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    Maybe it's just me, I feel Poulter is underappreciated here.

    I watched many of Poulter's Chieri games last season and this past long weekend I watched UYBA vs Scandicci. Poulter's setting has been really fast most of the time. What surprises me is that her connection with Gray on the back row attack from position 6 (and oftentimes between position 5 and 6) is so fast and so pleasing to watch (of course, when the connection is on). I think the rhythm is faster than her connection with Robinson at NT, which really reminds me of her Illinois days when she ran a super fast pipe attack with Quade.

    Poulter is a well-rounded setter and she has no significant shortcomings in her setting. I can see her blocking making progress this season. She needs to work on her consistency and try to be more creative (not saying that she is predictable now). I hope she can continue to improve her skills and brings that to USA NT.

    Poulter is under-appreciated. I'd love to see her move to Turkey (if it opens up)

    Front page has been updated.

    Would take Stanford's matches with a grain of salt (they're not going to be played) They're still practicing on grass outdoors due to regulations.

    Updated OP with matches on the Pac 12 network (with international link)

    Is she playing this spring?

    No. She tore her ACL in September. (she wouldn't be eligible to play in the spring anyways)

    She'll be around in the fall if she is healthy.

    Hopefully Carlini and Poulter will play for longer than a quad and a half. At least until LA ‘28.

    I don't think both will be around till then. I'd be surprised to see them both past '24. After Paris it will be Brie Orr's (won the U18 World Championships) team.

    Lloyd was never my favorite. I'm glad we were able to move on when we did.

    Glass retiring was an awkward time. Carlini and Poulter weren't ready so Lloyd was the natural choice. I wish Glass would've hung around for a little while longer

    1. Wisconsin. I want to see if they can finally pull it off this season and I'm excited to see if Dana can be a real international star.

    2. Nebraska. Madi Kubik reminds me of young Larson, a very all-rounded player. I am still mad that she didn't get NFOY in 2019. Can she improve her passing? Lauren Stivrins' slide attack is so beautiful, hope her blocking can improve this year. Will Orr play this spring? I heard that she is injured, is she better?

    3. Michigan. All because of Jess Mzruik. Is she really that good?

    4. Stanford. With a stellar class leaving, can they hold on to it?

    5. Texas. Many strong hitters but this team need to know how to make their first touch better.

    1. Dana should be, she has all of the tools.

    2. Orr isn't eligible for this spring (she tore her ACL anyways) She'll be around next fall. Stivrins blocking will improve when she's not next to a 5'9 setter

    3. Mzruik-Jones is such a good duo

    4. No lol

    I'm bored so let's do a preview of all of the "elite" teams this season (I'm just taking teams from the preseason rankings plus some of the smaller schools that don't get a lot of attention) (I've included the arenas they all play in, because some are just so breathtaking)

    1. Wisconsin Badgers Roster Schedule Instagram UW Fieldhouse

    Key Returning Players: Dana Rettke (MB), Sydney Hilley (S), Molly Haggerty (OH), Grace Loberg (OH), Danielle Hart (MB), Lauren Barnes (L)

    Key Newcomers: Devyn Robinson (MB/Opp), Giorgia Civita (L), Jade Demps (OH/Opp)

    Wisconsin are last year's national championship runner ups and they return most of their starting lineup (L and Opp graduated) Offensive prowess will not be questioned with the nation's best middle and one of the best setters returning. Passing will be the key to Wisconsin's success, after losing their best libero and defensive specialist from last season. They bring in Giorgia Civita (Italy/Wichita State) to shore up the passing game if she has recovered from double ACL surgeries. Wisconsin are the biggest title threat. Wisconsin play in the UW Fieldhouse and are the second in the country in attendance, averaging about 6,500 fans per game.

    2. Texas Longhorns Roster Schedule Instagram Gregory Gymnasium

    Key Returning Players: Logan Eggleston (OH), Brionne Butler (MB), Skylar Fields (OH/Opp), Molly Phillips (MB/Opp), Asija O'Neal (MB), Jhenna Gabriel (S)

    Key Newcomers: Morgan O'Brien (L), Nalani Iosia (L), Naomi Cabello (S)

    Texas come into this season after a disappointing loss in last year's NCAA tournament, where their passing was non-existent. Texas has addressed these issues by bringing in Morgan O'Brien (graduate transfer from Illinois) and Nalani Iosia to shore up their passing. Logan Eggleston will continue to be one of the best outside hitters in the country and Butler/O'Neal will be one of the best middle duos in the country.

    3. Stanford Cardinal Roster Schedule Instagram Maples Pavillion

    Key Returning Players: Megan McClure (OH), Kendall Kipp (OH/Opp), Holly Campbell (MB)

    Key Newcomers: Caitie Baird (OH), Elena Oglivie (L/OH), Selina Xu (S)

    This team has the mountainous task of trying to follow up one of the best teams in NCAA history. No longer are Jenna Gray, Kathryn Plummer and co. Kendall Kipp will try to step up as the Cardinal's best offensive weapon. Wildly heralded Selina Xu will take over the setting reigns. The biggest battle for the Cardinal may be even playing this season. They have only practiced outdoors and do not have the clear from their local government to play indoors.

    4. Kentucky Wildcats Roster Schedule Instagram Memorial Coliseum

    Key Returning Players: Ali Stumler (OH), Madison Lilley (S), Gabby Curry (L), Avery Skinner (OH)

    Key Newcomers: Madi Skinner (OH), Azhani Tealer (Opp), Reagan Rutherford (Opp)

    Kentucky is looking to this season to finally break into the elite tier and make the Final Four. Gone is Leah Edmond, but remains is one of the strongest cores in the country. Ali Stumler is an elite passing outside and Lilley is one of the best setters in the country. Avery Skinner broke out in the fall season as a steady attacking weapon. Passing will be a focus for this team, after the fall season with poor passing performances from Curry and Skinner.

