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    When you say "he", is that accurate or just in line with Japanese custom of ambiguous personal pronouns? ... I've read her talk about her husband

    But she's writes snarkily like a dude and poetically like a girl :/

    There could possibly be 2 authors. I'm not sure but I've been following Rokutanda on IG (gotanda_rokutanda) where he used to have a link up of the blog on his profile. Ever since Ebata went into hiatus he deleted his twitter so I don't know who he's rooting for anymore. He used to talk about Hisae Watanabe but I think she retired already.

    mucch_sys on twitter also runs a blog with kenn24black but I can't remember the link or if it's still active they both still provide stats on twitter. He was blogging while he worked for V. League as one of the official photographers. He's much more updated with the younger gen. They're both Nagaoka biased so definitely not complaining at all.

    I use DeepL or sometimes it does a better translation than google.

    She's probably an Iwasaka and Zayasu stan.

    If you're interested, you should search Iwasaka's videos of her during her time as a captain (on youtube) where she received a lot of heat, blaming her of being an incompetent captain. Had Nakada taken her into this team the backlash would be even worse now.

    I mean look at Sato she's already being harassed online

    Sato is probably not so injured anymore or whatever we don't know but she hasn't played in V.League. I wouldn't be surprised if she still takes priority as the main setter because Seki cannot be trusted with intense situations.

    Did you think Nagaoka was just revived for the sake of having more players at Hisamitsu or what. She's gonna squirm her way to that top 12 if they have to bump Nabeya off.

    I already posted about that longass documentary she had that's about 3 hours long.

    Fener fans have had no response to their criticism yet, but they continue to tweet to the #zoranterzicistifa tag.

    They show the biggest reaction I remember, I don't remember such a situation before.

    That's kinda amazing. Whoever manages their IG deletes anti-Terzic comments but they won't be able to do that if someone comments on their twitter. So far I haven't seen any

    I guess Eczacıbaşı will play their game against Kuzeyboru. It's not postponed. I hope it won't get worse after the game.

    Saliha, Boskovic, Mirkovic, Ogbogu and Simge training.

    I assume this means they just want to finish as quickly as possible.

    I hope they will remind athletes to limit their interactions post-games to avoid any more cases and cause any more inconvenience.

    I think you already asked that about Sato. Are you rooting for her? I think she will still get called but everything will depend on how well these players perform during VNL. It's a good chance for Miyashita to regain main setter if Sato doesn't come through

    I'm not rooting for Sato, I'm just curious as to who will eventually fill the role of the main setter because I see Japanese fans are getting antsy about seeing her in action and majority seem to be on her side. As I've mentioned before, Sato being on hiatus is a mystery. You can't just expect someone to still be in top condition especially during this pandemic where a lot of athletes have noticeably been at their lowest.

    Somehow I feel this heavy punishment is due to the twins star status. People are walking on thin line as to what kinda punishment to give them.

    i can't tell if you're trying to glorify a corrupt system or you just don't know how the world works... either way the fact that they are in the NT serves as a warning to the rest of the community that if you've done something bad, it's not going to go unnoticed and you will be punished period

    I didn't see the Tie Break because the stream died, but Plummer was having a mediocre match at best up till then. It was great to see Matsui get more than double sub time. Coach gave her the match after the first set. And Kudo didn't come on until set 2. Matsui was feeding her a lot, but the beauty was Matsui to Yokota.

    Funny thing about Matsui, whom I love to death, I'm not sure she reads the defense and decides where to feed. I think she just likes feeding middle blockers and back court attackers, so her palette is large. And she plays great defense.

    would you say Matsui focuses more on MBs and Tashiro more on spikers? I wasn't familiar with their new MB but I have noticed that she's really doing the most

    Shimamura hard on that kill rate more than she did blocking. Giving way to Yamada this season?

    😂😂😂 But she was kinda vibracious during her NCAA days. However she was always “game-on” kinda girl. Nothing fancy, just get on court, play her heart out and get the job done.

    Getting the job done for sure but Plummer looking more worn out than any other player tbh. She doesn't look energetic but you know she wants destroy the opponent kind of vibes.

    Next weekend is the last weekend of the season. 1-2 games left for everyone.

    for whatever reason, the league went with a hard schedule because those extra weeks for the national team practice for the VNL and Olympics were so important for Nakata. It made no sense to start with. They only had 22 games to play and they couldn’t get them in. Yes the league switched the regulations to say if they could get a half season in, but to having no extra padding on such a short schedule is well incoherent in a risk adverse country.

    Hopefully those 1-2 games are final because I saw on Hisamitsu's website they're still displaying a match with Toyota on March

    I'm curious as to what's happening to Sato now. I'm surprised no one is questioning how she will jump right into the NT in time for major games and will most likely be the main setter just like that.