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    No, Heungkuk only needs to win a single victory point from their remaining 7 matches to finish in the top 3.

    Currently, Heungkuk has 50 victory points and is 18 victory points ahead of 4th-placed IBK Altos with 32 victory points. IBK with 6 matches remaining can only get a maximum of 50 victory points.

    So one more victory point will secure Heungkuk at the very least a place in the playoffs series.

    Based on their last game vs KR expressway where they were eaten up for breakfast lunch and dinner, it might be better they not make it to the playoffs.

    Back up setter was not so good, newbie rookie setter was promising but needs more game experience although she has raw talent and her long arms/ general physique resemble LDY, Bruna was so meh.

    Only KYK and Kim Mi Yeon can carry the team. Lee Ju Ah at 20 years old was totally out of it.

    As a neutral fan, don't know how they are going to even get 1 point from the next 7 games but if they can endure a 2-3 loss, that 1 point is theirs for the taking.

    So tommorow is the most important game. If they win, they will finish at top3 and play on semifinals. Kim has to play the best volleyball she can to help Heungkuk

    I saw % from Bruna and she played very bad. But I'm talking only bout attack succes rate. I didnt watch her live

    Without the twins, I don't think they can win even if they go on semifinals, unless a miracle happens (Miracles do happen).

    So far Bruna looks quite poor on TV... compared to the other foreigners. But she only played a few mins here and there.

    But hey she moved from Brazil to Korea which is a vastly different environment from Brazil.

    So let's see, they don't have a choice anyway but play her for the next 7 games or so.

    Focusing on sport side. Aby chance that Heungkuk will secure top3? I don't know how the second setter and Bruna Moraes are playing.

    I think also that Kim will play worse with this situation about them and national team.

    The ball is round, there are about 6-7 games left, I guess top 3 is possible if they at least win half of the games left and hi-pass doesn't win all the games.

    As they are like 14 points ahead of no 3 - expressway hi-pass but only 5 points ahead of GS Caltex.

    It's currently 1. Pink spiders (50 points), 2. GS Caltex (45 points), 3. hi-pass (36 points)

    Based on what I saw from Bruna on TV, she looks like the the bottom half foreign player but she is still new and needs to gel with the team and play/ so probably got to give her a chance but she only has 7 games to warm up.

    Back up setter(s) looks uninspiring compared to LDY but most of the main setters even in the other teams are quite far from LDY's current athletic and skillset anyway.

    Also there was the Pink Spiders senior who forced Kim Yuri to quit as well and she went to work at the convenience store for a few years.

    At the end of the day, "bullying" is very common in sports, the twins are not saints but they some how there is an element of "bad luck" as they are larger than life.

    Just look at the drama "Run On", the track & field athlete also got bullied and beaten up (and Im Si Wan's character had to stand up for him and was forced to quit); so I believe this is very common all across sports in south korea and also rest of the world as even though I have not experienced it as as a school athlete, it also happened in my country when I speak to my other friends who played basketball for eg.

    funny how the T-ara scandal is the first thing that runs through peoples' minds... especially considering the recent AOA scandal is more similar to this case. (but this is way off topic)

    I was a huge fan of AOA and saw how Choa was ostracised in the videos and how Jimin faked it all the way....

    Which is why I hope that the friendship in GS Caltex is really genuine and they keep all their FA players - LSY, KSH, HSJ... and give them their big pay day esp if they win the championship this year...

    Honestly some psychiatrist needs to study whether this is an issue in South Korea society or in general society is changing for the worst.

    I just discovered this forum not too long ago (just discovered the fun bunch of GS Caltex players) and becoz of this huge blowup, I felt like I had to log in and connect.

    Was always a casual viewer of S.Korea vb, would watch it all the time in my twice a year visits to Korea on TV.

    And I played vb from 12-22 (just casual inter-school stuff) so this school bullying stuff really shocked me and made me be more thankful of my very nice seniors who let us do whatever we wanted...

    Hope for redemption for the twins... Heck if DT can be re-elected in another 4 years, whatever the twins have done is nothing.... (all relative)

    Yes NT MB and KYK's best friend is Kim Su Ji.

    However GS Caltex MB is Han Su Ji/Soo Ji (no 9) who formerly started out her career as a setter actually but transitioned to MB in the middle of her career, also a sporadic NT player.

    They always get mixed up anyways by fans/ media coz of their similar first names.

    The timing... And it's rumored that she's being "bullied" by her teammates. There were several videos that she was being ignored.

    Actually I wonder how a national setter/ fairly senior can allow herself to be bullied and what actually started it. Was it all their losses?

    Everybody needs to take a leaf out of GS Caltex page, the seniors are so loving of the juniors.

    LSY even scoops a drink for PHM @ 2:16 and gets "bullied" in the end when PHM chinks her glass while drinking and she chokes up.

    more like don't throw stones in glass houses if you ask me... or better yet don't put yourself in a glass house in the first place.

    To quote KYK's instagram(the photo of an old lady - but it seems she took it down):- the best revenge is no revenge, move on, be happy.

    (Un)fortunately because of all this... Looks like the championship is open to GS Caltex if they don't screw up.

    Honestly I think they are suffering becoz of Han Su Ji's injury (she was such a stabiliser in the middle) and their setters, AHJ is too unstable (LWJ should have more chances). But if they continue to exhibit their fantastic teamwork(hopefully its not a media facade), I'm really hopeful they win the championship.

    The acts the twins did were unacceptable and shocking despite their young age.

    However all humans make mistakes and its really tough to judge what they did right/ wrong when we ourselves also are imperfect.

    I definitely believe in 2nd chances and hope time will heal all the hurt and suffering of the victims and even the perpetrators also need help actually.

    LDY is by far the "best" setter in terms of skillset/ ability (not sure about mental) in South Korea. LJY as well as one of the more lethal outside hitters.

    This is a huge blow as a fan of south korea volleyball (I'm a GS Caltex fan).

    I really hope the twins can play overseas as well and start a new chapter (not disappear into cold storage) and also come back as better players and humans.

    Moral of the story:- don't use Instagram...