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    why is heejin playing srsly 😭 if you look at her service in the last set vs heungkuk ytd, she wasn’t even running properly when serving and this couldn’t serve as strong as she usually does… what the heck happened to the rehab and rest ibk promised lol and making her play a game when nothing (except last place) is at stake seriously 🙄

    Nooo😭 I've been following them since 2012.. It takes some times to let go

    omg… i’m jealous that you’ve been following them since 2012 😭 my biggest regret is that i only started following vball when kim returned to vleague so the only NT competitions ive rly been a part of was VNL and this olympic games :( too fast too soon and it’s all over now nuuu

    yes it’s true, kyk even recorded a serve of 121km/h against serbia but can anyone enlighten me as to how the even calculate this speed lol

    She will also captain both the men’s and women’s team (essentially the entire Korean delegation athletes) along with shooter Jin Jong-Oh

    Hmmmm i thought kim da in play better then hye jin in VNL.

    but yay for Kim SuJi and Kim HeeJin

    think hyejin barely played during vnl due to injuries, aside from the first week i’ve only seen her play in 1 game? but she was good in that one game against serbia until she strained a muscle while trying to dig the ball at the end of the second set.

    was quite sure dain would make it in given her play time + improvement and defence but i guess not :/ she along with dahyeon will probably be the future of NT (if a foreign coach comes) so i’m rooting for them!!

    but also very happy to see suji and heejin :D

    We talk about this since the beginning of VNL😂 nothing has changed

    Anyway did An Hyejin's injury serious or just muscle strain?

    well on the bright side, i had cringed at PJA’s defence + attacks straight into the block but she has definitely improved especially on defence, good to see her digging some difficult ones & running for the ball

    Definitely prefer Hyejin's setting compared to Yeom, glad she's playing close to full-time against Russia today.

    If there's anything I feel Yeom has in her advantage it'll be her experience on national stages - in terms of mental, but performance-wise has been disappointing.

    Feel that Hyejin has a better serve, is faster, jumps higher for blocks too. Lavarini had even said about Yeom that "she doesn't run" to the team during a timeout against Italy in set 3 🤐

    Would personally love to see Hyejin & Dain selected for this Olympics - for the future of both Korean v-league and Olympic setters, since they have more growth potential.

    yes!! i think hyejin sets the best, and here defense is better than yeom’s. not sure abt the serves though, both her and yeum have solid serves. both are also prone to mental breakdowns and extremely erratic sets when it’s crunch time...

    so young did great this match, very good at looking for the space between the blockers, great digs, and 4/5 service aces. a little worried about her thigh guard and her stamina; was subbed out in the 4th set bc she was too tired i think.

    kim being kim played well as usual, her reflexes seem to be coming back and she had quite a few good digs and she sets pretty well for her teammates, kinda wanna see a game where she’s the setter hahahah

    can’t say the same for the rest of the team, goodness it’s like their legs are glued to the ground. so many times the ball could be saved but they either let someone else do it or stared at each other and watched the ball drop on the floor. the frequency of such occurrences is ridiculously high and either kim/sy has to end up doing a flying dig for the ball

    thank goodness the starting libero was subbed out sometime in the 3rd set, she got aced with the ball right in front of her, didn’t even try to save the ball at times and positioning was way off.

    park jeongah as usual can’t defend, didn’t get blocked as much this game but not successful in attacks either. does not run for the ball (applicable to most of the team tbh), cannot dig even when the ball is within her reach, attacks are not effective, serves are erratic etc.

    not that there’s a better option for the OPP position though, #16 is so new that she can’t do back row attacks, very unstable with her attacks although she does have great power in them.

    don’t even get me started on the MBs, having them in the back row is equals to non existent defense. connection with the setters was a little off tday, couldn’t quite get the ball on the floor for quite a few attacks. and please for goodness sake cover ur teammate

    i kinda lean more towards the setter dain instead of yeum now, what do you guys think? think dain is more stable and has better defense, and suits lavarini’s quick plays better.

    never staying up till 3am to watch the matches again, going to regret this so badly tmr.

    pls share your thoughts everyone :)

    just what the hell is park mi hee thinking to put the one point server (who btw doesn’t have an excellent success rate) in at a clutch moment.

    but on another note hope that hyun joo doesn’t get a lot of hate after this, not her fault that the coach put her in


    Moreover, I believe all parties simply could've dealt with it better. LDY decided to deal with it through instagram posts when she, LJY and KYK should've just (wo)manned up and settled it with a conversation.

    hm, doesn’t seem like kyk’s character to not want to talk it out though? from what i’ve seen, she likes to put things out upfront and say things sometimes brutally honestly but nonetheless not one to shy away from a conversation.


    Alternatively, they could've brought the coaching staff in to mediate instead of trying to take things into their own hands.

    but this i do agree, the management should have done something about it from the very beginning when there were rumours of discord in the team. something like kgc to present a more united front. instead, they did nothing and look where we are now...

    I'm not trying to make excuses for the twins but I've been asking myself these days, "What's the victims intentions? Why now?". apology?...

    again I'm not trying to make excuses(protect) the twins or for bullying or to deny the victims words.

    korea has pretty bad “cancel culture” if you put it that way, and their star status certainly doesn’t help reduce the spotlight on them either. netizens, regardless of whether they follow volleyball or not, have strong opinions against bullying and public opinion tends to stay unchanging regardless of whether one has changed for the better or not.

    and to the why now question, i read that the breaking point was when dy posted about how the bully thinks it fun but the one being bullied wants to die. reading this triggered the victim as it was exactly how she had felt at that point in time, and she doubted that whatever dy was facing is comparable to whatever dy had done to her back in school. not too sure about the intention though

    i must say, i admire your rational thinking in that the twins must face their own consequences and that you are not trying to make excuses for them!

    disclaimer: dy bullying someone does not make anyone bullying her right