    5. Nebraska Cornhuskers Roster Schedule Instagram Devaney Center

    Key Returning Players: Lauren Stivrins (MB), Lexi Sun (OH), Madi Kubik (OH), Nicklin Hames (S), Jazz Sweet (Opp), Kenzie Knuckles (L)

    Key Newcomers: Kayla Caffey (MB), Keonilei Akana (L), Kalynn Meyer (MB), Anni Evans (S)

    Nebraska will look to compete for the national championship once again. They return almost every player from last year's team which lost to Wisconsin. Replacing Megan Miller will be Keonilei Akana, a freshmen from Hawaii. Akana will look to help Knuckles to establish the passing game which struggled many times last season. A year of practice from Sun and Kubik will look to establish themselves as the Big Ten's formidable 6-rotation OH duo. Hames will once again lead the offense. Evans may see time in the double sub, with Nicole Drewnick opting out of the season. Lauren Stivrins will once again lead in the middle, with fierce competition from Caffey, Meyer, and Callie Schwartzenbach for the second spot. They will play in the Devaney Center and lead the country with over 8,200 in attendance every game.

    6. Baylor Bears Roster Schedule Instagram Ferrell Center

    Key Returning Players: Yoss Pressley (OH), Marieke van der Mark (Opp), Hannah Lockin-Sedwick (S), Kara McGhee (MB)

    Key Newcomers: Lauren Harrison (OH)

    Baylor in the fall were quite... enigmatic... Sometimes they looked absolutely breathtaking.... other times they looked like a bottom tier team. This team is heavily dependent on passing and they don't have an outside hitter that can pass either. Pressley is the best attacker in the entire country but her passing leaves some to be desired. Harrison was brought in from the University of North Carolina but it was soon found out that her passing is worse than Pressley's. Shanel Bramschreiber holds down the fort as best as she can from libero, putting up a solid fall season. Sedwick will look to get healthy after missing a portion of the fall season, to set the tempo that led this team to the final four last year.

    7. Minnesota Golden Gophers Roster Schedule Instagram Maturi Pavilion

    Key Returning Players: Stephanie Samedy (Opp), Reagan Pittman (MB), CC McGraw (L), Adanna Rollins (OH)

    Key Newcomers: Katie Myers (MB), Taylor Landfair (OH), Hunter Atherton (S), Melani Shaffmaster (S), Jenna Wenaas (OH)

    Minnesota in 2021 will be a good mixture of new and old faces. Samedy and Pittman return as their best players and leaders on the team. Pittman is coming off her best season (as a first team all American) while Samedy is looking for consistency from the setting position (which was not there in 2019). Atherton and Shaffmaster were brought in to do just that. Atherton is a grad transfer, having played for both Nebraska and North Carolina previously. Shaffmaster, a highly touted recruit will look to establish Minnesota back in their 5-1 system. Katie Myers comes in from Maryland as one of the best servers in the country and will establish a daunting MB duo with Pittman. Competition on the outside will be steep for Rollins with number 1, 6'5 tall recruit Taylor Landfair as well as highly ranked Jenna Weenas. The Golden Gophers will once again be at the top of the Big Ten, but without their 4th ranked crowd of 5,300.

    Other Teams:

    Penn State: Will once again be challenging for the Big Ten title. Passing will be the name of the game again as they lose Kendall White and their other main defensive specialist. Jonni Parker may look to make the move to the left pin. Serena Gray and Kaitlyn Hord will line up again in the middle, one of the nation's best pair. Blossom will lead the offense with the help of transfers Hannah Flowers and Anatasiya Kudryashova.

    Utah: Utah looks to see itself as the best team in the Pac-12. Returning are their left-handed duo of Dani Drews and Kenzie Koerber. Koerber seeks to be one of the most complete six-rotation opposite hitters in the country. Ka'aha'aina-Torres will set the offense again with further offensive assistance from Zoe Weatherington. Utah's biggest questions will come from the middle and libero, after losing Berekley Oblad and Bri Doehrmann.

    Florida: Florida will try to regroup after a very poor fall season. Passing yet again evades the Gators along with consistent setting. Thayer Hall and transfer T'ara Caesar set the pace on the outside with 6'7 Holly Carlton on the right. Florida will use the spring season to settle the libero position along with getting Monserez on the same page as the hitters she's setting.

    Creighton: Creighton have been the cream of the crop for small schools for several years now and hope to keep that trend going. Madelyn Cole (S) and Brittany Witt (L) have graduated, leaving big holes to fill. Their pin trio of Keeley Davis, Jaela Zimmerman, and Erica Kostelac rival that of some of the big schools. There will be holes to fill in the middle and setter, but if any coach is trusted to do so seamlessly, Kirsten Bernthal-Booth would be the one.

    B-Tier Teams: Purdue, Louisville, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Missouri, BYU, Washington, San Diego, Western Kentucky, Marquette, Pittsburgh

    There's a bit of controversy going on with the Big West.

    As previously stated, the Big West is not holding spring volleyball for their women's teams.... but it was just announced the other day it would hold competition for the men's as well as for the beach volleyball programs.

    Fans aren't happy but the schools dont have the resources to be able to put the women's season on (and the men's season was cancelled last year so more motivation to ensure they have a season)