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    Jordan Larson, Foluke Akinradewo, April Ross

    They’re at different points of their careers. The other’s a previous olympian. The other is just about to compete at the Olympics. I don’t get the point of this tbh.

    I was just pointing a parallel to your original post, whose point I don’t get tbh.

    aight time to dm destinee annie’s wiki then lol. by then she’d prolly know she’s playing in a league where annie was a former MVP in 💅🏻

    And maybe by then Annie will have already played (if it happens) in a “league” where Destinee was a former Best Spiker in. Just saying

    Opps, i know him as Moki's husband

    He’s the best coach coaching the best club team in the world with the best player in the world, the best libero, the best Italian MB who takes the 4th spot in the Olympic MB lineup (lol) and the greatest setter of all time. They will win 1000 matches in the row.

    he has to know by now.

    It has to be MBH/Larson or MBH/Krob.

    You can't justify Krob/Larson when you have JWO passing as well as she is

    Why do I have a feeling she’s a meltdown waiting to happen? Lmao

    She’s the least known quantity in the lineup imo, would be interesting to see how she does vs. China and Brazil (if the US meets them again this VNL).

    looking at the last few matches (TUR, BEL, JPN) he's been rotating Bartsch/Robinson/Larson. And based on the entire VNL it seems that the rotation is rather mechanic (i.e. there is no regard to the difficulty of the opponent, only who has a scheduled day off and day on).

    Karch is the most uptight of them all 😂 Like it really, really bothers him to make a substitution that wasn’t part of the game plan. Reacting to the situation, what’s that?

    Washington probably leads in net touches. She has to work on that.

    (Replying en masse because honestly, who has the time?

    Well no one in tennis currently plays better than Nole when they are up against the Fedal crowd or any crowd that roots against him.

    Honestly, I'm quite surprised with Djokovic's success.When he started becoming a threat to Fedal, the media and fans alike started disliking him. Winning 19 slams, recording 324 weeks at number 1 and counting, 2x career golden masters, 1x non-calendar year grand slam and 2x career slams in such a hostile environment probably means mental fortitude that is beyond human comprehension.

    This is why I consider him my GOAT. Overcoming adversities and negative vibes from the crowd is psychologically something most athletes will never recover from and he did ALL THAT without THEM.

    I like him as a player though not a fan in general (some of his off-court choices are just :aww:). Totally agree on him having had to develop mental toughness to succeed playing in the big stages that are dominated by the Fedal crowd time and time again.

    He'll probably end up with the most grand slams of the big three when all is said and done. Although I hope he (and Fedal) can keep on playing for many more years.

    Do you think he's the favorite for Tokyo? (Is he even playing? Are any of the top players? lol)

    then I guess they'll serve between her and Larson. or serve left to try and take out the front-row outside

    Yeah. You can bet they’ll abuse the seams. I’m most worried about her passing in zone 1 though. I feel like that’s where she struggles the most (deep serves to her right especially)

    JWO has been super solid. (minus a blip or two vs Italy)

    The problem is if JWO is solid.... there's no one to target (unless youre Larson today... that was her worst passing performance in a long time)

    They’ll probably serve her high on her right side and mix it up with a lot of short serves.

    Agreed on Larson’s passing although another poster on VT noted that she’s not really been passing well since Rio.