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    Matos? that's random.

    Of course not. One is a tryout for the number 1 spot like you said and the other is for a continued stint with the NT. She played well enough to stay only she's futher down in the depth chart than when she first started.

    Off topic: Does anyone know where Jacqueline Quade is?

    She's playing beach volleyball for UCLA.

    She plans on becoming a teacher after that.

    Yea, I don't think anyone blames Karsta for Rio. They really shouldn't. There are a hundred other reasons to look at.

    I don't think Poulter is in the same boat as Karsta. I think Poulter was given her shot to prove/show she's the #1. Im pretty sure she had more sets than Carlini at WC19. But in the end, I don't think we'll have a #1. Neither of them have established themselves as Glass or Berg did.

    It will never happen since the olympics are almost always an economic loss for the host country. The last thing they want to do is increase the number of participants. I wish it was possible though.

    I think the 12 player thing is a feature from the old days when we didn't have liberos. 14 players should be the standard these days.

    lets just petition that no one use liberos anymore! who needs them anyways!

    *cries in no liberos* :lol::S

    Stanford at 3 is an LOL from me....

    Rankings will be a bit crazy this year. Conference only play for the most part will make teams hard to gauge.

    I think Baylor is too high too. Washington as well.

    Utah will be the best PAC team

    But the fast system, at times, has it's challenges. Case in point: WC 2015 Russia won 3-0 against USA. I don't think USA has played "faster" volleyball in the subsequent years.

    Speaking of MBs, not bringing Foluke I think is absurd. Her physical state after pregnancy is a question mark, but for a player like her caliber and athleticism, no doubt she is able to do it.

    sitenoise might be able to speak of it more.... but I don't think Foluke has shown any signs of having health issues in her league matches in Japan. The year delay has probably helped her the most. Foluke would be #2 on my MB list after Chi right now.

    I hope so. No hate to Karsta, even she seems like sympathetic person, but just when it comes to volleyball, something else is counted.

    I don't think anyone hates Karsta. But its hard to rationalize a spot on a 12 person roster when you've taken a sabbatical.. came back.... and isn't even with a club right now.

    Even without all of that, I don't think she offers anything JT/Drews don't already

    Altough Drews is IMO way better than Murphy, 100% agree that JT deserve at least a chance, not just to be in roster, even to be a starter, but maybe instead of that Karch give to us Lowe because chemistry :gone:

    I will never forget that attack error (by Karsta) in 5th set of rio semifinal between serbia and usa from zone 6 without block (TBH a bit low set, but still not for the middle of the net).

    Oh Drews is 100% better than Murphy. It's just her OOS attacking leaves some to be desired lol.

    I'm personally on the train that JT should be starting vs the big teams. Her arm on OOS swings is so valuable when teams have Zhu/Bosko/Egonu across the net.

    I don't see Karsta on the roster. She didn't even make the OQT roster (instead it was JT who carried them vs Bulgaria)

    I've been rewatching their matches with Japan and I don't see how they're a lot faster?

    Maybe "fastest in the world" is a bit of an overstatement but they're miles faster than any of the other elite teams.

    My main nitpick was that they "never prioritized speed". Karch's whole MO is his fast offense and being in system as much as possible. We've seen it decrease a little in 2019 (but I feel that may be due to players skillset vs Karch's preferences)

    Carlini's offense is much faster (to my eyes) than Poulters

    Wdym im dead serious. Isn't that what Rachel said before that it's not what matters

    idk who rachel is, but the US runs the fastest offense in the world. that's all they've been focused on this entire decade

    so im a bit confused by your last post :lol:

    They really should consider speeding things up but somehow I get the feeling they're not as concerned with taking it to a faster level. They have never prioritised speed. I'd like to see it happen

    is this sarcasm? lol

    I think it can't be denied US is one of the hardest team to beat.. if they are in system. They don't have the firepower of Serbia and China, the explosiveness of Italy and being adaptable like Brazil. So in case the system goes bust, who do they go to with the lack of a terminal hitter? Drews seems like their go to gal, but she is not the type of player the likes of Boskovic, Zhu who can influence the outcome of matches on her own.

    I'd switch that to JT.

    Drews out of system.... is well... Kelly Murphy :lol::rolll:

    Maybe it's just me... but USA fast is the only way the USA makes the podium.

    In the past, I would've agreed to scrap it, but its too late now. (it needs to be lessened after Tokyo but we've seen it lessened a little in 2019)

    USA's only hope of beating the big three without a big arm is by passing better and hitting faster than they are. I think USA fast is better than it was previously because we're finally seeing backrow attacks incorporated into it. Kelsey runs a mean pipe and both JT/Annie can hit from right back. We didn't see than in Rio and im like 90% sure we didn't see it at the 2018 WC (neither Murphy and Karsta run it well)

    I think Kelsey is on her way to Turkey now (based on her IG)

    Did other players not have to quarantine before they returned to practice? (I saw Carlini in THY's social media today)

    I think all of the Americans got to go home. I saw JT home on her IG (plus everyone else that was talked about here I think)