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    Manabe doesn't care about THE LEGENDARY ORIENTAL WITCHES. He only has time for his precious bronze medalists. Besides they're still in France what is taking them so long over there

    Mayu is back to square 1 and idgaf what he says about Airi show me that she's worth the time first. The blind faith is unbelievable. She had zero contributions during VNL yet he expects everyone to believe that she's ready. I'm over her at this point

    My guess are Ameze and Fukudome will get cut and I only said Ameze since Airi is Manabe's current pet. It's hard to know whether their time in France helped them in any way or help the others adjust at the very least. imo the level is just a little bit above the AVC teams but not by much. Inoue is still behind Hayashi and Airi is ... she is???? she's...not happening. Mayu is also a big question mark.

    im glad they came back with momii now that miyashita is becoming practically obsolete. all 4 are very different setters. i know some coaches like to listen to who players prefer to play with specifically their setter preference while other coaches push who they think is the superior setter so i wonder how manabe approaches it considering he practically wiped out nakada's former core.

    There are too many newbies and disposables in this team so I want to say that Manabe isn't asking them like that, with only Koga as the exception, but he does take into account who the players have more chemistry with

    I've been unhappy all summer about it , but the stat sheet for the latest match against BEL triggered the outburst. And I just don't know about the Uchiseto thing. Yeah she has reception skills but the rest of it isn't that good. There's something fishy about why Manabe is hanging on to her

    Agreed. Uchiseto isn't known for her reception so that was a weird switch. I wonder if it was suggested by Yamagishi somehow. Has Uchiseto ever played as libero before?

    Seki's tosses are looking a little slow and soft in the air. I hate mild tosses. I don't think Inoue has any other option but to make it work with Seki.

    Team Herbots really looked like "bruh idc anymore" I bet their coach doesn't either with how he's managing their team smh

    Oops ... I posted to wrong thread

    Here I wanted to post ... WTF is with Japan's reception? Koga's not on it. Kojima neither. Uchiseto . OMG, she was going to help, or Manabe is just looking for a way to keep her around. Worrisome

    Which match are you referring to? I can't keep up with where to watch these matches so I wouldn't know but now I'm curious

    For example Enweonwu. Her vertical has changed within maybe months of U-Squad. It was such a drastic change in combination with her spike but it was just too much for her body to handle.

    Enweonwu is a versatile player that can truly whip a fireball. Nishikawa doesn't have that sheer force. At most, she could strive to be somewhat like Mingardi.

    That can be corrected given the right band exercises that focuses on specific muscles that can help her take off better. Truth be told some athletes are just a lot faster than others and forcing one to change their "flight pattern" or take it up a notch is also something that could make them more prone to injury. It's one of those Plyometric consequences that athletes and trainers tend to abuse.

    For example Enweonwu. Her vertical has changed within maybe months of U-Squad. It was such a drastic change in combination with her spike but it was just too much for her body to handle.

    If Nishikawa were to have a shot at making it in the main team, which tbh should've already happened, she needs to correct that microsecond pause in her jump form. Her vertical is probably as slow as Nakagawa who on the other hand is less decisive, less aggressive, less alert and is just not meant to be an OPP. It does take a lot of strength but with her it should be fine since she's just the right height. They don't need her jumping higher, just fast enough to go with the flow of the attack.