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    Despite signing Prosvirina there is also bad news for Münster: Luisa van Clewe suffered a shoulder injury, already had surgery and will be in rehab until the end of the year, after that her condition has to be evaluated. This means Münster still has only 2 MBs actually :gone:

    Oh no....

    Crazy. Each season there's one team that has bad luck with one position:white:. Last year it has been Potsdam with their OHs...

    I think "Heynen fans" don't even exist :whistle:

    Honestly, cutting Cekulaev is simply scandalous. She was with the team all summer, surely worked as hard as everyone else and is the biggest talent we have at MB which is our weakest position. Whenever she got to play in VNL she showed her talent, and simply the experience of taking part in WCH would have been very valuable to her development. I just hope she'll handle the situation well mentally and come back even stronger next summer.

    On the other side I'm really happy for Strubbe who is as strong as Cekulaev in my eyes...

    Nevertheless I thought Cekulaev had better chances to play the WCH than Strubbe...

    I'm surprised he goes with only 3 MB. We have so many attackers now...I guess 5 OH and 2 D?

    Maybe Cekulaev instead of Hippe would have been a better option.

    Judging from the stats of the GER-BRA matches I think it's safe to say the last player to be cut will be one of Schölzel/Hippe/Lohmann. Schölzel hasn't been convincing all throughout VNL and seems to have dropped to 4th MB in the ranking now. Hippe also has nothing to add when Drewniok is in good shape and Stigrot or Emonts can play as receiving OPP. I can also see Heynen taking Pogany as the only libero and dress 4th MB or 6th OH/OPP as libero in the matches, even if Lohmann will go to WCH it will most likely be as regular player to enter as reception sub and not as actual libero.

    We're can I find the stats? I just saw the snippets on Instagram and was surprised that Strubbe got to play. In VNL she clearly was the 4th MB who barely got time on court..

    So Vilsbiburg only lacks one OH and according to Völker it's somebody who played in German league before. I saw that Roslandy Acosta is represented by the same agency as De Zwart and hasn't been announced anywhere yet for the new season, plus she has played in Vilsbiburg before, so maybe she could be their last transfer? :/

    Looks like she already signed with another Japanese club.

    I went through his Instagram-profile and these are some players he follows who already played in the Bundesliga but are not signed anywhere yet:

    Dagmar Boom

    Katharina Schwabe (don't know if she finished her career though)

    Julia Wenzel

    Ana Escamilla (can she already play again?)

    Maike Henning

    I really wonder why it takes some clubs so long this year to complete their roster. Especially Dresden and Schwerin.

    I mean Dresden should be complete with Wesser and Linke but they just don't communicate it. And also the last "actual" transfer of Schwerin is 2 months ago now.


    If you register 14 players, you need to have 2 liberos. It is important to remember the liberos can't enter the court as 'normal sub' for example replacing one of the hitters in back row.


    Thank you! :roll:

    I could also imagine 2 OH/Opps being cut (Hippe didn't add much in VNL), Lohmann being used as backrow sub and 4th MB being registered as 2nd libero as Heynen also did in VNL most of the time.

    Stupid question but I never understood why some teams register one of their MB as 2nd there a specific reason why they are not registered as a normal player?

    These are the 16 invited players:

    Setter:Kästner, Glaab

    OPP: Drewniok, Hippe

    OH: Alsmeier, Vanjak, Janiska, Stigrot, Emonts, Orthmann

    MB: Cekulaev, Schölzel, Weitzel, Strubbe

    L: Pogany, Lohmann

    I'm a bit surprised that Straube is not there anymore. Glaab was ok but not really convincing, neither was Kästner, so I thought Straube would get a chance...

    2 of them have to leave the final team, right?

    So it's probably one MB (most likely Strubbe) an one OH/OPP.

    Therefore we will likely see another battle for titles of Stuttgart and Potsdam - Dresden and Schwerin will not be back.

    Yes...most likely.

    I think for Schwerin it depends a lot on the Opposite they'll have. Koslowski once said they will have 14 players next season. So they will still hire 2 more (I guess one OPP and one OH?).

    Their possible starting 6 looks actually quite nice with Alsmeier, Ruddins, Pogany, Kästner, Baijens and White

    Unfortunately Dresden does not look very strong by now. Their Outside attack is really weak in terms of attacking. Just as last season. But this time without Maja Storck...let's see how Grbavica and Berger will do. But with Straube and Grabovska I expect them to play much more with their middles than in the last two seasons...