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    I hope France will raise some good talents from this generation, they will have a spot in OG in 2024 as host. It would be a pity if they will lose every match 3-0

    I don't think they gonna lost all their matches

    They had a young and talented team now

    Gicquel in imoco,fidon and souza in poland,in 2024 they will be at their peak

    Last year they beat bulgary with vasileva (the same that almost defeated usa in oq)

    And also the prospects amandha sylves,amelie rotar and guewe diouf

    France is gonna be so strong after 2024


    A resolution said that teams from russia and ukraine can't play together

    So moscow.will be changed

    If he won his match in 2nd round he will be probably scandicci

    Really hard and injustice,both should be in 4th round

    in theory both Hande and Thompson can play for Boskovic when needed and Fatma can come in, I'm sure this will happen but in the past Tijana has always been overused and she is captain now so yea Idk

    Not before she had kim,bethania,larson,natalia and good MB

    Fatma she isn't reliable.and she's weak in attack

    Hande has ups and downs,she can score but she's not gonna be the main score at least with a powerful team

    Thompson she's good but let see how she handle the pressure to receive

    In conclusion Bosko is gonna be used a lot

    Is there a team left in Brazil who can afford her and who still needs an opposite? Or is playing abroad her only option?

    what i read by voloch is that she was going to receive the same monry as the last season but she wantes to play

    All big 5 teams have their opposites abd the other don't have too much budget

    Because even if the olympics like jaque,paula and other aren't in their peaks a long time ago,they're still receiving a lot just for their status

    Normally not a game I would watch, because both China and Dominican Republic aren't my favorite teams. On the other hand Castillo is one of my favourit players, so you made me curious to watch this game. You didn't say to much, because what a great performance in defense by Castillo and a nice match to watch with a lot of rally's!:cheesy: I think they should use her performance in this game to learn young libero's how you should read the opponents game. She was everywhere on court and made dig after dig. Also her sets in transition are one of the best in the world:obey: Doesn't matter where she is on court, she can deliver a perfect set for the attacker. IMO De Gennaro is a bit more consistent, but when Castillo plays at the top of her game, she is the more complete libero. Also De La Cruz impressed me, what a dominant attacker she was back than!:box: Marte reminds me a bit of Dijkema:S Playing a solid game, but in the important moments very shaky and not involving the middles at all.

    As for China, Zhu Ting already a beast in attack but a bit clumsy in defense:D I always love Zeng Chunlei her smile :) Also Yuan with a great performance for a 17 year old! Wonder what happened to Shen Jingsi, Yang Junjing and Shan Danna? Can't remember them playing for the Chinees NT after the WCH 2014 and they played pretty good back than.

    Jingsi shen was the back-up setter till 2015 but then appeared ding xia and she wasn't considerer to rio and didn't appear this last year

    Yang yunying was a very good middle blocker

    She was injured in that game i think and don't play the finals

    Aftee that yuan occuped her place till now and she reappeared but in bench

    i don't like actual japan's setters

    They're so predictable

    If you can see a match of japan nowadays you're gonna see the setters doing the oh 3 or 4 balls to oh in the same rally

    Also japan has grown this last year and i think they're going to rise their level but i don't see this actual or future japan team battling for medals in any fivb competition (only avc)

    How it's horrible? They follow the protocols given by the autorities and that's good

    so like is not new thread i put it here

    The next ligue A will no have playoffs and the champions will be the best team at regular season

    So weird considering that 2 years ago mullhouse who was almost perfect in reg. Was defeated and eliminated by marcq en bareoul that just qualified a match before the end of the regular season