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    I was having a hard time reading #2's jersey because her hair was covering her name. I don't think I've noticed her before but she's definitely something. Big sharp swings, big energy too.

    Ok... this discussion took a weird turn.

    I'm interested to see what Airi can bring to this team. I hope she plays every match this week. It's sad her sister didn't get to play at all I was curious if she's any good.

    Ameze is the only one that was part of the VNL roster that didn't get any court time. It is odd.


    since none of us know what Airi is capable of we might as well just wait and see. I was pissed when Kojima made the cut over Rena but I love her now.

    Also who was it that brought it up was it sean1 who said to swap Mayu for Kaneda? but we all know that ISHIKAWA is too big of a name to mess with atm. Volleyballworld won't even hype Koga. Hinotori's hype will die without Mayu.

    What is the purpose of the drill? Reading the opponent, I imagine?

    In Taekwondo we use that to lighten movement and awareness but we use that first before the hook slip drill. I always thought wooden sticks were used but maybe that's too much.

    They may just be doing it to switch up their drills. They look so goofy.

    Phoenix I know you gon like Yoshitake because she has that early Orthmann whack. I can't remember if she's got a good jump but like sean said she's light on her feet. She could be everything that Sakai thinks Nakagawa is. Keep your eyes peeled.

    this will never happen. They would have done that from the very start if they wanted to. Add to that the "Japanese only" culture of Japan. They are purest. While other countries are embracing naturalized players for years, Japan has only came around to adding hafus in their rooster. Athletes with no Japanese blood will probably have zero chance.

    HAFU is a derogatory term don't fucking use it

    I do see that Japanese prefer to have only Japanese players! But not sure if they are planning to change it now. JN committee invited her early Last month a meeting . This is per Twitter news and not sure if this is true. But she is in Japan now months before the league start to complete her yrs of residency.

    She got offers in Brazil and Europe but she still considering change of citizenship to Japanese and play in Olympic. Again I just read this in Twitter, looks like she has fans active there.

    Are you referring to Jaja Santiago from Ageo Medics? I can't find a single article where she even hints at naturalising in order to play for Japan.

    Regarding non-Japanese players, since the last incompetent president was fired, the new president Shunichi Kawai vowed for a more diverse and inclusive system both in the NT and in V.League which has been backed up by the board of directors. No one expects Jaja but everyone is expecting Melissa Valdes, a Cuban OH currently with PFU. Stronger, faster, taller and overall better than Kurogo so if anyone should be called it should be her. And this isn't a one-sided thing either Japanese fans have come to accept this change as well hence the rise of mixed race and foreign players in their highschool tournaments.

    Japanese fans on twitter said that Nakada didn't really say much and a lot of "so desu yo ne". She praised Koga robotically and was more concerned with Annie possibly choking on her gum. The male commentator thought Carlini's last name was Lawrence ;(