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    Really!?? He himself should be very clear that with Kubiak & Leon in the same team, the possibility for him to have a “guaranteed” starter spot is zero.

    I think the fuzz occurred before Leon became eligible for NT representation. Having said that, I just saw that the polish NT roster was announced for 2021. bednorsz is there. So looks things cooled down. By the way that’s a long list and not everyone will do the cut I assume.

    It is important to consider the fact that while Semeniuk is playing in a supporting, unhostile team, Bednorz is stuck in a toxic, cunning environment. It is also hard to predict Heynen’s choices.

    Wasn’t there an issue whereby bednorsz would only join national team if guaranteed a starter spot ?

    I also remembered Toniutti played for Kazan in 2014, didn‘t he? Was it the season they got Marouf in mid-season? Was Benjamin injured or did not achieve Kazan’s expectations?

    Indeed. A stint. Toniutti just landed in Kazan after his Ravenna years. shortly thereafter Kazan had opportunity to transfer Marouf, which they did. Toniutti was freed and Managed to land in friedrichshafen if not mistaken. I guess performance was not the primary driver, rather an opportunity to hire an supposedly best fitting setter

    Watching again zaksa vs Kazan in particular sets 1 and 2 which I missed. Some random thoughts:

    - serve/ reception Level really made the difference: Kazan received better than usual at first and served at full power. Zaksa Served somewhat bad (low risk and basic faults) and passed beyond their standards in particular sliwka (even considering Kazan was hitting real hard). From there Kazan’s block pretty much shut down zaksa’s spikers.

    Then After 2 sets Zaksa Started serving harder and passed better- Semeniuk Rose and shined in attack. From there it slowly slipped away from Kazan, with loss of the third set as a clear Turning point.

    - michailov is still a top, very reliable opposite. What a serve quality he delivered

    - I did not realize what a dominant Libero zatoraki became - Passing but also defense, WOW.
    - Volkov still does the job offensively but what a lousy blocker. So slow it gets annoying 🥶. Time for a change.

    - I find David smith a little dull. His stats in plusliga are okay as I was checking but there a something I m missing. Maybe a stronger serve 🤭

    I’d bet on zaksa :-).

    Anyone following JSW ? I wonder about al hachdadi. He had a slow start but seems to be doing the job well now. I understand he’s leaving and Boyer considered instead. Besides The opportunity of reuniting boyer and toniutti, do U know why al hach dadI would not stay ?

    I can relate to your comment. I’m by all means not suggesting his salary is low or Commensurate vs his performance. We seem to agree that Piacenza as a project did not Meet the expectations So far as team lacked gameplay chemistry. Signing Grozer For that salary was a high risk Indeed. so far It did not pay. Same as for Russell BTW And there are more Disappointing examples. Last, am 100 % with you regarding team management responsibility - constant personnel changes and erratic choices make me wonder how that team was assembled and the Spirit / level of engagement overall. Someone said most of the players Who started the season are represented by the same sport agency, and came as a Package deal - Is that true ?

    Ok I can't really agree with this statement. The team may have underperformed but they certainly weren't tragic without Grozer. They probably just weren't good enough for traditional favorites because they were a new team. Besides, Scanferla, they totally blown up their whole team from last season so there is lacking chemistry and probably a leader.

    €500 000 is a lot of money for Grozer. He's not a disaster but definitely more disappointing than 'disappointing'. The team could've even gone for Vettori to accomodate a good libero foreigner or not and probably retain Krsmanovic from last season.

    It's really all about roster management. Renewing Gardini also hurt because he only made them play nervous during the coppa italia preliminaries.. Sometimes winning former players can't coach unfortunately. That's what I learn sometimes with male coaches.

    To be fair with Piacenza, they were close to a top 4v5 quarterfinals by a hair but Perugia and Lube sent their B squads v Monza and Vibo respectively.

    Grozer's wage is still crazy for the games he played. I don't think they ever truly needed him to beat the teams they've beaten. He has a great serve but then... all his absences and inconsistency overshadowed his greatest moments in Piacenza.

    My guess is he will play in Turkey. Lesser league than Russia and Italy but atleast his age can still keep up with his desire to win trophies and there are probably unaware turkish clubs that might overpay him for his reputation in the past.

    Grozer was surely disappointing With Piacenza but to his credit whole team was tragic. I believe he can still bring His fair share to any squad in tier 2 leagues (typically turkey as you suggested)

    agreed. To me Toniutti is at least a top tier 2 setter. Still see him behind the other setters you mentioned. His distribution is Quite smart and I find him good at Hiding intentions and trajectories till last minute. For a team composed of very balanced players such as zaksa without super dominant hitter, that’s a perfect fit.

    Toniutti play badly in NT but whole NT France play worse than before. Is not only Toniutti fault. In polish PlusLiga Toniutti is definitelly top 1 setter. In the next season Toniutti will be play in JW and even when there were rumors that Christenson would come in his place(finally Christenson go to Zenit Kazań) it was perceived by fans Zaksa like a failure. Toniutti is in top 4 setter in the world with De Cecco, Bruno and Christenson. Both Semeniuk and Śliwka are deffensive OH and Zaksa always have a great recepcion. I don`t know what happened in those two matchs with Lube with recepcion... Maybe they were a little nervous.

    Yes, Louati aut.

    I really like a French volleyball players but Louati was playing badly in JW. Especialy in attack.,

    This would be a great catch but Uros have offers from other club. No one know, where he finally sign. If Kovacevic rejects a offer of Jastrzebski, then JW probably sign Stephan Maar.

    yep a number of them kind of struggle in offense when they land in PlusLiga. They’re not super athletic and that does not help. Fingers crossed for Uros.

    if JW can get kovacevic that’s a great catch !!!... I guess Louati is out then.

    I get your point and agree. But that’s probably not the project he signed for and not his profile, He possibly felt trapped Into that defensive role whilst not developing or at least maintaining his offensive skills E.g. his trademark. I guess as individuals we can relate to that. Having said that, It’s his responsibility tot turn things around. He should be able to go over that and show That he deserves more balls. Anyways he went for the big Bucks So won’t Cry for him. As to humility am afraid it’s not his driver and will never be. Too much ego.

    He s still immature and that’s a problem at his age. I guess that sort of player 1- can be the X factor when context fits (Eg. he gets carte blanche and feels happy). 2 - offers showmanship and buzz. So teams will keep trying with him. His Modena years were great and he was pivotal to their success. They’re obviously trying to re-create that spirit But I wonder if that ll work. If grebenikov stays Maybe cause They re mates and n gapeth needs that sorts of relationships to perform. As a French I am concerned by his offensive skills and fitness. I’m not sure he still is the go to player he once was for the NT, and modena if the transfer materializes.