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    I see you re really focused on his attitude 😃I feel you there. Yes there’s too much drama with him and he is not a role model type of leader for sure. He lacks stability. In his Modena days I was in my OH top 10. Now I don’t know. And yes there s a strong buzz around cause of his show off style, that is A little delusional versus His actual Game contribution. Anyways agreed . Good he s leaving. I ll probably close there not to jam the thread, I guess we made our points :-)

    NGP won world league twice with NT, and once the European championship. In club he won If not mistaken Italian scudetto twice, plus Italian cup, and reached CLs finals. So I’d say his records are quite ok, of course could have been better as always. To your point about leadership, With Modena and NT he has been extremely influential, the central piece and team Pretty much organized Around him. The traction he brings when chemistry is right makes him imo a leader and a real team player, or at least shows some capacity there. But then again, it takes a certain context For him to deliver that leadership - He’s the kind of guy that can Equally freak out anytime, which for me is a real limitation. From that angle I agree he has been repeatedly disappointing.

    I think they’ve been overperforming for some time. The whole line up Is fine but rather Tier 2 players. Chineyese is I’d say the most interesting prospect. Things somewhat got back to normal :)

    It's not a bad decision for him. After Leon left, Kazan was going down gradually. Then Anderson left, things were getting worse.

    NG is a not a good leader or a good team player. Maxim was getting old too. Butko was a loophole now.

    Unless Kazan rebuild the team with new OHs and setter, I don't know Alekno could stop the team spiral down.

    I’d somewhat disagree About NG. He’s a moody character, Extravagant and uneasy to handle as we all know. But On the pitch I found him generally committed. He really one Of those keepIng it together during last 2 years. Team construction in Last2 years Plus the way he got used as defensive OH certainly frustrated him- as did his difficulties killing the Ball in pos 4. things could have been better for sure but that’s what it is. I see no future for him in Kazan anyways, and in Russian league in general. Michailov is still a dominant opposite in my view, who suffers from butko s Predictable distribution. The main Libero is tragic imo the main source of kazans trouble this year together with butko. Both should be replaced first thing. Bednorsz as offensive OH is a great fit, trust he’ll perform well again once things get back on track. MB’s I find ok.

    I’d root for pankov cause I like his use of midleblockers. Butko out. Grankin is a wide stretch 😊 he s having a blast it seems in Berlin And I like him so much. But I guess that a not even a possibility 😃

    Seems like a done deal... hope ngapeth gets back in proper shape. I believe his kazan years were not profitable for his development. He probably now is a more balanced OH With the defensive work he took in russia; but he Clearly lost some edge in pos 4, was totally ignored behind the 3 meters line, and his serve , whilst still Strong and consistent, Is not as lethal as once was. For sure Not a good trade-off. Let’s see how he’ s gonna land 👀

    It is said that Alekno was inclined to part with the Frenchman for such a violation of discipline, but the players stood up for Ngapeth. The Frenchman is back, plays well, but also does not show the quality of volleyball that they want from him. And this whole situation as a whole did not affect the atmosphere in the team in the best way.

    I think there was an initial misunderstanding where ngapeth would kind of replace 1 to 1 Leon and everything stays the same. That was simply not possible cause no player has the same impact as Leon in his position. Put that comparison side, Ngapeth did not deliver on the offensive side Anyways for various reasons - that surely frustrated him as well as the whole team.

    It is said Ngapeth will go back to Modena. Now if Bruno is considered, might be a good incentive for him to stay. I think the story is over though. It’s not only him, Kazan needs to shake the tree and some players of the starting 6 should Definitely go

    Can’t agree more with what was said. Kazan is quite a mess. I would not overly blame ngapeth’s. His switch to a defensive OH is Such a poor development. He is overwhelmed with defensive duties, Doing what he can at passing, covering for the Libero , setting free balls on the back row when Butko is too far...That’s just Not his area and too much to handle. When on pos 4 High and organized block are Consistently shutting him down making him almost nonexistent in attack. I can imagine his frustration, His visible overweight sure does not help. Oh and not a single pipe - Shame cause he could make a difference there. With that And Butko’s robot style setting, distribution gets Super predictable. Libero shank passes And defenses, middle blockers are So so, either too green or declining. Too many loopholes right now. What do you think of Bednorsz ?he had games off but his attack and serve have been solid since He joined, Guess he delivered up to expectations, unlike others 😀Quite a tough situation right now in Kazan, We’ll see how things develop.
    Ps: been checking this forum for some time but only registered today. Looking to forward to reading you all 😀