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    like i mentioned before it seems this girl is gonna surprise all

    In a friendly match antropova (2003-17 yo) from sassuolo made 23 points vs montale and she only participes in 3 sets

    Oh my god I can't believe you guys all this Goncha-hating still around here. I admit she doesn't have the best/warmest personality, but that is her nature she is an introvert. She has come a long way and mellowed down from the feisty Goncha on her younger years. And if she really was that terrible, she wouldn't have been close with Maja Poljak, and even she and Maja had a good working realtionship before the split with Moscow happened.

    I don't get the comparison at all to Kosheleva. Between Goncha and Koshe, let me remind you it was Goncha who was always there available for the NT, every summer. It's only recently she has skipped WGP/VNL for the past few years as he is not getting any younger. Without her, Russia wouldn't even be a competitive team in the recent years, she deserves all the credit even when some other people always dismiss her and judge anything about her BESIDES her game.

    Not everyone can be a Koshe personality-wise. I reckon even Parubets is more of an ice queen than her, but for some reason it's always Goncha that gets the hate and bashing. Being beautiful really has effect on some people :whistle:

    Personally i thinks your arguments are so basic implying that they "hate" (such a strong word) for her beauty

    I don't even care about goncharova and I only said the facts

    Grupa Azoty Chemik Police – SSC Palmberg Schwerin 1:3 (22:25, 25:22, 25:27, 23:25)

    Chemik: Kowalewska (1), Kąkolewska (5), Brakocević-Canzian (18), Wasilewska (8), Salas (11), Łukasik (17), Maj (libero) and Grajber (3), Połeć (3), Baijens (3), Mędrzyk, Bałdyga, Żurawska (libero)
    Palmberg: Stoltenborg (2), Alsmeier (12), Oude Luttikhuis (14), Spelman (21), Scholzel (11), Ambrosius (4), Pogany (libero), Nestler (libero) and Agost, Imoudu (1)

    I like lukasik,she's so good to be at bench

    A pity for poland that have so good and promising opposites but smarzek is absolute

    I think what loveyourself meant is what Goncha said about Gamova and Sokolova.

    I don’t appreciate her egoistic behaviors.

    As I said before, Kosheleva should be in NT but as sub. Voronkova and Parubets should be their OHs, Kosheleva can help with her experience in crucial moments.

    She said that now the russian team without them play faster and better

    Remember that goncha wasn't doing well with gamova and believe superior to her,always that could she yells to her in games

    Ridiculous considering that after the retirement of the 2,russia performance was so poor and beside the 2 european championship,they get nothing

    Only medals in grand prix and world cup when best team send their B teams

    What did she say to them? Are there any related articles?

    One friend that is a big fan of russia and follow all news says to me that in a interview they asked for tatiana and she says that she doesn't know about her and don't have any communication and that the team is good the way it is

    It was few months ago

    I think if ever Kosheleva and Goncharova have to play together in court again, Goncharova might have take receiving duties. She's much better at it than Kosheleva. At least that's the best scenario that can happen. Not too sure if this will sit well with Goncha.

    And whoa, Kosheleva jump serving? I have to see that. :huh:

    Remember that goncha was as OH but passing just a little because sokolova covers almost all the field with kryuchkova

    And goncha did because russia had big chances at london but after she speak bad about gamova & soko and even now with kosheleva she said some things that shows they're not friends anymore like used to

    I don't think she accepts to change her position,she has a big ego

    And now diffenten than 2012 russia needs her instead her needing russia

    Some fans were asking for return of kosheleva but that will not help to russia

    Today she made 11 points in 4 set bur iurinskaia had to pass for her and she didn't almost score

    Voronkova also has more responsability to receive,i doubt goncharova is gonna receive

    Even if she were great this season,the best will be to be a bench player

    and so France won 3-1 to turkey

    At the beggining i wouldn't believe but happen

    After 1st set france get better in reception and block and it was the key of victory,also they have an amazing defense

    On the other hand turkey increase the amount of mistakes and play really bad,but turkish libero is amazing,she did a terrific job tonight

    I'm watching the game

    Turkey won the first set 25-23

    I left when turkey was dominating 16-10 then i Saw the score and rewatch

    Feench reception is very poor and can't use mb that are decent,the team have lack of coordination

    Diouf is awesome and maybe a futur star,henyo helps but is limited

    I like feench black mb but because of the reception they can use,block is something to improve

    Turkey is best team but nothing impossible,their hitters are good by experience but i don't see any good prospects

    I like setter because sets with precisition and fast,and.turkish teams stays some points in a lack of concentration that let france play but is normal at this age

    novara and monza play a friendly game 2-2

    In monza meijners is now fully recovered from the surgery but Danesi didn't play because of a problem,hope she's ok and play this saturday

    Squarcini was instead of her and did 6 blocks and 2 aces,i remember her last year,she was good and have good serve,is she were higher could be considered nt material

    In novara didn't play smarzek,caterina was the best scorer and daalderoop did a good job

    I really hope that they (France) can develop few more descent player and make a competitive team for Paris 2024.

    And they'll have

    They only lose bauer that is good but far away her best shape

    Their best player are having good performances in european leagues and they have good prospects like sylves,rotar and diouf

    Maybe lack of experience would be the only reason i don't see french time in qf at paris

    (Considering host always have african team and south america 2)

    by bruno voloch osasco is interested in leyva after she was fired from ptt because she couldn't go to turkey for this pandemic

    In my opinion she would be a good option,even is she start in bench she could replace tandara or tainara is they're not doing well,because osasco don't have any foreign and a good team but a weak bench