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    I'm back, presumably, since the twins are on their way to Greece - since I stated back in February that I would consider coming back when they return to court.

    I won't be around much in this thread though since my take on the V-League without the twins hasn't changed much in the past 8 months. Thanks to everybody who has kept the old V-League thread alive and to everyone who is active on this year's thread.

    I hope you enjoy your stay and I do wish for a relatively low amount of drama in the league - for everybody's sake.


    Lee Jaeyeong & Dayeong have left Korea for Thessaloniki, they will be arriving 17th Oct 820AM tomorrow to join PAOK.

    (they were absolutely hounded by reporters at the airport🤕)

    Since my favourite players are finally going to play again I might aswell be kinda active in this board again.

    New to the Greek League - looking forward to it

    With the official announcement of the twins' punishment - my time here has come to an end, for now atleast.

    The twins is what got me into the V-League and Volleyball in general - I've never played VB in my life nor was I ever interested in it apart from watching/reading Haikyuu.

    I've come to the realization that I care less about anything that concerns the Korean League now that the twins arent gonna be in it for a while. There are other players that I like and follow on Social Media, but I've noticed that I simply dont care enough about anyone to be invested anymore.

    In the last two weeks my interest dropped from watching every single match to watching only full-time Heungkuk matches, to only watching highlights to not watching at all and only checking results later on.

    To be fair, watching the full matches also got increasingly hard now that all the youtube channels were copyright-nuked by KOVO but still I dont have the same determination to get up early to watch the 8:00 AM matches.

    I became a fan back in May/June 2020 and this was the first season I really watched - needless to say it didnt go as I had anticipated.

    I dont care who wins the league, who gets MVP or Best 7 - no offense to any players/teams, like I said I dont dislike any of them.

    But I simply dont care anymore - this has also reached the National Team, previously I watched all the 2019 World Cup matches and the OC matches - now without the two of them it doesnt matter to me if the OG get cancelled again or take place and how well Korea will do in the tournament.

    Maybe im selfish and childish but thats just how I feel at the moment. I dont argue with all the well-made points in the last couple of pages about the twins' punishment and that their actions were horrible - I agree with them, but I just wanna see them play again. Watching their highlights on youtube has always made me happy and I just loved watching them being happy, smiling and laughing on court and off court - now all of that is gone.

    When I started watching V-League I certainly didnt imagine that it will turn into an all-out K-Pop fandom-war-drama like every year in October/November when MAMA votings start....

    I will probably return once the twins return but I dont know if I will ever be as invested in watching and contributing in VB boards like this ever again.

    I do wish the Korean NT all the best regardless for the OG, maybe KYK will get that medal to complete her trophy case, but looking at their competition I doubt it.

    Until then take care y'all and see you again.

    I can't find much information about this, but a Korean player was found lying on the ground in her dorm room was taken to the emergency room. Media reported that it was a possible suicide, but the club stated the player fainted due to abdominal pain. People are speculating that the player is Korean NT setter Lee Dayeong who has become the topic of online bullying recently. She has since returned home and is in stable condition. There seems to be some drama between her and KYK.

    Edit: Just got up to date with the information in the Korean League thread. If it is true of what happened to Lee Dayeong then the federation needs to take action and not push it aside like with what they did with Go Yoomin. Mental health is serious and needs to be a priority when it comes to players dealing with stress/bullying from other players, coaches, clubs, fans, etc.

    Yes this was already mentioned in the V-League Thread, everybody over there is aware of it

    Hi, I have a question about the salaries - not sure if anyone would know.

    What's the "options" component about? Example, Yang Hyo Jin's salary is 500, options is 250. Also this salary is per season? Or depending how long the contract is?

    Options as part of total salary were added this season and basically mean that its not necessarily digits on your bank account but can be other bonuses like a car, housing etc. Afaik depending on the player and the team the "options" are bound to personal goals of the player that are, when reached in the individual performance, paid out. Players with high "options" are basically expected to perform very well.

    Yes salary is per season, depending on what contract the player has with the club - the player is more or less guaranteed to get atleast this season's salary next season aswell - if they signed a multi-year deal, but again depending on personal performance and the budget of the club as a whole - the salary can go slightly up or down for the next season.

    If a player only has a one-year contract - then the player has to re-negotiate in the off-season with either their old club or a new club.

    So in Yang Hyojin's case - you can expect her to be 750M KRW richer at the end of this season.

    any free website that i can use to watch the game using vpn? i tried to watch all the game but because of the copy right issue it will be hard for me to watch since i just watch replay that ppl post on YT.

    If you have a Korean VPN you can easily watch it on the official streams, depending on which match it is - its usually on either SBS Sports or KBSN Sports - and always on Naver Sports.

