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    Well fuck I didn't realize I was so awful at explaining

    JVA's biggest goal with the 2024 "Pass it Forward" vision is GLOBALIZATION okay so the basis for that is JVA's Haikyu fever which FIVB/VBW are capitalizing on since it has a bigger reach than the sport itself. Now with this globalization goal in mind, JVA's BoD in turn have more control than ever in the selection of the rosters under each coach. Back then Japan's coaches had free reign on who to make their superstars but now the BoD will have more say as they increasingly adapt to a more diverse international system.

    can you elaborate the 70-30 control over rosters? why is that?

    FIVB made a deal with JVA I don't know the specific dates but this deal that came with the rebranding happened as they're the only NT with a multimillion anime franchise that significantly boosts and impacts viewers and new fans. And this as you know is Volleyballworld's fuel for social media and the presence of the sport among younger generation as they claimed. That also means that the BoD/strengthening committee will be more hands-on when choosing players.

    During Nakada's time JVA wasn't quite as involved from what I know apart from their separate programs for scouting.

    What's the simplified version of Jaja's case? 😂 She is already with the NT?

    She's a "trainee" this year like Alain de Armas last year. Her status isn't made public but most likely by next year her and Valdes will officially be eligible for selection.

    Valdes is especially critical since the WNT is in need of a dynamic attacker.

    I saw in one of Asahi's articles that JVA's board of directors had a 70% say on both Manabe and Blain's rosters this year so Valdes and Santiago aren't likely Manabe's choice. Also for comparison JVA's BoD only had 30% over Nakada's roster during Tokyo Olympics but that was before Shunichi Kawai happened.

    But should (in theory) Yoshihara be the next NT coach then it's gonna be a breeze for Santiago

    I checked the man who was listening to her in the staff list for the women's team and it's Shinnosuke Uehara - Saga's performance analyst.

    That's definitely not him. Uehara was previously JT Marvelous' analyst before transferring to Saga last year.

    It could be a counselor/therapist specifically for Kurogo. I can't find him in the staff list

    Fair comparison but what I mean when I say she's not ready for anything huge is the mindblowing pressure of the Olympics when she hasn't even started playing with the main team and whoever will be used from here on out will have to be the final members there's no more time for changes unless injuries occur. That didn't work out well for Momii.

    good to know that she was really there. i can't wait til her and valdes are able to join the nt as official players. i dont know if they can join at the same time due to the naturalized player limit. i havent read up on that one

    The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) has decided to limit the number of naturalised players in the same national team for the competitions under their responsibility.

    A national federation, as from now, has no more rights to have in its national selection more than one naturalised player having previously worn the uniform of another national team.

    from 2023

    has anyone seen any photos or videos of jaja at the training camp?

    I stole it from someone's screenshot on twitter. Only her and Valdes are not wearing jerseys.

    I haven't seen any videos OR I'm geoblocked from seeing videos. Often times that's the case but I'm not in the mood to search rn

    And now that Imamura is playing in Italy, she dyed her hair with a more prominent blonde, and even posted some bikini photos on social media. Things likely she won’t do while at VLeague :lol:

    I always find it interesting to see how different their posts are when outside Japan. Inoue even have a couple of videos of her dancing, with her teammates twerking after a win 😂

    I saw those bikini pics lol took me awhile to process that it was actually from her :rolll: but she's always been pretty ~edgy. She even has those trendy tiny tattoos on her back. I'm glad she's able to do what she wants over there


    I have a feeling my fave button mushroom Fukudome might not be the main libero at VNL. Manabe might start with Kojima again. Either way is fine with me. Kojima isn't really the best passer among the 3. That would be Nishimura I think.

    it may depend on the coach. Nakada for example forbid any kind of gaudy shit on the court and yes that included dyed hair, colored laces, gyaru nails, and wearing accessories except necklaces. Pierced ears were not allowed. Yuka Imamura's rebellious bench time in 2016 where she had to sit through 10 or more games for violating those rules.

    What happened to Momii? She was really good during VNL 2021.

    She took a semi-hiatus this season missed 70% of JT Marvelous' games. I can't even recall how she did with JT since they mostly used a different setter for their more important games. She might be recovering from some kind of injury