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    There's something so different about the team's attitude this year. When they stepped on court today, I just knew they weren't going to lose again. I didn't even feel stressed when they lost the third set, because I just felt it in my bones this match was ours.

    you didn't feel threatened by the mighty GOATTINO????????


    I was asked to explain so here you go

    PVF has the same pay standard across the board. this year they're all earning 60k except for a few earning 100k. (that will change next season).

    LOVB's structure is tiered, based on position and experience. it's not public about what their salaries are. Minimums are lower than PVF's 60k. Their maximum is higher than PVF's maximum.

    if you want more info:…oing-on-with-professional

    im out again :win:

    Bosetti be like: "are you seeing this?!!!"

    The only thing I like about Pietrini today is her hair.

    Her lack of kneepads bothers me just as her lackluster swings against a weak team.

    you enjoy her culturally appropriating a black/african hair style?


    Finally does anyone knows what is going to happen with Larson? Is she going to continue play? I am asking because I just read that she is a coach assistant for Nebraska.

    She's playing through Paris.

    And then she'll go into coaching.

    She'll stay with USA until the NT season is over this summer, go to nebraska... join a team in the spring -> 2024 NT season

    avid I watched the match USA vs Argentina once again, trying to figure out where exactly Lee made mistakes and criticised as 'Meltdown'

    ive literally already said it was a sarcastic remark mocking a previous comment that I had made.

    Losing to Argentina, even with this team, is embarrassing.

    NORCECA sucks so much… two players that reached the podium got an award

    S: Martinez (Mexico)

    Opp/MVP: Cugno (ARG)

    OH: Lee (USA)

    OH: Ana Karina (COL)

    MB: Urias (MEX)

    MB: Gonzales (DOM)

    L: Landeros (MEX)

    remind you… Mexico finished in seventh

    USA take bronze. the pin hitters looked a lot better attacking wise.

    DOM pulled Brayelin after the first or second set (minus some cameos)

    they look exhausted... and they still have Final Six, NORCECAs, and IOQT...

    Best Libero is a stat-based award... Joseline Landeros was leading coming into the day.

    Britt didnt play in the first match (I dont see the second match stats for BEL)

    Belgique : Lemmens (8), Van Gestel (9), Martin (9), Janssens (14), Van de Vyver (3), Krenicky, Van Avermaet (11), Stragier (19), Debouck, libero : Rampelberg, Demeyer

    Btw i dont think you can consider us favorites.

    Its not official yet, but based on the roster vs china and the rumors in last few days we will go to world championship without any player from our best starting 7, all from different reasons, some are called for senior team, some injured and few dont called at all X/

    Basically our 9 best players will not be there, only 5 players from our best 14 are in the current roster.

    me when I made fun of Brazil U21 and they're gonna end up winning it lol


    You need to ask avid, but I belive it's related to the fact that those teams play more important annual torunaments (VNL/Challenger Cup).

    I think that according to FIVB this tournament is something similar to European League. And let say Turkiye plays both tournaments - VNL and EL. They would get only points for VNL and not for European League.

    I found the rule, but I dont get why it wasn't applied in 2022.

    "Matches from other annual official events organized by Continental Confederations shall not be considered for the World Ranking if those matches include teams participating in the official FIVB events in the same year.

    For the avoidance of doubt, matches in the same tournament which do not involve teams who participate in official FIVB events in a given year are eligible for the FIVB World Ranking."