell her but nothing more

    miriam sylla seems is a hard injury

    She could be sideline for 2 months,not official

    imo imoco has make bad,she had some problems and they should let her rest

    She's out next week for champions league

    Even if you ignore her decent performances during the London Olympics cycle, Lindsay Berg’s jump serves played a big role in their upset over Italy in the 2008 Olympics quarterfinals to help win their unexpected silver medal. This achievement alone is spectacular and outstanding.

    ok but in setting and overall she was a good setter i don't say she was bad

    But she wasn't an awesome setter

    While we're still trying to figure out/debating what the setting situation for the NT would probably look like for the Olympics. I want to know, for those who have been around. Who has been the best setter for the USA since they became a serious contender in the international stage? I dont know what the state of the NT was before 2000. If wiki can be trusted it looks like its pure pain and suffering with very few successes sprinkled in between. Also was Lindsey Berg a better Olympian (performance wise) than Alicia Glass? Coz thats how i feel like rewatching some matches. Admittedly a very small sample size.

    Alisha was first high level setter in usa since debbie green

    Ah mow santos no comments and lindsey fits in usa 's system but nothing spectacular or oustanding

    Like poulter

    I do believe next match between Conegliano and Novara is gone be so different. They are growing day by day, they have very good coaching staff so that is not strange at all to see from them.

    So I can’t wait for their next match between them and to watch Novara fighting against Turkish teams.

    Novara is such a young team with full energy and working with coach as Lavarini can bring them only positive things.
    Only negativ thing about their game is that Smarzek is not performing what everyone are expecting from her... But they have one of the best OH duo in Seria A.

    Maybe it could be a better match from novara

    They recover chirichella

    But imoco has struggles with a lot of injuries so imoco full wouldn't let novara even breathe

    So i am sure vargas and busa heard about eguno thing and what guidetti said abt robinson over busa 😂 they are playing well. Robinson and eda aren't in the court!

    Sorry but eczacibasi will not win CL and Turkish with this kind of performance. Thompson shoukd play OPP not OH. She a lot of work to do and as of this moment she can't or no other OH can replace the 4 Vets from US.

    Sorry but you think they can?

    Ecza maximum can achieve final six in cl and 2nd place in tl

    melanie parra is heading to texas where she's gonna play

    The little girl that surprise the world at 2018 wch

    She reminds me a lot of bricio that the first time I saw hear i knew she gonna be a superstar cause she was a queen in norceca and latinoamerica region in under age categories and even with 15 yo she was outstanding with teams like peru,puerto rico and anothers when mexico was really bad

    Hope she became another superstar