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    Regarding the interested teams of second league pro we can make some educated guesses, which teams those nine are: the VCO Dresden is not eligible as special team with special license, so 9 from 12 eligible teams announced interested in first league, a true record, because in the last years three was an outstanding result. We can expect the former first league teams Erfurt and Straubing doing so, because they want to get back there, as well the other current top teams Cologne (Köln), which had most fear regarding a suitable place to play (believe it or not, but there is no suitable hall currently in the right size in the one million inhabitants city now in between the university (DSHS means Deutsche Sporthochschule) with less than 1.000 and the giant Lanxxess with more than 18.000 seats), Dingolfing and Grimma, and some more contenders planning it already like Stralsunder Wildcats, Borken and Leverkusen (the latter were more as a decade ago in the first league already). Unlikely or not convinced of doing so there are Flacht, ETV Hamburg, SSC Freisen and Essen-Borbeck (a club, where Kira Walkenhorst once played too), but at least even one of those four obviously did too. While I expect that at the end at most two will use this chance anyway, it would suffice to get back the first league to a sane size of 12 teams (presumably no current team like Neuwied or Suhl drops out).

    I guess Neuwied will drop out, but why should Suhl?

    It’s VBL… everyone will get there license! They Are too weak to Cut out a Team. This would be more expensive for all Teams, then letting them Play 😄

    There will be some minus points for Potsdam and Wiesbaden and thats it. But i even Cant Imagine, that this decision takes Place today or Took Place in their Meeting.

    Dyn Media is not the successor of Sport1Extra.
    There will be both options next season, so 2. League Pro and 2. League stay with Sport1Extra.

    In Erfurt game again the Coach has red yellow card directly in 3 set. I think is first time in history of competition that happen. Curious what will make league now.

    Second Time this Season, that he got Yellow-Red… one was after the match endet…

    He is lucky when he only gets one match penalty again

    Suhl's backup setter Angeli (who was already transfered as replacement for the injured Liu) also is injured, her license has been deactivated on VBL site (Straubing did the same with McNamara's and Michalewicz's licenses when they were injured and reactivated them after they recovered, no idea what's the sense of this). On Wednesday they have to play in Münster, so they urgently need to find some setter somewhere :white:

    because they sent the american home already. so maybe they save the transfer costs?

    In Straubing it seems different… could have been some kind of penalty from the league. was only two matches right?

    Boom has still a contract in Genk?

    Wenzel might be retired after her injury in Neuwied. Second time an ACL...

    I think Henning is "to weak" for Vilsbiburg, but you never know...

    Escamilla and Schwabe are interesting :)