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    Heungkuk vs KGC - good game :thumbup:

    Sorry to everyone for the delay in getting the match stats out. I had technical issue login onto the site. I get the stats up asap.

    No need to be sorry, you are the one constantly providing the top-quality stats to this thread and doing all the hard work.

    If anything we should be thanking you more for doing so - thanks theloneracer :) and keep up the great work :thumbup:

    like sitenoise mentioned: aside from the player "capacity", it is depended on the coach decision as well...

    It seems Pink Spider coach made example of such decision.. Correct me if I'm wrong, in R1 v Hi-Pass, Pink Spider lost the first 2 sets.. Then in 3rd set LDY was subbed out to Kim Da Sol, who was also last year rookie.. KDS isn't subbed again, and Pink Spider won the last 3 sets with her as setter.... She seems has strong mentality that can prevail under pressure, and has skill that can supply settings for LJY, KYK, and Lucia...

    I'd say KDS has better prospect then KDI to become next gen setter for SK in general... Of course anything can happen in the future..:)

    True, Kim Dasol did a good job on the court but she isnt a rookie player, she is only one year younger than LDY and has been a Heungkuk Trainee back in 2014/15 before playing her first games in the 2015 KOVO Cup.

    Since then she played a couple of games every season - most notably 26 games (56 sets) in 18/19 and 18 games (31 sets) in 19/20.

    But I agree, she looks clutch and definitely not as shaky as KDI.

    I agree with what you said about both Hyundai and KGC and I also feel bad about Kim Dain and her position within the team now, but I think we can hardly blame her for lacking play time when she got almost no play time in her first 3 seasons.

    Her first V-League Season 17/18:

    3 games, 7 sets


    literally 0 games


    3 games, 5 sets


    so far - 9 games, 27 sets

    She did play in the KOVO Cup every year but that only accounts for about 11 more games, soooo at the end of the day - where is her experience going to come from? Well from nowhere, since she has little playing experience - which totally isnt her fault since Hyundai Coach almost never subbed LDY out.

    Maybe moving forward she will be able to become the main setter but being backup setter to LDY for 3 seasons meant pretty much 0 playing time for her.

    I don't understand. If you're gonna use Rousseaux as OH, where she belongs, why not start Jeong Ji-yun as OP right away to maximize your attack power. Hwang Youn-joo is a legend, but this ain't 2016... Unless you don't trust Lee Da-hyun as a starting MB.

    Edit: Well, as I'm writing, JJY is in...

    I just started watching the Hyundai vs KGC Vod......

    I don't understand. If you're gonna use Rousseaux as OH, where she belongs, why not start Jeong Ji-yun as OP right away to maximize your attack power. Hwang Youn-joo is a legend, but this ain't 2016... Unless you don't trust Lee Da-hyun as a starting MB.

    Edit: Well, as I'm writing, JJY is in...

    I mean putting the players onto positions that make sense is step one - step two is to not make 26 beomsils in three sets, 10 of which in the first set, thus handing the opposing team the victory on a silver platter.

    Service Errors:

    Hyundai 8

    Heungkuk 5

    Attack Errors:

    Hyundai 14

    Heungkuk 6

    Total Errors:

    Hyundai 26

    Heungkuk 11

    Heungkuk had less total attack points (38) than Hyundai (40), but since Hyundai made so many mistakes the game pretty much won itself lol

    I feel like I should address some misinformation that I have seen on various online platforms calling this ranking "MVP Standings" or "Race to MVP" which has nothing to do with the actual Round MVP's and the Regular Season MVP.

    Both SBS and KBS Streams have started showing the Top 10 before and sometimes after Games and also started showing the Ranks of the players in the starting lineup. The rankings had been in place since the start of the season but were definitely mentioned more by the casters starting with Round 2.

    This is a collaboration between the V-League Womens' Division and Welcome Savings Bank and not a definitive MVP Ranking.

    econmtl has already pointed out the arbitrary criteria.

