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    Below is who I think the top 15 spikers in V-league currently are (based primarily on offense and not defence). Please let me know if I've missed anyone or if you have any thoughts otherwise.

    1. Anna Lazareva
    2. Kim Yeon-Koung
    3. Valentina Diouf
    4. Merete Lutz
    5. Lee Jae-Yeong
    6. Kang So-Hwi
    7. Lee So-Young
    8. Kelsie Payne
    9. Park Jeong-Ah
    10. Helene Rousseoux
    11. Lucia Fresco
    12. Kim Ju-Hyang
    13. Go Ye-Rim
    14. Pyo Seung-Ju
    15. Kim Mi-Yeon

    Nice win by the Pink Spiders today. The fact that they are still beating teams is a testament to how overpowered they were at the beginning of the season with the best Korean setter, a top 3 Korean hitter and a top-tier foreign player.

    Nothing about GS Caltex? They're just too good and the championship is theirs to lose. I hope they win.

    Holy cow this is much worse than expected. Rather than a mere battle of egos, it seems the twins literally tried to bully the entire team. The obliviousness of the twins in thinking this was okay and not putting an end to it until it reached a boiling point is remarkable. Probably didn't help that the coach and the twins' mother were supposedly close and were friends from having been teammates a while ago.

    All speculation, but LJY seems alright but perhaps subservient whereas LDY is :sos::read::wall:.

    Based on the information of the initial writer, who has since deleted the post, it might or might not have been Go Ye-rim.

    MBC made a feature on bullying in volleyball that slightly talked about the new anonymous accusation. They blurred the image of course, but nothing can escape the eyes of Korean netizens.…ion_mode=recommend&page=1

    No way. GYR seems so timid and innocent in videos and matches. Very shy and quiet personality. What is going on..

    Bruna look lost out there, to many unforced error. Not to mention her spike routine is unusual, which can take longer to match with the setter.
    definitely need more time.

    Agree with this. I've been very underwhelmed by her performance. Not even sure it's worth it for the team to bring her in..they're probably better off just developing their youth.

    Will add that "suspended indefinitely" is not a defined period of time. The club and national team can reinstate the twins whenever this drama dies down. I'm not familiar with Korean culture, but in North America it wouldn't be surprising to see the athletes be reinstated right before the Olympics...because that's just how things are.

    The GS Caltex english class video on YouTube is hilarious. And kind of nice for us non-korean speakers to actually understand what's going on. I wish these teams and KOVO would put english subtitles on their videos.