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    Does anyone know exactly what the difference in the rules are? Because in the KOVO controversy I was pretty sure KYK was the last to touch the ball :what:

    Well that's all folks!

    The end of this match signals the end of an era. Can't say I wasn't disappointed with the way we played but it is what it is. Nonetheless, mad respect to the team for overcoming all odds to reach the semi-finals and to the coaching staff and fans who have stood by them all this while. If anything, this Olympics showed that all things are possible with tenacity and a great deal of luck.

    The end of this match is also expected to mark the end of KYK's journey with the national team (and maybe YHJ / KSJ). Not enough credit is given to her for the way she literally carries the SK volleyball industry on her shoulders. If all goes well, the increased respect and interest for domestic volleyball could mean better salaries and QoL improvements for our SK volleyball players. It's also fascinating that 8 years on from the London Olympics, her skills are still miles ahead of her teammates which is a testament to her endurance and skill. Her departure from the team would be an immense loss to the team, not only from a skill / competence perspective but also from a leadership / synergy perspective.

    The contributions of other players should definitely not be overlooked as well. Without those clutch moments from players like the HJs and PJA, the team would have never gotten as far as it did.

    Also, props to Stefano Lavarini, Cesar Gonzales and the other supporting staffs for greatly improving the standard of the SK NT through the years and sticking by them through all of their matches.

    And thank you all! It's been a wild ride 🤟

    Not saying that you are wrong but whether cancel culture is "BS" is something for each society to determine for themselves. Normative views are obviously subject to debate and this thread is not the place for it.

    Please let's stay on topic guys 🤔

    sorry to say but that's not what had happened

    Lavarini asked for a net-touch challenge, but the ref mistook it as a touch-out challenge and viewed the touch-out footage instead (it wasn't touched out)
    The players then immediately informed the ref mid-way that they were requesting for a net-touch footage, not a touch-out, and the ref switched the footage to what was originally requested - net-touch (it also wasn't touched)

    no issues in challenge system against Dominican, though I'd say there were 1-2 in their match against China that should've been in Korean's favour instead

    though, wouldn't have made a difference to the final result imo

    Yes it was a bad call by Lavarini, given that Jeong Ah clearly signalled for a touch out challenge. If you watch the replay (set 3 with the score at 4-2), I do think the ball slightly grazed the blocker's index finger although its very hard to see... or maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me.

    I swear SK was robbed of at least two points by the challenge system. When they switched from a touch-out challenge to a net-touch challenge for Park Jeong Ah's point, my fist nearly flew through my screen 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Hey guys,

    Amidst the shitstorm that is taking over V-league, lets take some time to celebrate the little things in life :)

    In the latest match of Pink Spiders vs IBK, KYK finally used her signature spike serve for the first time in years (correct me if I'm wrong). In an interview she did recently, fans asked why she stopped using it so I guess it may have prompted her to try it out again!

    Pardon the shitty gif.


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    Really great analysis!

    But regarding Lee Dayeong, I don't think she was intentional in neglecting KYK. Ever since Hengkuk changed their strategy after Lucia left, she seemed to only rarely set back court attacks to KYK. During yesterday's first set, she still sets mainly to the Left regardless of whether KYK or Jaeyeong was there ... and in fact there were quite a number of bad sets given to Jaeyeong too as far as I remember...

    But I guess the incident may have affected the twins since it was clear they are far from their normal conditions yesterday... hopefully things do pick up!

    Hello everyone,

    Can someone explain to me the difference between the international volleyball rules versus KOVO's rules regarding KYK's protest to the referee during the last GS Caltex vs Hengkuk match?

    And also for the 11 Nov match last year, where Park Mi Hee got a yellow card for protesting, what was she protesting about?