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    This could just be a hype tactic that Manabe has been doing since 2022. He also took Miyashita and Nagaoka overseas then dropped them eventually. Miyashita didn't even make VNL she lasted only until their stop in Paris for a friendly match which she didn't participate in. These are all well known players with solid NT rep and a lot of fans waiting for them. Who is he gonna hype after Ishikawa and Koga when the rest don't have that kind of popularity? just saying. It could be a diversion. But again I'm only picking this up with his pattern of doing this hype marketing with popular players. That's what he's always been known for.

    This does makes sense but that doesnt make it any less annoying

    I'll stick around to see how they do with their first match against Turkey and if Kurogo ends up taking Hayashi's starting position. I can't stand the idea that her comeback could be a bad omen on an already impossible task for this team but should Manabe put his blind faith on Kurogo this VNL then I can truly say he's far worse than Nakada.

    I too have no time for that.

    I thought that arena would be exactly like Saga but it looks smaller. Plus judging from the videos PFU posted it doesn't seem like an NT crowd but more like a V League entry level crowd. The player intro coming into court was so dead. People were hardly clapping

    Shion posted a photo of her with Saga's former Nakada era manager so I don't think she'll be joining the team any further for VNL. I could be wrong and it's just their day off but I haven't seen any of the other girls posting stuff

    I'm a huge huge fan of Naoya Inoue he might just be the best boxer in this generation in the world. That's not an exaggeration and once he moves up to featherweight he can finally solidify his reputation as the best of the best. Pacquiao has acknowledged him already.

    Also for the record he has dyed his hair. It started out as a dare from a douchebag rizin boxer in 2018. He dyes his hair during special matches from what I know. He has highlights right now. But these are fighters so there's really no restriction when it comes to their facade.

    I've seen him representing Japan officially not himself and his hair was always fully black but I guess there's that too. That's still only just a handful and not a very common thing you see with big timers

    If Nishida is able to keep his blonde I don't know why the women can't have dyed hair that's flat out sexist

    There aren't that many Japanese athletes of high caliber with dyed hair anyway. Naomi Osaka is probably the only other athlete that dyed her hair at some point.

    Other famous Olympians like

    Shohei Ohtani MLB

    Yuzuru Hanyu figure skater

    Ryosuke Irie swimmer

    Rui Hachimura NBA

    Naoya Inoue boxing

    Saori Kimura goddess

    none of them have ever dyed their hair

    Here's the official press release from JVA

    The Japan Volleyball Association held the "FORWARD VISION" event to announce its mid- to long-term management plan and new branding.

    The event announced a new medium- to long-term management plan. The mid- to long-term management plan sets a goal of growth by 2028, based on the four pillars of social contribution, marketing, representative reinforcement, and promotion of competitions, while creating interaction among them. In the area of national team enhancement, the plan calls for men's and women's volleyball teams to win medals every year from 2024 onward, and beach volleyball teams to win medals in 2024 and 2028. In beach volleyball, we set goals for men and women to compete in the 2024 and 2028 Olympics, and for the women to win a championship and the men to place in the 2026 Asian Games. Thus, by establishing a medium-term management plan for every four years starting in 2024, the company also announced its long-term vision that looks beyond that plan until 2040.

    This is not at all realistic for the women's right now they're way behind in "globalization" and Manabe failed to take one step towards that. Koga isn't an international figure and at her age she will never be. Mayu is just starting her career in Italy. It's more attainable for the men's team since they're already leading in both global status and they can be marketed easily whereas the women's team don't have that (yet)

    You guys..........

    Tomorrow's press conference might be the only media day where we won't see Koga greasily flirting with Nishida so by all means everyone needs to stream the damn thing

    *the presscon last season was not geoblocked but just in case have your VPNs ready or else you'll miss whoever tf cut her hair as a tribute to the gods this olympics :mirror: also kurogo is there so the lotta ya make sure to do some breathing techniques in fact go ahead and meditate before the stream

    This was actually pretty smooth:rolll:

    FINALLY they included Hayashi

    hard disagree. anyone who enters a professional v1 team must at some point wanted an nt ticket even if its for the b team. but hitachi during watanabe's time is very mid. players from top seeded teams were always the one getting priority you should know that being a hisamitsu og fan.

    nt wide rosters has had some very questionable players in the past 4 years alone. one of them would be okawa from toyota who imo is probably one of the worse younger players ive seen not to mention nakagawa who only gets into the nt thanks to her saga privilege.

    I'm trying to find Hisae's interview in the past but she was actually blunt about not having "big goals" and it sounded like she hated the pressure beyond what she already enjoys doing

    Was Kubota even a starter right away at Hitachi? I can't remember how she started since Hitachi housed some freakwhackers during her rookie days. It's a mystery why they never quite reached powerhouse level. Ebata and Kurihara both OG'd there.

    I feel like Hitachi is more on the fanservice type of team because even when Ebata and Kurihara were there they were both past their peak and the strongest one for example Hisae Watanabe wasn't interested in the NT (I know crazy but there are always those girls). Even I'm not convinced Hawi is good. Like she is capable of aggressively hitting but without trajectory.

    Valdes is from the same school as Alondra Tapia and Kumagai former Usquad captain where is she placed now

    Kumagai is with Tsukuba no idea if she wants to go pro. Furukawa isn't known for molding future NT players but Valdes should be an exception for any top team

    1000% agree she needs to get out of there asap before the next NT turnover. It's possible she'll only be there until she's naturalized since they did help her with her papers and can finally transfer once she's officially eligible for NT selection

    lol if she ends up at toray though