    KBS: navigate to "KBSN Sports"



    Next match will be Heungkuk vs GS Caltex, this friday 7 PM KST on KBSN.


    Forgot about afreeca

    In other news it seems like a lot of YouTube accounts that usually upload the matches have been hit by the copyright hammer by KOVO.

    Some are still up but it seems like the popular ones became too popular which meant they appeared on KOVO's radar.

    Quite sad since without a reliable VPN it is basically impossible to watch the matches in a reasonable quality.

    Eventhough I can understand KOVO acting like this, after all it is copyright infringement and KOVO have all the rights to go after these channels.

    Just a PSA in case you are wondering where all the matches/channels went or why some links are dead

    that's why I'm surprise, they look good in the picture. i think if they not end the fighting issue before the season end, one of them might try to move to another team (if possible) lol.

    From what i've read both LDY and LJY signed for three years with Heungkuk while KYK signed for one and considering that if the OG take place KYK is probably going to retire from the NT alongside other older members. In fact KYK already announced that she would be retiring after 2016 Rio OG but due to Korea losing in the Quarter-Finals - she decided to give it one more go.

    LDY did state that she still has interest of playing abroad if she gets an offer but I think she would still be staying for the three years before maybe going abroad. Also the twins now play together in one team which both stated was their goal.

    KYK on the other hand only returned to Korea due to OG + Pandemic so one could think that she probably leaves Korea again to play abroad for some more years where she gets a lot more money. China was ready to throw a blank cheque at KYK back in 2018 and 2019 - I doubt that they won't try to get her again. Or just return to Turkey - I'm sure they wont say no to KYK.

    The whole drama confuses me - in the MVP Interview vs KGC LDY said both KYK and LJY helped her get her confidence back after all the malicious comments, yet people stated that the two parties dont talk to each other. In The Spike it is said that they decided to leave any discords off-court and be professional on-court which apparently worked, yet who knows if their conflict is resolved or not?

    The whole timing is weird if you ask me, the drama had already died down and now its getting warmed up again?

    I mean a disagreement or a disord is fine but from the articles it almost seems like they hate each other or are at each other's throats all the time.

    Maybe the Korean Media is blowing it out of proportions a little bit. KYK is known for being pretty direct almost rude at times - which is just her style and has been pointed out a lot on TV - her "scary" image where she unintentionally makes other players cry.

    Wouldnt be the first time tbh since a couple of years back there were rumors that LJY and KYK dont get along (in the NT) which turned out to be not true. Both actually have a similar, direct approach to many things.

    Additionally both LDY and LJY have said multiple times how KYK is their idol and a great leader on- and off-court.

    So thats why I am confused - it does not really add up, anyway just my thoughts on the whole - as econmtl put it - Highschool drama.

    Hello everyone,

    Can someone explain to me the difference between the international volleyball rules versus KOVO's rules regarding KYK's protest to the referee during the last GS Caltex vs Hengkuk match?

    And also for the 11 Nov match last year, where Park Mi Hee got a yellow card for protesting, what was she protesting about?

    For the first question I'm in the same boat as theloneracer but from articles talking about local rules, controversy etc I think that the KOVO rule of "last person touching the ball" was kinda inconsistently used in the last seasons.

    KYK protested against the decision since she didnt know about the KOVO rule that apparently is a bit different from the FIVB rules. My guess is that she usually gets the block/touch-out point in cases like this but here in the Video Challenge the Video-Challenge-Referees decided that her hand left the ball after her opponent.

    KOVO said they will look at their rulebook after this season and make it more consistent since it seems like this particular rule used to be kinda 50/50 - sometimes in the attacker's favour, sometimes in the blocker's favour. Eventhough its really hard to tell even with a slow-motion video whose hand left the ball earlier etc.

    About the second question I do have a different take on that than our thread admin.

    Admittedly by simply watching it I couldnt tell what exactly happened and if the pancake by Han Dahye was valid or not, but after checking in on some sport articles from naver talking about heated moments of the game (why do they always happen in Heungkuk vs GS matches seriously lol) I found something else out.

    At GS leading 23-21 in Set 4 GS Libero Han Dahye attempts a dig more specifially a pancake - the referee blows her whistle and gives Heungkuk a point - apparently the ball touched the floor.

    GS Coach immediately calls for a Video-Challenge after Han Dahye signalled that the ball touched the top of her hand and not the floor - Video-Challenge-Lady takes a look at it with her colleague and the assistant-referee.

    They look at the replay for a pretty long time - more than 2 and a half minutes pass.

    Now for the most interesting part - apparently they were not able to clearly figure out if the ball touched the floor or not, thats why her announcement is like "yeah we cant tell, decision cant be overruled, Heungkuk keeps the point" 23-22.