    If you want to see how much correlation there is between the Welcome Bank Ranking and the MVP of Round 1, take a look at this screenshot I manually translated.

    This was shown before the GS Caltex vs Heungkuk Life Match, the very first match of Round 2. It shows the rankings after 5 games - Round 1.

    As we all know KYK got Round 1 MVP with 30 out of 31 votes, very deservedly so - but she was ranked #3 while Lee Jae Yeong was ranked #1 (she did get the one remaining vote for R1 MVP though).

    So as far as I know, being #1 at the end of a Round does not mean that this particular player gets Round MVP and being at the top at the end of the season probably doesn't translate to a Regular League MVP.

    Just wanted to get that out there :S

    Lucia has had a slight shoulder injury for a little while, you can see it in past matches where she had strapping on her right shoulder, apparently she doesn't feel fit enough to play. But I guess she will return to the starting roster soon enough.

    Well in regards to the heated arguments not only between players and referees but also coaches and referees, Expressway Head-Coach Kim Jong Min has been fined after his recent incident in the Game vs Heungkuk on November 15th.

    According to KOVO he was fined 2 Million KRW ( ~ 2,000 USD) and suspended for one game, after he was already given a Red Card and sent off after his argument with the Assistant Referee.

    The Referee Choi Sung Kwon was warned for "lack of competition management"


    Looking at how there is only one match remaining of Round 1, who do you guys think is gonna get R1 MVP?

    Remember that Kang So Hwi got R1 MVP last season after GS Caltex went undefeated in R1 and while she was leading in spike success rate (44.23%) and service aces (0.61).

    I think KYK is a pretty safe bet considering that she got MVP in 4 out of 5 matches and Heungkuk Life also went undefeated in Round 1.

    She is, just like KSW last season, leading in several categories at the moment - spike success rate (47.37%), open attack rate (45.65%) and service aces (0.65) while having scored 117 pts already.

    Lazareva is another candidate since she has also been performing pretty well and has one more game to score even more points and increase her statistics on Tuesday vs Expressway. I guess both Diouf and Lutz should be considered as well?

    But it's hard to imagine anyone else but KYK to receive R1 MVP imo, from what I remember they will annouce the Round 1 MVP shortly after R1 is over and hand it to the player on their first match of R2 right?

    KYK left Korea before she could get to 3,000 right? Seems like she was on track to be the fastest by a long shot at 2,500 points over 102 games.

    Absolutely right, from what I've gathered KYK hit 2508 pts after playing Hyundai E&C on 05.03.2009, after that she played 5 more games to wrap up the regular season on 22.03.2009 - finishing said season with 2637 pts.

    After coming back home, she has now scored 46 pts over 2 games bringing her total to 2683 points.

    According to the KOVO statistics that I translated above, she hit the 2500 mark on her 102nd game, add the remaining 5 games of the 2009/10 season to that and the 2 games that were played this season already, KYK seems to be on 109 V-League Regular Season Games.

    Considering that KYK has 317 points to go before she reaches 3k and looking at her averages so far it seems very likely that she will reach that milestone half way through this season. Which will - funny as it sounds - make her the fastest player to reach that feat eventhough there was a 11-year break between her last milestone and the next one lol. Which will ruin her chances of being the youngest player to do that of course.

    I cannot guarantee that my math is 100% on, I just did some quick calculations. I could very well be off by some games or points.

    But I am sure that KOVO will remind us when KYK hits 3k in the near future. :S

    Some background information about LJY hitting the 3000 points milestone:

    She is the youngest player to hit achieve that feat at the age of 24 years and 1 month (rounded up from 9 days)

    - The previous youngest player was Yang Hyojin with 24 years and 11 months at the time of hitting 3000.

    She is the fastest to achieve this milestone - with just 164 games of regular V-League played

    - The previous fastest female player was Hwang Yeonjoo (184 games) and male player Moon Sungmin (184 games).

