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    Sakoda has by far the best flight form that we rarely see anymore. Probably only that short spiker from PFU. I think I might've seen Kubota do it once but she's top heavy. Sakoda uses her spine to full effect, very light and effortless. A lot of male players attack with her type of flight form meanwhile most female players look too stiff.

    I'm serious. I probably threw you off with the Uchiseto reference. Nabeya is wiggly and soft. Reception is very good. She's not playing much this year in league though.

    Wiggly is the best description for her LOL. She almost looks deranged sometimes. It gives me anxiety just watching her play. She's not smooth and it's like you don't know if she's gonna hit it just right. I need to probably rewatch some old Denso matches

    Haha, I agree, but Nabeya might be the best receiver Japan has at this point. And Uchiseto might be next but let's not go there :white:

    Hayashi is poised to be a sleeper hit.

    No really but is she? Nabeya I mean. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic. The only time I liked Nabeya's style was during her HS days where she packed a mean punch and then she got so flimsy I gave up rooting for her. It doesn't help that I haven't seen her play much during vleague

    Although I really admire and appreciate the defensive skills of the Japanese players, when most of their wing spikers are now below 1.8m (many are even below 1.75m...) and most MB are below 1.85m, sadly it’s really hard for them to be a real threat to the powerhouses in the world.

    Another big problem of the current team JPN is their reception. They need extremely good reception to play a fast game to compensate their lack of height, but the fact is there’s no stable receiver in the team anymore. Look at the perfect reception line of Saori + Shinnabe vs the current one of Ishii/ Koga + Ishikawa/ Ai Kurogo...

    Kurogo is not a defensive player. Hayashi has improved more on defense than Kurogo. Mayu is doing well but we don't know if she can actually keep up at a beast pace

    Maybe get rid of Nabeya

    Can't they just make all matches remote and available via livestream? Why does V.League insist on having an audience watch the matches live. It's still a huge risk regardless of how "limited" the crowd is and these hardcore fans will wait for the players after the match just to interact with them even though it's clearly not allowed.

    since the emperor's cup is done they should probably just cut this whole thing short. instead of holding it until march, maybe first week of feb will suffice or... just stop. there's no point in continuing further if everyone is being gripped with constant fear and threat of the virus and teams are withdrawing.

    Goncharova: Struggling lately but the starting OPP position is hers, regardless. Hope she can improve her form in Tokyo. It'll most probably be her last hurrah before she finally retires from NT so I hope she can give her best performance ever.

    I think that she will eventually kickstart her performance once it's nearing the Olympics. I like to think it's her way of preserving herself, careful not to strain herself but yeah she's clearly past her prime. Still my favorite and she's always been reliable so a huge part of me wishes she'll do amazingly by the time they need her the most.

    Altough Drews is IMO way better than Murphy, 100% agree that JT deserve at least a chance, not just to be in roster, even to be a starter, but maybe instead of that Karch give to us Lowe because chemistry :gone:

    I will never forget that attack error (by Karsta) in 5th set of rio semifinal between serbia and usa from zone 6 without block (TBH a bit low set, but still not for the middle of the net).

    Drews is superior. Murphy is sloppy as hell. Once she loses her composure that's it, there's no regaining ground. When it's a bad day, it's definitely all the way down lol

    sean1 their hype especially Nishida largely comes more from the anime community rather than from the volleyball community. Anime has an even wider reach than volleyball itself especially within Asia. It doesn't have anything to do with representation at all just otaku behaviour. The perfect example of representation hype is Iran. Marouf even confirms this in one of his interviews

    I remember when Kimura was around nobody really cared about Ishikawa or Yanagida it was always about Saori and her spiker squad.

    V.League just sent out an announcement to the press tonight Japan time

    *Google translated:

    The Japan Volleyball League Organization (V League Organization) is adjusting to postpone all V League games scheduled for 8th to 11th, according to an interview with the people concerned on the 5th. Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it is highly likely that it will not be held, including games outside the four metropolitan prefectures where the government is expected to reissue the state of emergency.

    The men's first division has 10 games at the Sumida Ward General Gymnasium in Tokyo, and the women's first division has 4 games at Zip Arena Okayama. There are also 2nd and 3rd division games for boys and 2nd division for girls.

    we'll have to see once vnl starts but i think sato is still bound to be the main setter given her age and that BEST SETTER award still gleaming.

    it's a nakada bias thing. not iwasaka in particular but basically having an excess of saga members in the NT and none chosen from okayama.