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    Team for week 1 of VNL:

    S: Pia Kästner, Corinna Glaab

    OH/OPP: Hannah Orthmann, Lena Stigrot, Antonia Stautz, Vanessa Agbortabi, Lina Alsmeier, Rica Maase

    MB: Anastasia Cekulaev, Marie Schölzel, Monique Strubbe, Camilla Weitzel

    L: Anna Pogany, Annie Cesar

    Was Lara Berger with the team during the preparations? I never saw her on any photos...

    I think you're right. I don't really have anyone on the screen now who you could sign. The only name might have been Rica Maase, but that can be ruled out to the extent that Potsdam might have said it otherwise. That's why I'm assuming that both or maybe just one of the players are youngsters.

    I could even imagine Larissa Winter as a young German player, but only on the condition that she is the third setter and maybe given the right to play a second game for the Grimma team, which is looking for a new setter anyway. Otherwise you could of course commit a young player as a second Libera, as you said. On the other hand, I could also imagine that Alexander Waibl will take a similar path with Aleksandra Jegdić as he did with Lenka Dürr and not sign a second libera.

    I don't think Larissa Winter will be the 2nd setter. I'm pretty sure they are going for a more experienced back up for Straube.

    Actually Sina Stöckmann still has a contract but I don't think she'll return after she wasn't a starter even in Neuwied.

    In order to steer the topic in the "right" direction again, my opinion on the topic "Dresden is changing its philosophy". I think that statement is a bit exaggerated. Of course, Dresden will have significantly fewer young German players than last season, but did Dresden always have that many? The clear answer is no. In the 2019/20 season, which was interrupted by Corona, there were five German U25 players in the squad at the start of the season, four of whom were under 20 years old at the start of the season.

    They currently have two under contract, one of whom is rumored to want to end her career despite a contract, similar to Emma Cyrus a few years ago. And according to rumours, two players could still extend, so that there are currently 3 U25 players in the squad, all of whom will be under 23 at the start of the season. So I don't see a problem that there will be two more German U25 players in the final squad. I can't say in which position these players will play.

    You are right. I just compared it with last seasons ream which was not really the stereotype of the last years.

    I just can't think of a single german player who might go to Dresden this upcoming season to be honest.

    Which leads to the question: are there even any young German talents worth investing? :whistle: Grozer goes to Schwerin, Larissa Winter probably needs another year in 2nd league and practising with Dresden's main team, but other than that who is there? I wish Emilia Jordan and Valbona Ismaili would leave Straubing for some 1st league team but I don't think it will happen...

    Exactly! I hope that they will at least promote a libero from their youth team next to Jegdic. I thought that maybe Luisa Keller would be an option but she is rumoured to join Aachen.

    I'm not sure if Winter can continue playing for their 2nd team. She finishes school this summer so actually has to leave...

    Looking at the transfers Dresden made so far, it seems like they definitely quit developing young german talents.

    With Berger, Straube (both not confirmed for next season yet) and Linke there are just 3 left. I don't know what Wesser will do but it's possible that she ends her career..

    I also can't imagine any other german players that might come to Dresden...?

    Laura Emonts stays in Potsdam.

    Besides that all assistant coaches will leave as pretty much the whole team of this season. Seems like Djokic and Cekulaev will stay. They were not mentioned.

    The press release confirms Savelkoel in Schwerin and Jegdic and her husband in Dresden.

    I heard that Hetman and Leweling will end their professional careers...

    Who then decides which team plays against whom at home and away in these 4 games?

    It makes a difference whether Stuttgart plays at home against Potsdam and Schwerin, or plays away in Potsdam and Schwerin. Just as an example. Applies to other teams as well.

    Yup...that's a thing I don't understand as well... whatever the decision will's a bit unfair for the other team..

    Have you ever read an article like this from Schwerin?

    Dresden is the same like Stuttgart.

    People with big Ego that they are thirsty for publicity.

    I don't remember such an article about Dresden...

    Actually it's always quite interesting to have those insights into the teams...

    The only thing I complain about is that the most interesting articles are always behind a paywall ^^

    Mmh...I kinda had the feeling she migth end her career after this season. She had an instagram post some weeks ago that sounded very much like she thinks about quitting.

    That would be really sad. She has so much potential. She would be the 2nd huge talent after Cyris who ends her career after playing in Dresden for some time.

    I still hope she will change her mind..