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    I still stand by what I said about Koga and Mayu having zero chemistry but I think Mayu tries her best not to fall behind Koga. I mean Mayu calls Koga Koga-san not Sarina so that's all I really need to know about that

    Airi calls Kojima Kokosan in their behind the scenes JVA CAM thingy so some people on IG started listing Kojima as Koko Kojima when listing Japan's squad :lol: No one knows her first name

    Nakada took kurogo way too seriously and look where that got them.

    I don't know what the correct answer is. This team had a major upgrade with Hayashi and Wada's power reveal but a huge part is still missing.

    That precisely why they should develop more opps that are specifically for the scoring role not allrounders. Kurogo and Inoue for example are OHs with bad reception but while they can be useful during minor matches, they're not able to pull through during big ones.

    When Kurogo was peaking she would outscore Koga and that was good and all but never in the big matches where Ishii would score most but that too would change as the power dynamic shifts to Koga and even then Kurogo could not outscore her, and then Mayu happened.

    But that's how it's been since Nakada's era starting well and ending tragically. It's a pattern they can't quite get out of and how could they when it's the same players since then.

    It's crazy when you think about how much Koga and Mayu have grown since Tokyo and yet they're still stuck in limbo. Is it an outdated strategy on using allrounders? or do they need to take opps seriously rather than putting out 50 allrounders that can't get them to top 3?

    I think it would be better so they can keep their lead because they can do that but are unable to keep the lead, they should start Wada then put Hayashi by the 3rd set. That way Wada can cover the scoring and by the time Hayashi comes in Koga or Mayu can finish off the final sets. Hayashi is a strong support for both Koga and Mayu but Wada can initiate attacks all on her own without worrying about the other 2.

    To be honest I didn't see that much of a difference when Seki came in maybe because they were already being back to back blocked.

    japan has a tendency when they're thrown off course to rapidly go downhill from that point just like what happened last year leading up to OQT. This one day pause after a loss could prove just how far they've come as a team. They can beat Serbia or they concede another loss and then USA denies them a win as well. All while knowing that regardless of the results, they will qualify anyway but that would almost be a crime on their part if they don't win any of the remaining to matches on their own turf. If they're having problems this close to the Olympics while trying to qualify crazy right and they can't sort it out they're better off skipping it so Manabe can retire early. They should avoid doubling the damage the Tokyo team has done.

    koga is more concerned with her hair than leading this team. if she didnt want it getting all over her face there's a reason why hair ties were invented and who is she saying she will surpass when she can't even beat gray to it.

    if it wasn't for her touching her hair 20 million times in the 3rd set she'd level the points with gray but she only got 20 cause inoue was blanking as usual but inoue is manabe's pet while ishikawa is a player he can't control. wada isnt an option at this point she's a spectator towel girl.

    she was touching her hair more than usual during the match. could be a sign of stress.

    So is Nishida but he isn't paid that much. 100M yen is the highest so far for an NT rep. Yuki Ishikawa was rumored to decline Wolfdogs offer, we'll never know how much they offered him.

    Nishida went to Italy and was injured for the most part. I don't think he even got MVP in any of the remaining games he played since they were losing every match. He only thinks he's the main character but he's not

    Let's talk player salary

    Ran Takahashi is banking at over a 100 million yen in salary under Suntory Sunbirds this coming season. Koga's salary with NEC is only 30 million yen and that's already upgraded following back to back league championship but since they haven't won any Asian titles it's only up to that point.

    but you have to consider the men's nt achievements and him being one of the aces not to mention he has 2 million followers on instagram and he led his team to a new record in italy so his salary will no doubt be that big or he's staying in italy. global brands are fighting over this guy so it's not that surprising that he's paid like a foreign player.

    Yall should worry about the 3rd leg being held in Japan and if they fail to qualify while playing in their own country then it'll be a repeat of Tokyo only 10x worse since they haven't qualified

    Miyashita's last stop was VNL Philippines but she never played just subbed once I think.

    Oh right well there you go she was with them but didn't play an active role so my guess is that it's the same for Kurogo who will only be there as support or they can sacrifice her as the 13th/14th player if they qualify

    I'll stick around to see how they do with their first match against Turkey and if Kurogo ends up taking Hayashi's starting position. I can't stand the idea that her comeback could be a bad omen on an already impossible task for this team but should Manabe put his blind faith on Kurogo this VNL then I can truly say he's far worse than Nakada.

    I too have no time for that.

    This could just be a hype tactic that Manabe has been doing since 2022. He also took Miyashita and Nagaoka overseas then dropped them eventually. Miyashita didn't even make VNL she lasted only until their stop in Paris for a friendly match which she didn't participate in. These are all well known players with solid NT rep and a lot of fans waiting for them. Who is he gonna hype after Ishikawa and Koga when the rest don't have that kind of popularity? just saying. It could be a diversion. But again I'm only picking this up with his pattern of doing this hype marketing with popular players. That's what he's always been known for.

    FIVB made a deal with JVA I don't know the specific dates but this deal that came with the rebranding happened as they're the only NT with a multimillion anime franchise that significantly boosts and impacts viewers and new fans. And this as you know is Volleyballworld's fuel for social media and the presence of the sport among younger generation as they claimed. That also means that the BoD/strengthening committee will be more hands-on when choosing players.

    During Nakada's time JVA wasn't quite as involved from what I know apart from their separate programs for scouting.

    How is that related to the board of directors having more power or involvement in the selection process sorry I'm having a hard time following you

    wait nobody talking about how they got new jerseys on

    They already revealed it at the JVA rebranding presscon the other day.

    Koga and Seki were the women's reps. Nishida and Aki?MB? guy were the men's reps. Erika Araki was there.

    Alain De Armas, the naturalized player in the Men's side shared his journey on this article. He said he only applied June last year, but already got the result February this year. He mentioned submitting a lot of documents and passing a certain level of language proficiency.

    "a lot of documents" is possibly code for top team privilege.

    If anyone knows Nick Fazekas former NBA he also got his citizenship within months in 2018 he's with Brave Thunders in B League one of the strongest teams until now. Achievements with the local club are also very likely taken into consideration especially if that athlete leads the team, has won championship with that team or is crowned MVP in a national tournament and would therefore be a big help in the national team. Fazekas is still active in the men's basketball team that represents Japan.