    The other 7 female players who hit that milestone are

    Hwang Yeonjoo, Jung Daeyoung, Han Songyi, Yang Hyojin, Park Jeongah, Kim Heejin and Kim Seyoung

    If we look at some stats that were posted back in September on the first day of the KOVO Cup -

    We can see that LJY was at 2500 pts after 144 games, meaning she scored the remaining 500 pts in just 20 games.

    That's an average 25 points per game - pretty nice :thumbup:

    I actually just copied what the KOVO page and theloneracer gave me in terms of stats xD

    but I think econmtl explained it well.

    I can totally see where you are coming from with being confused about other countries and different calculation methods since I once tried to research Japanese receiving and hitting stats and really struggled to make sense of it all haha

    Definitely did not help that everything was in japanese :S

    What's even more impressive to me is her 20 diggs, just one shy of her libero Shin Yeon-gyeong. She's now third in the entire league (granted only two games have been played so far...) in diggs behind liberos Oh Ji-young and Shin Yeon-gyeong. That's how insane her first game was. And even in the KOVO Cup, we saw how good she was on the defensive side.

    The new foreign players this year are good defenders as well. We know about Rousseaux, but even if she wasn't in the greatest shape during the Kovo Cup, Kelsie impressed me as a defender.

    It's gonna be a good year my friends!

    Totall agree with you, both Lazareva and Rousseaux played very well but it does spark the question to me; what are both Hyundai and IBK going to do if their foreign players get injured/have a off-day?

    Definitely do not wish for anybody to be injured of course but whats the winning condition for IBK if Lazareva cannot score almost 40 pts every game?

    Maybe there is hope when Kim Heejin comes back fully healthy even though she plays MB now.

    And Hyundai, well there is Jung Jiyoon but their wings are in similar shape like last season, good receiving (generally) but on the weaker side in offense, thats why Hyundai funneled so many of their attacks through the Middle Blockers in the past seasons with LDY.

    But we will see I guess :D

    After all there were only 2 games played so far, the season is long

    Just like to ask how is Lazareva doing in the league? I wasn't able to find any replays so I have no idea.

    Well she scored 26 points with 38% efficiency in her first official match vs Heungkuk (0-3) in the KOVO Cup last month, and just yesterday she carried IBK to a 3-1 win with 38 points scored (47% efficiency), so I would say she's doing a fine job so far :D

    Our worst fears are coming into fruition.

    Jung Ho-young out for the season with a torn ACL. Expected recovery process from 6 to 9 months.…ll/article/144/0000695955

    Oh no that is rough, I was kinda holding on to the irrational hope of her injury not being that bad even though it looked very serious in the replay.....

    Hope she can physically and mentally recover from that injury, poor girl was very very unlucky especially considering her solid KOVO Cup performance...

    I mean this was supposed to be her year, right? Switching from OH to MB, looking much more at home now in that position after a disappointing rookie year as the first overall pick and now she gets injured in the first match and is out for the whole season? Wishing her all the best :(

    Vod of the KGC fanmeeting, they played a bunch of funny games - 10/10 would recommend

    The aforementioned special KBSN Sports feature of the six teams has been uploaded to the KBSN Sports YT Account:

    Part 1 Hyundai E&C

    Part 2 GS Caltex

    Part 3 Heungkuk Life

    Part 4 KGC

    Part 5 and 6 IBK and Expressway

    A bunch of the teams have recently been holding online fan meetings - IBK, GS Caltex and Heungkuk.

    KGC will be holding theirs tomorrow and so far I havent heard anything from either Hyundai or Expressway.

    IBK from 8th October

    Heungkuk Life from today (14th October)

    GS Caltex from 9th October

    unfortunately the GS Caltex fan meet was only broadcasted on Afreeca TV and the vods arent watchable without a Korean VPN

    behind the scenes on their youtube account though:

    KGC fan meet tomorrow 15th October 7:30 pm KST on their YT Account