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    Omg this was so boring to watch. Can any team in Italian league really challange Conegliano? Did Busto really prepare for Egonu at all? It is Italian league and Busto being aced so many times...Really disappointing.

    Busto is really low this season

    They have good players in outsides but limitated but the problem is in middle

    All her mb have no great level compared to other top team (stevanovic is good but..)

    In my opinion busto couldn't even be in top 4

    And novara can win imoco

    I am a great scandicci fan but I hope conegliano won this

    I love all players from that team

    But maybe to play with a rivak that had 2 previous tough game gonna be a problem

    2 amazing OPP

    Bad that one gonna be at bench but i hopr to see great performances from both

    In radomka they're a lot of young promising players,good they can play

    I love van ryk,she's so powerful,she was wasted in bergamo,here she will shine

    Brescia is really fun to watch, they have a very well organised block-defense system. Physically Scandicci is clearly superior but for now the match is wide open. Also it seems the highest level match today compared to the others...

    Well this is the only match that both teams play with her best players

    i am following the career of this 2 promising young and today i'm proud of them

    Degradi has a natural talent and i was upset she was at bench in Firenze because she could be starter in any other club and she is playing wonderful,thanks to her that cuneo won first set

    And zanette was destroying in A2 and now she is in A1,unfortunately she wasn't supposed to play but Today she's doing so well

    She gives me Brakocevic vibes

    Can Italy please give a break with raising super talents in every generation! It is becoming unfair:lol:

    In fact she's russian and she participates with them in u16 a few years ago but she wasn't a starter

    Then she left and come to italy and now she has the italian citizenship