    Everybody is kinda confused - KYK walks up to the first referee already starting to complain - referee tells her "dont worry u guys got the point" - even GS Captain Lee Soyoung seems to be saying "yo KYK u got the point why u complaining(lol)" - KYK now happy, says "yeeeah" and goes to her team to celebrate.

    GS coach obviously not happy with the decision starts protesting against it stating that its obviously a successful pancake, Video-Challenge-Lady says "na sorry mate our decision still stands"

    Heungkuk coaching staff and head-coach kinda complain about GS coach complaining and it gets a bit heated again.

    In the end first-referee gives Heungkuk Coach a yellow card for complaining too much. She obviously doesnt give a hoot and just high-fives KYK.

    I think thats roughly how it went down, in the same match there was KYK pulling on the net after a lost rally and earlier hitting a ball away in frustration so there was plenty of action and complaining.

    Hope that explains it a bit :S

    Alright guys I think I know what the limit refers to,

    from what I just researched it has to refer to the total blocking attempts of your team.

    LDY had 12.738% of her team's blocking attempts for Round 4, that is less than 15% therefore she is not on the list.

    40 attempts for LDY out of 314 for her whole team.

    Ahn Hyejin that was mentioned before had 45 attempts out of 290 total GS Caltex attempts in Round 4 ---> 15.517%

    thats why she barely made it into the blocking list for Round 4.

    For the whole season and not just Round 4, LDY has 13.88% of her teams blocking attempts, thats why she is not featured on the list.

    The other two players of the Heungvengers also have some blocks but less than 15% share, LJY with 14.25% and KYK with 13.65%.

    Thats why nobody else than Kim Seyoung (21.57%) shows up on the total list as of right now for Heungkuk since even Lee Juah has only 14.63%.

    I guess we can expect some Heungkuk players to join KSY on the list soon when they reach 15% of Heungkuks total blocking attempts.

    You can basically ignore this, skip to my next post <<Edit>>

    There seems to be some kind of limit on most of the categories, visible in the top right like this

    I have not found out what kind of limit we are talking about and what it exactly means but my guess is that you have to either have atleast 15% of something or at the most 15% of something to be ranked in the category.

    LDY specifically is ranked 13th in total blocks this season (32) and 9th in average blocks per set (0.46) which you can see here.

    On her profile on the other hand it says that she is 11th in blocking this season.

    Like other people have pointed she doesnt show up on the filtered version of the page when you set it to only Round 4, but she does on the total record page that I linked above, when set to Round 4

    With 11 blocks in 5 games (18 sets) averaging 0.61 on rank 5.

    Soo I guess it's connected to the 15% limit that was mentioned above, I couldnt figure out what exactly the limit refers to.

    If someone wants to do the math:

    LDY scored 23 pts in Round 4, 11 blocks, 9 attacks, 3 aces

    maybe it is connected to some kind of team percentage or she didnt get enough points other than blocking points so the ratio isnt eligible for the category?

    Idk im grasping at straws here, maybe you guys can find out the secret KOVO "limit".

    EDIT: think i found it out, check the following post

    Following up on theloneracer and my own posts about the All-Star Voting - the voting takes place here and you need a Naver Account to vote.

    As of me writing this, KYK has almost 10k votes, Han Song Yi very popular with over 9.7k, Lee Jae Yeong in overall 3rd with about 8.5k.

    Following them are Lee So Young (7.9k) and Lee Da Yeong (7.5k).

    The usual suspects lol

    You can check the standings at all times after voting yourself or by clicking here

    Some more translations and records provided by me, yours truly, about Lee Jae Yeong's most recent 41-point achievement.

    The picture tells us about the pretty exclusive 40 and 40+ points club for Korean Players in Regular Season Games only.

    Unsurprisingly the first three two spots are taken by none other than KYK herself - by having hit 44 and 43 in January and February of 2006.

    The tied 3rd place is Kim Minji who achieved 42 points in March of 2006.

    The other 3rd place goes to Kim Se Young, the as of now oldest currently active player in V-League with 39 years 7 months and 10 days, who also managed 42 back in February of 2006.

    In tied 5th place we have Lee Jae Yeong who hit 41 in Heungkuks latest game and Kim Min Ji who was the first player to hit 40 or more in December of 2005.

    Four players are tied for 7th place - Park Jeong Ah with 40 points just last season in December 2019, Lee Jae Yeong a month before that in November 2019, Yang Hyo Jin with 40 points in January 2013 and rounding out the Top 10 that somehow only contains 6 players is KYK again who hit 40 in February of 2008.

    Lee Jae Yeong is now only the 4th ever (Korean) player to hit 40+ in a single game, and her 41 points achieved is the 6th overall 40+ score.

    It's interesting to note that all previous 40+ scores were achieved in the same 2005/2006 season between December 2005 and March 2006 - thus making Lee Jae Yeong the first player to hit 40+ for almost 15 years.

