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    Most of peppers player are bench warmer last season and the rookie is still in highschool technically.

    We have to see next year when they can trade of chase fa player.

    They need OH with stable receive and good at digs , so lee hanbi could just focus on attack.

    Her performance with heungkuk last season is better then this year, burden being a young captain have to lead the teams is too much i think.

    This is OT but Jung Jiseok played as a starter in today's match of Korean Air.

    The media's focus is on the women's volleyball and I feel like his case has been buried. Assault and molka crime should be taken seriously. I can't believe they(KVA, KOVO and Korean Air) let him go like this.

    as soon as the indictment cannot be processed due to lack of evidence (JJS doesnt remember his iphone password lol ) i knew they gonna bury the case.

    Its one of those days when everything doesnt work, their last meeting its gs who having bad day, and now its kgc lol.

    Yeom toss is not good today. I have the same question why Ha hyo rim inserted too late and being pulled out after second set.

    kudos to Chanos giving opportunities to 2nd year setter, she gradually getting better. I dont know what happen to Ahn Hye Jin after olympics her performance is up and down.

    i think tomorrow game (heungkuk vs peppers) will be fun.

    Han Bom coach……all i remember about him is he’s so annoying at court shouting to player and protesting to referee.

    im not defending Kim Yo Han but the host ask him only that specific question.

    I’ve had enough of IBK when they told Rebecca she will be replaced right before the game, what kind of sane person would do that.

    the best way to solve this in my opinion is, Kim Sa Ni resign from IBK (go take a break, coach some Highschool or university team first to get experience), Cho Song Hwa if she still wanna play, suspended until end season.

    Have a massive trade on the off season.

    Hipass vs peppers

    I feel peppers limitation is setter position, we’ll see how Park Sa Rang perfom when she recover.

    Park Jeong Ah keep having slump, she being outshine by Jeon Sae Yan.

    Lee Yun Jeong performance is really impressive, her toss speed definitely faster than Go Eun, and she has a calm personality.

    her decision going to business team to play more instead being on a bench for years on a pro team seems like the correct one.

    Its been a while since we have neck and neck match.

    Start with a block, ended with a block, this match is a block party with PJA and Moma as main contributor lol.

    Indeed its worth to watch.

    mvp in a row for Lee Yun Jeong, but she does make a difference for hipass, better speed on toss and can accommodate high toss for Kelsey and quick toss for Park Jeong Ah.

    And to add salt to injury on mvp interview she give thanks to hipass staff and coach so she can play without burden lols.

    I dont know which news to believed but i saw one on naver, how lee jeong cheol was sacked from ibk, after missing the playoff the front office secretly ask player to vote to keep or sacked LJC. Apparently this make player position is bigger then it should be.

    honestly i dont know who to believe anymore, Each fandom tried to exclude their player from the faction.

    Hipass play really well today, block and defense like hillstate lol.

    On KGC they try everything but nothing work, Yelena spiking point is not that high. I feel lee young taek should try other option faster (lee seon woo or jung ho young).

    The “soup serving” is on kovo official Youtube last year.

    I doubt changing player midseason gonna help, its already 2nd round, contract issue and itc plus quarantine, probably can play after 3rd round. How about training and harmony, its just gonna be another Bruna.

    And the player pool available is really slim.

    If they really want to get rid of Rebecca better play with all local player at least there some excuses for loses.

    Its gonna take elizabeth level player to carry IBK, i doubt there any available right now.