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    Hm so that’s why bossier city wanted the bid so badly lmao

    For that competition we expect to have an economic impact of about $4.2 million. So, these are people who are coming into our community not just US, but also seven other countries. So, we’re so excited to host them here in Shreveport-Bossier City,”

    I still hate it. Thoughts and prayers for anyone going there from abroad lol

    I don't even know what is or how this #Space works, so, for the technology illiterate like myself:

    Diana needs some surgery, Lorrayna's getting married

    twitter spaces are dumb.

    Another tweet said Ze would welcome Thaisa for the WCH if she wanted to, but I imagine that’s not news lol

    Was there any confirmation about Knip to Vilsbiburg?

    I see an american libero Shanel Bramschreiber has joined an agency. She'd be a very good replacement for Clark (and a lot better) (or a suitable JWO replacement)

    Vilsbiburg enquired about T'Ara Ceasar... but idk anything about it. She would be a good Hart replacement.

    Any rumors about Emiliya Dimitrova? Italians wrote she had offers from Italy a few months ago but nothing since then.

    Also I'm curious where Abercrombie might go. She had such a good season, putting 40+ points,i thought someone would snatch her already.

    She just showed up on with Casalmaggiore (as a rumor)

    I don't understand, why aren't the World Rankings getting updated for teams that participate? Wasn't the intention of this new ranking system that every match should count? Even if FIVB doesn't consider this a major tournament, they should still be getting points for playing friendly matches. Otherwise, what's the point of these rankings if teams aren't getting points because FIVB doesn't like the competition? Remember that the world ranking will probably determine the teams that play 2026 World Championship again...

    well it could just be FIVB sucks and isn’t updating the rankings daily. It happened last year for one tournament (CEV Golden league maybe?)

    or is this tournament sanctioned/organized by the AVC? It could be because of that if it’s not

    Kinda off-topic, but this is for a player who played in the German league for Erfurt.…_link&utm_source=customer

    Hello, Friends and Family of Sara Kovac,

    My name is Tea Vlatkovic, and I am fundraising for my dear friend Sara Kovac who recently suffered a significant pontine hemorrhage brain bleed.

    On April 26th, Sara went to the hospital because of a bad headache, nausea and numbness in her neck and face. After numerous tests and scans, they discovered a brain bleed and then she was transferred to Hamilton.

    On May 9th, Sara had surgery to relieve the pressure and fluid in her brain. She was placed on a ventilator, and then they performed a tracheotomy.

    She has a very long road to recovery ahead of her as she will need extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation. She is currently stable but in critical care.

    For those of you that have had the pleasure of knowing Sara, you know she’s the toughest, strongest, bravest woman we know. She is the most caring daughter, the kindest friend, and the most supportive older sister. She is loved for her kind-hearted personality and willingness to help anyone in need. She is a very active and determined person, and her strength and drive will get her through this difficult time. She graduated from Forestview Elementary School, Eden High School, and Loyola Marymount University. She played volleyball at LMU and then played professionally in Slovenia and Germany. As she was always someone who kept busy until her brain bled, she was coaching a team for Niagara Rapids Volleyball Club while getting her master's at McMaster.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could help Sara and her family during this difficult time. Sara's parents, Pedja and Mika, have taken time off work to travel to and from Hamilton to care for her full time. This will cause a significant financial strain on their household. Your donation will alleviate some of the burden and stress they are experiencing as a family. The money will be put towards Sara’s medical expenses, time off work, travel and gas money and any additional costs that may arise from this unfortunate situation.

    Please continue to keep Sara in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!

    damn, they're playing against a lot of teams lol I wonder what age group Pinheiros, Fluminense and São Caetano will be playing with, but it sounds like good training for everyone involved

    ikr. that's a ton of matches and they dont exactly have a big squad. I wonder if its just three sets each.

    I'd imagine its probably U19/18s. That's what they're playing in europe

    Did she say anything interesting?

    I’ve seen some people comment that her accent sounds foreign. I wonder if her “native” language is German