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    It looks like IBK Altos will replace Rebecca Latham with Daly Santana. Korean media reports that a contract with Daly is close to finalising and she will join the team in Round 3 after quarantine.

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    Thanks for sharing! Commentors mentioning as well in the current game w GS. My pov is no foreign player would have done well except for anybody >= Ana Lazareva calibre.

    Rebecca Latham was a good sport who was mostly smiling/cheering her team on from the outside when she was subbed out. When she was performing well (due to poor sets occasionally), you could see she was also badly affected.

    Hope she finds a better team next time!

    Is it just me, i find this double sub always at awkward timing, when Rebecca or Choi Jeong Min find their rhythm, they are being subbed out.

    Elizabeth though, 40 points 52% attack rate well deserved win and MVP.

    IBK coach is very odd. And sometimes he calls them in for time out but doesn't say anything until the last 5 secs.

    Elizabeth - seems like she has quite a chipper personality. I think she is a great add on for the young Pepper team in terms of age and personality - personally I think the "best" foreign player this year as well.

    Loved her play today and she was always cheering her team on.

    Definitely hope Pepper team will get a few more wins esp against Expressway and Pink Spiders. Definitely looks do-able.

    KGC did fine w/o the coach on the court.

    In fact, I think some of the players felt that it was funny as you could see them laughing about it.

    It shows the good atmosphere on the court this season as compared to last season where there was some "bullying" of Yeum Hye Sun happening with that instagram fiasco.

    GS Caltex- Ahn Hye Jin -is suffering this season as she doesn't have Lutz/ Lee So Young to hit her not so accurate sets anymore.

    Overall still see Hillstate coming in first (if no major injuries and yasmin gets back her groove). and a close fight for 2nd between GS Caltex and KGC probably based on how things are going from Round 1.

    Wow such a spirited fight from Pepper team today.

    I'm now officially a fan.

    Pity the last serve (super anticlimactic from Lee Han Bi).

    If their main setter wasn't injured, I'm wondering if they would have done better and closed such of the other games. Lee Hyun is stable in her sets but unfortunately quite short so not very useful for blocking...

    I don't disagree they are playing "well". But ultimately their "well" is not good enough for the win vs GS Caltex or Hyundai Hillstate as ultimately they are still rebuilding with the lost of Lee Ja Young (and to a small extent Lee Da Young.

    Anyways the ball is round so let's see how they perform as the season progresses.

    Ultimately I think for them to be a championship contender, next year will be definitely one with a higher chance.

    i think kgc found their winning answer in Soyoung and Park Hyemin

    Just super happy that at least we have some competition this season with Lee So Young and Park Hye Min moving out from GS Caltex.

    Also glad both of them went together so that Lee So Young can take are of Park Hye Min... and provide some encouragement.

    Based on initial games I guess it will be GS Caltex vs Hyundai Hillstate with maybe KGC coming in a distant 3rd to provide some "excitement"...

    Yasmin just killed it and no doubt Hillstate will def look like a top contender this season. Which will be an amazing turnaround story from the last to the first.

    IBK was just really meh - mainly becoz of their setter - and I still feel Hee Jin is out of place as a center; and bet they must be missing Anna Lazareva!



    Why does Araki look so nervous/scared or whatever? She's the Captain

    It musn't be easy playing on homegrown with the expectations. Prob scared to lose...

    Honestly many of the players look nervous/ scared today... Koga seems to be the only one holding up well...

    Eh wahts up with Ishikawa today? (7/21) She seems to have had a melt down since the last 2 points from KR's 5 setter... Hope this goes to set 5 and JP can take this. But Ishikawa needs to wake up today..

    I mean let's be real. This is the first official match with Suji and Heejin back. Heejin doesn't seem to using her power which was odd. Our libero, of course, not being a libero. Oh Ji Young is just useless (I'm sorry but not sorry). Korea played a good 2nd and 3rd match though. First was uber rough.

    Agree this libero is such a minus/ huge deficit. They should just play Lee So Young as libero as there is really nobody now.

    As a neutral volleyball spectator, hope the twins get to go and start a new life.

    Nobody is perfect and honestly the bullying stories were horrible... but as teenagers who have played volleyball all their lives, had probably inflated egos because of their talent and sports parents --- they probably didn't know better.

    Also where such bullying is seemingly so common in the KR society and adults (teachers/ parents/ coaches) who closed two eyes --- who is really at fault?

    Let them serve their "punishment" - whatever it may be --- and give them a fresh start.

    I really don't know what the KR public, club or kovo expects of the twins. No way they will be able to play in the short term, they will just be flamed.

    I'm concerned that the instagram posting got taken down, hopefully no back pedalling by the Greek Club.

    Yeah already in the first game OJY was terrible--- positioning and all --- not too sure why GS Caltex picked her as LSY's replacement.

    They should just bring the two GS Caltex Liberos as they are young and can learn quickly --- Han Su Jin and Han Da Hye.

    Also hope they stop playing Lee So Young as super worried on her thigh band and don't want her to get unnecessarily injured as she needs a good start in her first season with KGC.

    Don't get me started on the setters... I'm no fan of Lee Da Young and Lee Jae Young's (school bullying) but Lee Da Young + LJY at least very clearly had raw talent + skills but I guess we gotta move on from there; although the setters (more so than the spiker role) will be the limit of this korea team which I guess now has been lowered further with KYK's aging.

    Yeom Hye Seon is still like what 6 years younger than Nootsara so she is still young! But yes considering her age, more rotation of Kim Da In. Ahn Hye Jin makes slow decisions and she is subject to nerves - honestly Pink Spiders setter might be better.

    But no one is as good as Lee Da Young in terms of talent and skills at this stage. Let's see if back up setter of GS Caltexx - Lee Won Jeong- can fulfil the potential that Lee Do Hee saw in her earlier years and make a good fight with Kim Da In. If not the new Pepper Savings setter Gul Seol - might be able to grow into the next talent as well.

    OJY was hiding amongst KYK and LSY for the receives... Her positioning was odd in the games.

    And she's going to GS Caltex which has no need for an additional libero. Oh wells.

    KHR is legendary but to get her body/game instinct in shape by August (if it even happens), would be tough.