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    I wonder if they will develop Hayashi as the next Shinnabe

    But I remember people thought Irisawa had so much potential but she just kinda fizzled and her performance became flat

    I saw mucch_sys tweet about this. You guys should follow him on twitter, he was V.League's former official photographer

    VBM started doing polls of who people want to see in the NT. This list goes until 50, more names in the link. I feel bad for Kobata because she's always in the bottom

    I didn't get any results from 2018

    Who they want to see in the 2019 roster

    長岡望悠 Nagaoka1,251
    窪田美侑 KUBOTA?? Phoenix 760
    宮下遥 Miyashita 710
    石井優希 Ishii684
    黒後愛 Kurogo672
    石川真佑 Mayu671
    関菜々巳 Nanami Seki545
    新鍋理沙 Shinnabe531
    古賀紗理那 Koga451
    奥村麻依 Okumura410

    2020 - who they want to see at the Olympics based on the 2019 NT roster

    宮下遥 5.23% (4,113 votes) Miyashita. although it's quite obvious majority are rooting for Miya Sato now and probably Seki. Seki won V. League's Best Setter voted by fans. But I still don't trust her. Momii was robbed

    井上琴絵 5.04% (3,960 votes) Kotoe

    荒木絵里香 4.99% (3,928 votes) Araki

    奥村麻依 4.98% (3,917 votes) Okumura

    石川真佑 4.91% (3,858 votes) Mayu

    石井優希 4.88% (3,834 votes) Ishii

    田代佳奈美 4.82% (3,789 votes) Tashiro

    古賀紗理那 4.79% (3,767 votes) Koga why is she so low

    黒後愛 4.58% (3,605 votes) Kurogo

    井上愛里沙 4.43% (3,487 votes) Arisa Inoue

    What do you think about the best foreigners in the league based on their overall performance and which one had 'disappointing season'?

    Here's a ranking of both foreign/local players if you're interested You can also see the current club rankings


    Simone Lee


    Roslandy Acosta

    with the top scores, in that order

    Sorokaite is definitely a disappointment but Toyota probably has the worse setter (and libero)

    masa takaya is not to be trusted. he's careless with his statements. last year he said that the olympics will happen regardless of the pandemic

    he sounds like someone who just wants to get it over with. it's one of those if you say it over and over again it will probably happen tactics

    There's an interesting article by Insider about whether or not TO will happen this year. WSJ also put out a piece but you can only read the whole article if you're subscribed…ames-will-go-ahead-2021-1

    Olympic officials and the Japanese government remain torn as to whether Tokyo 2020 will go ahead this summer.

    The Games were postponed by 12-months last year amid the coronavirus pandemic and are set to finally commence on July 23, however record infection levels in Japan have raised fresh doubts about the Games.

    "It could go either way," Japanese minister Taro Kono said on Thursday. "The Olympic Committee must be thinking about Plan B, Plan C."

    Tokyo 2020 spokesperson Masa Takaya, however, said on Wednesday: "We will deliver the Games this year.

    A recent poll by the public broadcaster NHK revealed that only 16% of Japanese people think the Olympics should definitely go ahead this summer.

    Dick Pound (lol), a senior member of the International Olympic Committee, has also said he "can't be certain" that the Games will go ahead this summer.

    I mean it happened multiple times with Scandicci lol. The most famous one was the semifinals with Novara two years ago with both teams messing up, but I also remember a game last year, with Cuneo maybe? This is I think the first time I heard of them getting fined tho

    Maybe he received warnings for those or not even warnings maybe more like a notice of some sort. Looks like they had enough and just went on ahead and finally fined him lol

    do you think Guveli is promising? im not quite wowed by her skills ...yet. she's an eyecandy tho

    People dismiss her (and others) because she's not going to be the next Boscovic :rolll:

    tbt to that time Japan destroyed turkey and everyone was getting mad because zehra/hande duo could not stop them

    i feel that japan post-saori has been massively overlooked, underestimated and just put down in general. haikyu doing gods work for the men's team because lbr they would have no hype either if it wasn't for that anime. it's a shame it doesn't benefit the women's team at all

    idk who rachel is, but the US runs the fastest offense in the world. that's all they've been focused on this entire decade

    so im a bit confused by your last post :lol:

    I've been rewatching their matches with Japan and I don't see how they're a lot faster?

    Maybe it's just me... but USA fast is the only way the USA makes the podium.

    In the past, I would've agreed to scrap it, but its too late now. (it needs to be lessened after Tokyo but we've seen it lessened a little in 2019)

    USA's only hope of beating the big three without a big arm is by passing better and hitting faster than they are. I think USA fast is better than it was previously because we're finally seeing backrow attacks incorporated into it. Kelsey runs a mean pipe and both JT/Annie can hit from right back. We didn't see than in Rio and im like 90% sure we didn't see it at the 2018 WC (neither Murphy and Karsta run it well)

    They really should consider speeding things up but somehow I get the feeling they're not as concerned with taking it to a faster level. They have never prioritised speed. I'd like to see it happen

    Of course Dobriana is a great addition to the them, but what I don't know is if she's gonna be enough to fix this big mess.

    For me, Dani Lins seems worst season after season, mentally lost in a bad coached team, Mara don't attack, don't block or serve, Adenizia doesn't feel confortable there, Suelle is uselless.

    Rahimova, Tifanny and Brenda are carry this team, but they can't do everything.

    Yikes Mara. She's not even trying anymore.

    Dani isn't as bad but she does seem to have issues. She lacks the motivation and more importantly confidence.