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    Jia looks rock solid to me. I guess she's got a lot of experience but seems like she doesn't even know what nervous might be. Her sets are money, too. Not much tipping going on at all

    Is that the setter's name? I don't know where she came from but she's done a good job so far. Comfortable sets at the very least. The problem still lies with most of their hitters.

    Does anyone have the schedule or link to the Empress Cup? specifically for Denso so I can try to watch it.

    Denso doesn't have any Mayu type hitters which is disappointing and super frustrating to watch. Not a fan of Plummer but I now understand why she had to go overboard with scoring when she was there.

    Quit gaslighting. What the hell is wrong with you.

    Don't assume that just because someone underperforms or isn't in top condition that it's because they're "distracted". You don't know her why are you jumping to conclusions about her personal life.


    Thanks for the correction. So it is recurring injury, then? Did she mention when she'll be back playing?

    Yes it's a recurring pain for probably 3-4 years now. After Tokyo Olympics she said it would vary from moderately painful to very painful depending on her movements but dismissed it as anything serious because of her high pain tolerance.

    Rosamaria explained on her IG why she did not play. I don't understand it but I saw a tweet from a Brazilian account that Rosamaria said she stepped on a player's foot in training 2 weeks ago and had a minor sprain and was advised to skip the first games. She will likely play next week.

    It's the other way around. She had a fat pad contusion in medical term and to top it off she's been having heel issues for quite some time now.

    Yeah what's with that? I honestly don't get Airi's role in the NT you think she'd actually make it as main. I wonder if it has anything to do with her weakass legs/knees

    has she been injured before? shimamura has also had several injuries before that's why she seems a bit unstable at times but can still run no problem.

    Then don't assume.

    Another player in her team is colliding with her in the same area that's why she hesitates to receive. This is a new team not Toray Arrows you should know that players will always adjust. Her brother struggled with his team for 2 years. Different system, different teammates, different coaches no one has to spell it out for you

    give her a week or 2 and she'll be fine. she was giving kelsey vibes at toyota which is the same level as that club in italy

    We can now assume that both Araki and Nagaoka won't be joining OQT. Araki is back training with Saga but Nagaoka is still MIA. No idea what happened to her and it's driving me crazy. Shion... also disappointingly excluded from the Asian Championships and she's not in any way injured just ignored.

    Anyway the a team are going to have a friendly match with Netherlands as per Volley Trails tweet. Don't know when someone just update or whatever.

    they're going to lose to brazil and turkey. i don't really see them getting past those 2. koga and ishikawa are not a duo that has yielded results. this team is not as fortified as manabe thinks. better luck next year.

    Wow. I remember when I saw her at the Norceca U20, in which she won the MVP against the Cuban NT led by then 14yo Melissa Vargas and I thought she would become the next Akinradewo :/

    I think everyone myself included had high hopes for her but maybe she had other plans all along

    Julia Kudiess has a shin injury. She'll play the Superliga finals normally, but after that she'll need at least 40 days to recover fully. So no VNL for her. We might see her at the OQT, though.

    I didn't know she got injured. Shin splints are a huge pain. The likelihood of it reoccurring is higher than most injuries and by higher I mean 2 or 3 intense matches and it could come up again worse than before. Praying for her condition hopefully we do see her at OQT.