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    I know Yakovlev is arguably Russia's best center right now, but I will be pissed if he doesn't play well because he lost a lot of playing time due to injury.. After an excellent club season, Vlasov deserved to be on that roster, we'll see if this decision pays off in Tokyo.

    Completely agree. It doesn't matter how well played Yakovlev played in the NT in 2019 at this point. If Yakovlev plays anything below his usual level, it will just look like Vlasov was cut because of which clubs both of them play for :(

    Has Bogdan got any international experience prior to this VNL?

    It's interesting that they have 2 defensive OH on bench while starting with 2 offensive OH.

    Only youth competitions like U21/U23 WCH, and universiade.

    It sucks that Vlasov didn't make it. Bringing Kurkaev is not a bad choice but I'd rather see both of them go. I trust that this decision hopefully isn't influenced by Dynamo steamrolling Sammelvuo's team too many times during the club season. I hope this doesn't mean Kobzar is going to be the starting setter, because from VNL it looks like his connection with Kurkaev is better than Pankov's.

    I know Yakovlev is really good, but I would be so annoyed if Yakovlev has a poor showing at the olympics because we haven't seen him play at all and yet he's going.

    As for Volvich, I can't even complain even though I want to because he actually played okay during the end of VNL and some would argue that this squad already has too little of the older and more "experienced" veterans. At least they didn't bring two liberos.

    The only way that would make sense is if Heynen sends out the players who didn't make the olympics like Bednorz and Muzaj. And even so, it's still not necessarily true

    this is most likely going to happen especially with how inconsistent Volkov and Kliuka in serve-receive. Podlesnykh isnt better IMO but atleast more balance so more than ever we”ll need a 4th OH as a defensive player.

    Russia has brought a libero as the 4th OH in the past 2 olympics because they know traditionally passing/ digging is their weakness. We also dont have the best libero right now so he’ll want all the help he can get defending at the back.

    I thought that they would at least try one VNL match with both Baranov and Golubev on the court at the same time (especially after Semyshev left) but that didn't happen at all. There seems to be the most question marks about which 12 will be selected for olympics for this NT, compared to the other teams like Brazil, USA, France and Poland, especially because of all the injury problems.

    At the beginning of VNL we could guess that Kobzar-Pankov, MikhaiIov and Volkov-Kliuka are locks. But now that VNL has ended for them there is still no real answer at any of the other positions (besides Volvich?) I really hope they don't mess up the selection because of coach bias or anything.

    Who will be the other 2 MBs? Yakovlev & Muserskiy?

    I think it's Volvich, and last one should be Yakovlev unless he still has injury problems. Muserskiy doesn't look too good in the middle, I prefer him as OPP if Poletaev is not healthy. IMO it would be nice to see both Kurkaev and Vlasov but I feel like it won't happen ?(

    Around 9:10, Koshe calls Lyubov “Lyubov Vladimirovna”. Has Lyubov married again? And there is a kid with her, is he hers?

    I don't think she married again, from google it looks like Vladimirovna is her patronymic/middle name? So her surname is still Sokolova

    From the last 2 weeks of VNL it seems that Sammelvuo will go with Kobzar as the starting setter and Kurkaev as the 3rd MB instead of Vlasov. I suppose that bringing Kurkaev is understandable because he is good but I think Pankov should start in Tokyo even if he wasn't too good those past few matches. Hopefully Sammelvuo will not be too blinded by favouritism or saltiness towards Dynamo players from the club season. I wonder when we will get to know the roster.

    Some Russians wanted to exchange Yakovlev for Sammelvuo :rolll:

    That's not a bad idea either, it's better than exchanging for Semyshev IMO :rolll:

    I was wondering why Semyshev and Podlesnikh were not getting much playing time. I kinda feel Podlesnikh is here only because he was a starter again of the eventual Russian champion because if I am not wrong before Covid he was sidelined in NT too - It seems they don't trust him.

    Considering only VNL it seems Bogdan has secured the third spot, and as much as I like him I don't think he has shown anything special to achieve that, and he is also more similar to Volkov/Kliuka. A player that can bring something different needs to be in the final cut.

    Neither Podlesnykh or Bogdan has impressed much this VNL but Podlesnykh has really underperformed considering his performance in the club season IMO. Not that he was particularly great in NT in the past either, but still.

    If Russian NT was really planning to bring only 3 OHs, I would probably choose Semyshev out of him, Podlesnykh and Bogdan though (as much as I like Bogdan too).

    I have my doubts that eliminating Semyshev is a good idea at this point. Can they really not cope with one less staff member? Maybe they could exchange Yakovlev for one of the other middles but that's not really ideal either. Oh well.

    Wasn't his whole ordeal getting banned for a while after being caught under the influence of drugs?

    I don’t think he had gotten into any doping trouble? But if it’s other incidents related to drugs it could have happened, I don’t remember what happened exactly.

    BTW, I read that Semyshev (despite not being injured) had left the VNL bubble so that Yakovlev could arrive. I’m surprised they didn’t exchange a staff member for Yakovlev instead. I didn’t expect that Semyshev would be the first OH eliminated between Podlesnykh, Bogdan and him, but he had the least playing time out of everyone. Maybe they are going to bring 3 OHs to Tokyo? Or maybe Semyshev is still in contention for a spot, who knows what they are up to.

    What about his previous behavior? I dont know about that.

    He had many disciplinary issues like conflict with Alekno in Zenit Kazan, and getting kicked out of Dynamo Moscow for skipping training and games (around the time he and Goncharova divorced). I think this caused him to miss Rio Olympics too? I don't remember the exact details, maybe someone can help correct me.

    I have doubts about whether Muserskiy can do well as an opposite in VNL, but I would give him another chance at both MB/OPP. IMO Poletaev is still the better option for the 2nd OPP unless Muserskiy has an amazing performance.

    Volvich is not completely garbage yet but this so-so performance of his shouldn't get him into the Tokyo roster. He's had plenty of chances to show himself during this VNL but hasn't done much so far. Sammelvuo starting him against Poland could suggest that he is quite high up in his ranking of MBs above the others like Kurkaev/Vlasov, which is worrying. Hopefully this isn't the case.

    The libero is definitely the biggest problem, and I don't think they will call Obmochaev back because of his previous behavior. I have no idea what they are going to do about this problem, and I doubt that even bringing 2 liberos would make a significant difference. At this rate, Verbov is going to have to suit up ... :gone:

    I’m not a huge Voronkov fan but they could really have used him this VNL. Him being cut from VNL was surprising to me despite the poor results of Kazan.

    If Muserskiy can’t perform as OPP he should be cut IMO. I’d rather take Poletaev but it’s hard to say because he hasn’t played much. Yakovlev, Kurkaev and Vlasov are doing quite well, and it’s honestly time for some of the old guys to move on (besides Mikhailov).

    I think Sammelvuo is playing mostly with the players he is in doubt to see whom he will choose eventually. Podlesnykh/Bogdan, Volvich/Kurkaev/Vlasov, and giving playing time to Pankov.

    Does this mean Sammelvuo sees Semyshev as a lock? I can't really agree with that, but Podlesnykh's mistakes really don't help him at all

    With this performance from Kobzar, I'd rather have Abaev for Tokyo.

    Pankov is a leader. This should cement his place now and I hope all his doubters should too as well.

    The real question is, would Abaev, Butko or Kovalev make a better 2nd setter? :gone:

    They look better with Pankov on court, but they are making so many errors