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    Takeshita was in her mid-30s by London right? I was worried he's gonna go the ageist route here (Miyashita) but I think there's a good chance he'll have her change her toss

    So was Yuko Sano. I don't think he's age-ist by any means.

    He didn't address Nakada's issue of losing players to injury which was the main issue she faced but the media as usual always compares Japan to China's giants so I guess that's what he had to say about the whole height thing.

    Anyway I wonder if he'll work with Aihara.

    "I am truly proud to be able to take on the challenge of carrying the Hinomaru flag again for the sake of Japanese volleyball. Based on our 10th place finish in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, I have a considerable sense of urgency; we will start in the spring of 2022, and the qualifying round for the Paris Olympics will begin in the summer of 2023. It is a very tight schedule. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games did not require the host country to compete in the qualifying rounds, but the Paris Olympic Games will require the host country to win the qualifying rounds. The Olympic qualifying rounds will be even more pressure-packed than the Olympics, and the games will be extremely difficult. I would like to overcome this difficult situation with all Japan team members. What we can say now is that the minimum requirement is to qualify for the Paris Olympics. I would like to set a new goal for the Olympic Games after assessing the situation as well as my thoughts. In terms of height, it hasn't changed much from five years ago, but technically, their serve-receive has become more stable and the maturity of most outside hitters have improved. In particular, France's mens team and Argentina (who won medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics) are not very tall, but they were cohesive with few losses. There were many hints for Japan's women's volleyball.

    Japan has a lot of young players, including gold medallists from the 2019 World Junior Championships, and I think they have a lot of potential. I believe that Japan has a lot of potential, and we can definitely make up for it and recover if we go into the All-Japan team. In terms of team building, I would like to solidify the core players as soon as possible and actively promote new players. It is also important to deploy staff who can help solve problems. Because of Japan's short stature, we cannot win by doing the same things as the rest of the world. We want to pursue an original Japanese women's volleyball team and a new Japanese women's national team."

    Yours Truly, Manabe xoxo :*

    Number emphasizes the setter dilemma in Manabe's new NT

    Can we find an "axis" like Yoshie Takeshita?

    The other issue is the setter. When Mr. Manabe took over for London, there was Yoshie Takeshita, who had an extensive career and was trusted by the players. In other words, there was an anchor in the first place. However, Takeshita retired before Rio, and it cannot be denied that a setter with a strong presence to replace her had not been developed.

    After Nakada took over as coach, the team initially consisted of Koyomi Tominaga, Miya Sato, and Haruka Miyashita, followed by Kanami Tashiro, Tominaga, and Sato Including Miyashita and Tashiro, who were members of the Rio team, the team tried various forms, but could not decide on a core player. In the end, Aki Momii, who was 20 years old at the time of the tournament and was called up for the first time this year, became the regular setter for the Olympics.

    Sato, who came close to becoming the regular setter, retired last year after the Olympics were postponed, and Momii had to wait for naturalization (note: Momii was a Peruvian citizen until high school).

    The question of "who will be Japan's commander-in-chief" is one that Manabe is facing.

    The situation is different from when Japan took on the London Olympics. How will he organize the new Japanese national team under such circumstances? The race against time has already begun.

    Erika is a candidate to be part of Japan's Olympic Committee (JOC) if she wins she will be the first and only volleyball player to be part of it.

    It's 5am and I still need sleep so I'll just post everything later way too many news

    Okumura is probably going to get married like everyone ;) highly unlikely for her to also be in France as a player or maybe she's arranging for an overseas contract.

    Do you think Shuna from Victorina is a lot cuter than Kana Yoshioka? I know Yoshioka scares you but Shuna is like a better version of her visually.

    Which one is she? Idk who that is. I'll check later

    The fans @ing Kotoe on twitter are saying Okumura tagged along with Tashiro to France. But how likely is that? Those 3 were pretty inseparable. Nabeya wasn't really part of their circle.

    Also does anyone know which club Tashiro plays for? so I can search for her. In Japan, there's literally zero coverage of her playing overseas. No one even knows when she left. The only thing I found was from that random French(?) newspaper I posted in the NT thread during VNL.

    Takeshita's players to watch this season

    I recommend reading the full article all the details about the players are there.


    Momii (JT)

    Miyashita (Okayama)

    Seki (Toray)

    Tamaki Matsui (Denso)

    Miki Sakurai (Victorina)


    Yamada (NEC)

    Shimamura (NEC)

    Mami Yokota (Denso)

    Shiori Aratani (Victorina)

    Chihiro Sasaki (Victorina)


    Arisa Inoue (SAGA/Hisamitsu)

    Miyu Nakagawa (SAGA)

    Mikoto Shima (PFU)


    Rena Mizusugi (Toray)


    Takeshita also mentioned taking measures when it comes to mental health

    Also, they may need someone who can change their negative emotions into positive ones, like Kaori Araki, who was a mental coach at the 2015 Rugby World Cup under former Japan national team HC Eddie Jones.

    More people are now acknowledging it after Kurogo's announcement including Motoko Obayashi, Naomi Masuko and the retired male volleyball player who hosts Volleyball Channel. By the way, Naomi Masuko started her own program that promotes mental health for athletes and staff as well as youth camps. Unfortunately it is not supported by JVA. Hochi reports that Aihara and Mayumi Saito may be involved