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    She's dimming the mood along with her inability to perform basic skills properly. She's not making the most out of her 20 seconds in the court. Choose your demons, Kurogo can't be gloomy and shitty at the same time. Girl is playing like she's about to retire.

    this annoys me the most. her vibe throws me off. she clearly doesnt want to be there. look at araki the minute she enters she's like the poster girl for redbull and crack :box: goggles and all

    i figured this must have something to do with supporting airi seeing as how they've been best friends since their highschool days.

    stop using kurogo what the fuck why is she even in this she hasn't done anything she can't dig her serve is shit. messes up every time she appears they lose a point

    Is Airi supposed to be sub-opp ? If I remember correctly she's registered as OH on VBW's website so I was confused if she switched again. I still can't tell whether she's doing anything for this team. Better than Kurogo but still... I know Manabe keeps her for translating purposes but if she had to be a starter instead of Watanabe I think she can be better at pushing momentum but again there's no consistency so it's hard to tell with her

    Iwasaki's fake spike jump set is really catching the German MBs. It can be wonky but it sure is helping with blockers. Love her distribution too. This group is also less tense in court compared to recent Japan teams, I guess having a very old players is helping putting off pressure for Koga and Ishikawa (who really did great this time) to lead.

    Real spiking (fake spiking) is her specialty

    I'm enjoying Kojima so this isn't a complaint but I wanna see Fukudome and her coconut head too. They can at least make her starter for easier matches. She's far too good standing around jumping in the corner

    She entered briefly lol

    We shall see later on if Kojima doesn't get buried by spikes then it's Fukudome's turn but Kojima can handle things right now

    forget i said saga will be fine because they look BAD

    i was thinking that mandai was definitely the main problem when they did v cup and i still think she's shit but yoshitake, kitty and nakagawa are regressing oomgsldfm. i know it's more than likely that nagaoka will be main op so that cancels out nakagawa but they still don't have any good opps for sub. yoshitake is beyond awful good god

    kitty has been so disappointing its depressing. i need to see some progress from her. this cant happen to her she's far too promising but i dont know who she'd make a good combo with that's how awful they are right now

    I think Shion dyed her hair black based on the latest videos :down: which will not be surprising since it was mentioned in a lot of interviews that the people at NT doesn't like the girls having colored hairs. I like her blue-blonde/ash gray bangs :(

    Matsui kept her highlights or whatever you call that style but it's the same style Shion had

    If Nishida is able to keep his blonde I don't know why the women can't have dyed hair that's flat out sexist

    Here's the official press release from JVA


    The Japan Volleyball Association held the "FORWARD VISION" event to announce its mid- to long-term management plan and new branding.

    The event announced a new medium- to long-term management plan. The mid- to long-term management plan sets a goal of growth by 2028, based on the four pillars of social contribution, marketing, representative reinforcement, and promotion of competitions, while creating interaction among them. In the area of national team enhancement, the plan calls for men's and women's volleyball teams to win medals every year from 2024 onward, and beach volleyball teams to win medals in 2024 and 2028. In beach volleyball, we set goals for men and women to compete in the 2024 and 2028 Olympics, and for the women to win a championship and the men to place in the 2026 Asian Games. Thus, by establishing a medium-term management plan for every four years starting in 2024, the company also announced its long-term vision that looks beyond that plan until 2040.

    since both the men and women will no longer use hinotori and ruijin will they announce the new nt names tom??

    According to JVA their goal is to unify all teams in a TEAM JAPAN way since there's a huge gap between the women and the men's so I don't think there will be names for each genders anymore. That's how I understood it.