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    What in tf are you talking about? This is not cancel culture, this is a change to bullying itself. Why couldn't those two twins have been kinder then? maybe then they wouldn't be involved in this shit in the first place?

    well.. im saying as a general whole, not particularly on the twins issue.

    Obviously bullying isnt right, but im talking about athletes who did their best but still receiving backlash from knets.

    Bullying culture/ being too harsh on their athletes, kpop stars - sometimes i wish the koreans could be kinder to their own people.

    I remember IBK's Kim Heejin's recent interview with the spike, she mentioned if they play well, they receive compliments, but if they dont, they'd receive tons of criticisms. It's like she's resigned to their athletes' fate of receiving backlash whenever things dont go well.

    This bullying, harsh criticisms are so deeply embedded into the Korean culture, it seems there isnt any way out - regardless of changes in laws, social movements etc.

    I do feel bad for those athletes/kpop idols who put in best efforts receive nothing but online bashing.

    I really really hope both Kang Sohwi and Lee Soyoung stay on GS Caltex. They are quickly becoming my favourite team, and if you watch their games, they are a team. GS Caltex is a great example of what Pink Spiders failed to have - egos in check. If you watch GS Caltex games and their videos on YouTube, you'll notice how there isn't any ego clashing. This team operates more as a family than a team. LSY and KSH are the obvious stars of the team, but both have great personalities who don't try to impose themselves onto others. I've noticed that other members of the team, even those who are in the "lower ranks" and do not play in games, aren't afraid to joke around and chat with LSY and KSH. Contrast this with a previously posted video where IBK rookies had to bring soup to the seniors. There is no intimidation by the stars and everyone feels comfortable with one another.

    So well said, gotta agree with ya. They have the best defense, best teamwork, best support system. I teared when they rallied around Kim Yuri for getting MVP.

    Teamwork makes the dreamwork. They're almost done with 5th round, on to 6th...

    May the best team win.

    Do we know any more information? I find it ridiculous to suggest banning players over something that surfaced 10 years ago for what seems like school bullying. If that was the standard for being out of a job then I'd estimate 70% of my highschool would be unemployed right now. And I went to a good highschool (granted, I live in the west, things are not the same here...

    I wouldnt say banning for life. Someone posted in this thread, a baseball player was banned 50 games, 3 years from NT. It could be similar for the twins...(wouldnt wanna speculate atm)

    I think from the accounts of the victims - what the twins did back then, were 2 worlds apart from their current wholesome image. In Asian societies, it's really no no (whatever they did in school, were pretty horrifying).

    It's definite they would receive some sort of punishment, it would also take a while for the Koreans to forget (and hopefully forgive) this issue. Such a waste of talent, really.

    If KOVO is gonna ban the lee sisters, the championship would most likely be a fight between GS and Hipass. Considering how Pink Spiders is playing w/o the sisters, dont think they'll stand a chance for championship.

    I'm still hoping KOVO would put the Olympics Games into consideration, cause it'll be the last chance Korea would have a chance for a medal under Lavarini + KYK is gonna retire after the OG. (well.. they did improve a lot during the world cup). Cause honestly, besides the lee sisters, there arent young players good enough for the international stage (yet).

    Knetz have petitioned for the removal of lee sisters over on the blue house site, it has reached 50K+ signs in 2 days. But till now, there isnt official news on how they'll deal with the sisters.

    This coach is frustrating all the fans, never make tactical change, never tried change the mood by changing player. If it wasnt for lazareva they probably will be at the bottom.
    give kudos to Hillstate too they played well, all player involved and Kim Yeon Kyeon defence is superb today

    Gotta agree with you on the coach - worst coach ever. Wish they'll get rid of him soon.

    Da-in got better. Hillstate made use of their centers very well (who wouldnt, with Hyojin and Jiyun)

    with all the drama aside, ibk vs hillstate:

    Options as part of total salary were added this season and basically mean that its not necessarily digits on your bank account but can be other bonuses like a car, housing etc. Afaik depending on the player and the team the "options" are bound to personal goals of the player that are, when reached in the individual performance, paid out. Players with high "options" are basically expected to perform very

    Got it! Thanks so much for the explanation.

    Hi everyone~ New here (and to volleyball, and vleague), not exactly new, but i've been lurking because there were some registration issues - but yeah, alright now. ◡̈

    The LDY and KYK issue came as a real surprise to me (and im sure, many others). Because they acted as if nothing happened at the games... but whatever it is, i hope they solve it amicably. After this season, they'll go into NT and prepare for OG (yes... apparently it's still on), so it'll be best for everyone to have any ill/hard feelings/ disagreements sorted out.

    And YES!! i can finally post~ :drink: