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    So basically if Rhaemon said in this very thread that Chinese women are just born to be slaves your reply to her would be that she's not wrong and she's not right lmao What kind of logic? why would that even be acceptable in any way? You wouldn't be offended because you're not the race she's talking about but when it's about your race you act like it's not the same thing.

    Violence against women starts with that kind of mentality think about that before you stay neutral and just go with someone else's lies.

    Isn't Ran managed by Shunichi Kawai? I think Shimizu is also part of that agency making Miyu the first female in that agency. I was hoping she'd join Saori's Sports Biz agency once she retires.

    She or they it whatever they identify as, warped what Karl said about how married athletes are never active together due to limitations. Took that opportunity to make the most misogynistic comment just because it's about Koga.

    I think it will largely depend on whether or not this team can survive Paris especially after their Tokyo disaster. On top of that, Koga has only achieved 1 global award - Best Receiver during the 2015 World Cup hosted by Japan. Btw Saori came a close 2nd in that category. After that nothing. It doesn't seem like she has any plans of playing in another major league overseas or for an Elite European club which is a dead stop considering she can definitely still do that at her age. It's also not common in Japan for married athletes to both stay active in their career which is why 99% of athlete couples usually wait for one of them to retire to get married and announce stuff.

    is there a law against married athletes to both have active careers once married?

    An outlandish move Manabe could make is probably to have Wada as starter instead of beating a dead horse with Inoue. They can fuck around but if they don't qualify how embarrassing would that be. Not only did they rank the lowest in history at Tokyo Olympics and they couldn't even qualify for Paris that's hosted by their country.

    Smart move from Matsui and Denso to take the international route. If Shibata hadn't gone to France she probably wouldn't even be considered here. Iwasaki went to Italy in 2018. Only Seki is local.

    ive always wondered if people unironically enjoy watching nishimura play because for the life of me i dont feel the satisfaction one should feel when watching a sport they like whenever i see her play

    Inoue hasn't had any notable contribution this VNL and in WC last year so who's asking for her when Wada already got the left covered with twice the force that Inoue brought from the start.

    Some of you can't see past your bias towards your fave. Stop being such a petty bitch this team needs more support not pathetic solo fans.

    I hate to say it but "Jack of all trades, Master of none" is the best way to describe her performance this VNL.

    She had her moments and I'm not questioning that she can carry a team but they were mostly against weaker opponents. Mayu, Wada, Hayashi are the ones who shine the most in critical matches needing that extra push. She definitely didn't do anything for them during the match with Turkey.

    Seki isn't completely awful I guess. The only thing different about her this time is seeing her lowering the toss to utilize the MBs which never happened when Erika Araki and Shimamura were the ones taking turns but the middles are used more now than before and I feel like she focuses on adjusting her toss towards the middles than the hitters.

    I want more Nagaoka. I don't understand if she is being saved or whatnot. She looks so beautiful for one thing but I don't want to be superficial. I want some freak whack :lol:

    Nagaoka and Miyabe make a good combo. They should use Miyabe more often with Araki unfortunately injured.

    Koga's peak was when she played with Ishii but then Ishii got left behind and Koga had to step in and that's exactly what she did. This team is more of Mayu's generation, Koga is now a veteran and afaik she no longer shares that kind of bond she had with Ishii with anyone else. Setters kept changing, middles kept changing, combos kept changing... I don't know that there's any player now that she could truly synchronize with. I don't blame her because it's difficult to keep up with the constant changes than constantly improving the flow of what you already know.

    Mayu has her brother to keep her motivated and constantly striving for bigger things you can see that that Ishikawa pride weighs heavy on her.

    You guys always forget Yamada;( Even she gets held back so Manabe can test out different sloppy middles. I bet by next year we'll have a different duo and another 200cm giant from god knows where with Yamada yet again cheering on the side with her tiny lil baby head hiding deep intrusive thoughts

    I didn't mean to exclude her. I specifically mentioned Mayu as she's an ace

    Should they lose to Korea later that's when the panic should set in otherwise I think they'll be okay... I hope.

    The biggest issue I have with this team is Manabe holding back Mayu again for some unknown reason or possibly a poorly thought out tactic.

    The whole Mayu is in poor condition/needs to rest is so sketchy. Is there a reason only she needs to rest but not Koga, Inoue or Hayashi?

    I don't like Seki's technique. Lacks intuition, zero creativity, low robotic tosses in short she's boring and predictable. No wonder Toray still hasn't won championships until now she's bad at creating opportunities in the most crucial moments.

    I haven't seen Shibata before. No idea how she does things.