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    Lippman is the player with the worst attitude I've ever seen...

    She has great potential, that's for sure, but little disposition and bad professional behavior...

    She settles like snow in the sun at the first difficulty and drops everything as soon as she finds out of her comfort zone...

    Bad, bad player: In indoor volleyball, I don't think anyone is regretting her...

    Says no one ever. Stop fucking lying

    Lippmann is one of the most well respected and well liked player along with Kosheleva.

    one of the coaches that went with them is something inoue he was coaching at a school in the us. i believe avid posted it in the v league thread before

    Ivanovic always had nice technique, but too scared to attack with full power or to keep on high level during the whole match due to poor handling of the mistakes and Madden have right she wasn't considered as top notch prospect from this generation next to "beasts" like Uzelac and Kurtagic for example.

    But just in couple of months she improved that much that she became my personal favourite among younger players (not just 04 gen). She is so well rounded, service, reception, attack, block, defense,....,with room for improvement but already with a serious level of skills in everything.

    I hope that she will stay one or two more years in Železničar, obviously good enviroment for her.

    rather than scared i think her timing is not as good. she still lacks the confidence especially in faster tempo sets. she needs to work on that

    does anyone else remember when arisa takada got heckled by some loser because her ball bonked miyashita in the face? that was kinda crazy. they didn't have security so the coaches started intervening but iirc the fan did it again during a different match until they finally banned him (i assume).

    honestly kids these days just don't know how popular miyashita was during her peak. she too had as much influence and fame as saori and the nakada trinity. these days its just that ranna girl and ishii but clearly not as huge as peak saori not even half of saori's popularity.

    if saga loses to jt tomorrow, the finals will be between nec, jt and toray. saga may have the 2 most promising rookies, the 2nd best offensive mb and maybe even the strongest foreign player but for some reason the interruption of ishiinagaokaotakenakagawa in their lineup is mudding their consistency. oil and water in the starting lineup and we all know sakae never fully commits to high sets. i really feel like its time to leave it to the kiddies by next season.

    Speaking of medals what was the last award that Koga won in a big tournament? International not local

    She hasn't won anything in years. Koga wasn't able to achieve much due to the erratic changes in aces. I can't remember if she has won anything. Maybe best spiker? but in 2014-2016 Nagaoka bagged all the best spiker awards

    Valdes should be at the top of the list for OPPs but the question of whether Manabe will call someone who isn't Japanese by blood still remains

    I wouldn't think that Manabe is so old fashion that he sees that as a non-negotiable thing. Valdes said it herself she's dedicated to play for Japan. She's not in Japan in order to play for a different country. She should be considered by all means.

    It's fine for Nagaoka to retire she's been through enough. Her goal should be to end the season in good condition and win with Hisamitsu. When Ishii released a book or magazine? she said she wants to stick around for a little longer with Hisamitsu.

    The 2 girls I would like to see get called are Valdes and Yoshino Nishikawa. Toe has been doing well since the last time she was in the NT. She's certainly a better option now than Yamagishi and personally I think she is a lot better than Fukudome.

    Ishikawa brother is the only Japanese player ever to have a successful career playing outside of Japan and in Italy no less. He never did V League went straight to Italy so he said he never learned the Japanese way which needless to say is better for players in the NT. Compare that to Yanagida who became mediocre in Germany and was eventually kicked off the NT despite being "Ryujin Royalty"

    I think that may come after Paris 24. Idk but I have this odd feeling that Koga is uncertain whether to challenge herself or not. She said she thought about retiring after Tokyo and it took some persuasion from Manabe. Depending on the results, if she does decide to retire after Paris then I doubt she'll be going anywhere.

    Koga is undoubtedly the best candidate and I'm sure there has been interests in her since VNL 2020 but like you said she may not want that anymore if she's set on ending her career after Paris.

    She got injured at 2 major tournaments and wasn't able to fully play by WCh when it really mattered. We don't know how it'll turn out by next year leading to Paris. But I don't see playing outside Japan as a priority for her.

    I thought Tokoku retired? she's helping Kudo at Denso.

    Saga keeps Nakagawa because she keeps getting invited to the NT for some reason.

    Did she?! my point is Nakagawa hasn't really grown further over the years. Maybe Saga is a bad fit for her but seeing her playing OH isn't helping her. She could go to NEC they need an OPP right. Sakai doesn't know what to do with her she's not a scoring machine nor a good defensive player.

    I wonder why Saga ...or is it Sakai? who keeps going with Nakagawa? they could easily swap her for someone more interesting. Reina Tokoku doesn't seem to be playing for any club atm but even she's more promising than Nakagawa. Nakagawa was potential material in 2018 but that's clearly not the case anymore.

    Bring back Kojima. Remove the Miyabes, Sato and Uchiseto. He should give up on those 2 uni rookies. Neither are going to be anything close to Ebata or Ran Takahashi.