    Some other miscellaneous info:

    - Youngest player to hit 40 or above --> KYK at age 17

    - Oldest player to hit 40 or above --> Park Jeong Ah at age 26

    - Height: KYK 192, Yang Hyo Jin and Kim Se Young 190, Kim Min Ji and Park Jeong Ah 187, Lee Jae Yeong 178

    KYK has not hit 40 or above since February of 2008, will she hit 40 this season and how close has she come this season already?

    Well I can answer the second part of this question.

    Highest points achieved by KYK this Season (after 17 games so far):

    - 38 pts vs GS Caltex Round 2

    - 36 pts vs GS Caltex Round 3

    - 34 pts vs KGC Ginseng Round 3

    - 30 pts vs Hyundai E&C Round 3

    Lee Jae Yeong, truly the Pink Bomber

    Edit: misread 3rd place, thx theloneracer

    Damn Hi-Pass vs Heungkuk what a cracker of a game - definitely recommend watching it, wont spoil the result


    On a different note, KOVO has announced that eventhough the All-Star Game has been cancelled, the voting will still be held from January 15th to January 25th on KOVO homepage.

    You will be able to vote once each day from the 15th til the 25th, I have no idea yet if you have to create an account on the website to vote.

    There will be 28 players selected into the K-Star or V-Star Team.

    Meaning 14 players in V-Star (7 men and 7 women) and 14 players in K-Star (7 men and 7 women).

    The selection will consist of 3 spikers (regardless of Left/Right), 2 middle blockers, 1 setter and 1 libero per team.

    To balance the popularity of certain teams - only 3 players per club can be voted into an All-Star team.

    The K-Star Team consists of players from Woori Card, Hyundai Capital and Samsung Fire for the Men's Division-

    and Heungkuk Life, Hyundai E&C and IBK Altos for the Women's Division.

    The V-Star Team will consist of players from Korean Air, OK Financial, KEPCO and KB Insurance for Men-

    and GS Caltex, KGC Ginseng and Expressway Hi-Pass for Women.

    Like mentioned before the All-Star Game will not take place, instead the selected All-Stars will receive special souvenirs from KOVO on January 26th (the translation was weird idk what kind of souvenirs we talking about)

    KOVO Source

    Edit: Only players that, as of the end of Round 3, have played in three sets or more in atleast 50% of their team's games are eligible for the All-Star Vote.

    The team already has KYK & Lee sisters, if they have to look for someone better, they may exceed the budget limit.

    AFAIK foreign players have a seperate budget meaning they are not counted within the 2.3B KRW limit anyway.

    On top of that imports always get the same salary --> kovo 2020/2021 try-out guidelines

    160K USD base salary for the first season + optional bonuses for Round MVPs etc and 210K USD base salary if you continue playing for the same team for another year (Lucia, Lutz and Diouf are all playing their 2nd year at their respective clubs).

    Just gonna answer myself since I managed to deduct with my sherlock-esque skills that the biggest gap in the schedule is between January 22nd and 27th and for the last couple of years the All-Star Game was exclusively on a Sunday and in a 5-day gap most of the time.

    So it should take place on January 24th next year, lets see if I am right :D

    According to this article KOVO are currently looking into playing the four matches that were cancelled this weekend in the gap that they left for the All-Star Game on the 24th (I called it xD)

    Initially they planned to have fans attend the All-Star Game, lets so how this whole situation pans out.

    Korean league has so many interesting trivia like the 1000th spikes club etc. can anyone point me where can i read these awesome trivias?

    Not exactly sure what you mean with 1000th spikes club but I guess you are referring to the milestones that players regularly get a big cheque-thingy before/after games or even between sets.

    Unfortunately all the websites are in Korean like almost everything surrounding the K V-League meaning you have to use a browser that has a built-in translation tool (like Google Translate in Chrome or another extension that translates whole websites for you).

    I usually either check the KOVO Website or (basically Korean Wikipedia) and use auto-translate on both.

    Its kinda hard to navigate even when translated since you have to get used to text being at a akward spot and the translation messing with the overall formatting of most sites.

    Anyway if you want to see for example who has the all-time most points you can go to this - I already set the timeframe to 2005 - until now and sorted by attack points, feel free to change filters to check other categories like blocking or receiving.

    Namu also has some relevant info on milestones/records like here - there are the first one to hit "certain amount of points" and other records, like highest blocking average per season from 2005 till now etc.

    Keep in mind that sometimes names of players are messed up due to the translator not knowing that these are in fact names of people, especially names of foreign players. Some of my favourites are "Zero" for Lee Dayeong, "One" for Han Songyi and "white cotton" for former IBK player Baek Mokhwa :thumbup:

    Hope this is what you're looking for :)