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    Kawai was on the men’s national team as a player in the past. Let alone commentator on the men’s team in the past for World Champs, World Cups, etc.

    i actually think that this is a good hire to lead the next few years. I would rather have someone with management skills under one of the biggest Japanese brands with Toyota. He’s going to have to create connections to other businesses around Japan, but I think that he’ll be good.

    I don't think being a commentator should count as a qualification since they let comedians do commentary for V.League and those red and white matches.

    Bunshun kinda leaked that Manabe will be emphasizing new faces in his NT and that he now changed his pov of wanting the next Saori to --- creating a young global sensation a la Arina I guess, a stan attractor basically. Fair warning idk how accurate that is since the link is already down. I'm just going through tweets of people talking about it from when it dropped probably around morning in Japan.

    Did it mention Kurogo? if she came back and they make her an exception as OP that would be a nightmare

    No I didn't see that. Very interesting. If Takeshita is name dropping him, it's likely.

    I'm torn. I don't like him but think he's damn good at what he does

    I don't think anyone likes him tbh especially when he's infamous for throwing tantrums but he seems like a total teddy bear when they're not playing matches. I'm only getting that impression because the girls like making fun of him during practices and stuff.

    Lorenne was a wonderful surprise last night. I give it to Marcos for helping her understand how to play Japanese volleyball. Brazilians seem pretty smart at understanding and dealing with the Japanese game

    But Toyota. Man! No more loser face. A bad run on a few points doesn't phase them now. When they score a big point, the jolt of electricity that hits every player on the TEAM immediately in reaction to it is the best in the league right now. They are playing team ball and it's beautiful. I'm going to brag on my Uni Girl Aika Hayashida. I told ya so :) She's got game, intelligence, and vibes. I feel a little bad for Wakaba Sugihara who had really stepped up to fight with Hattaya, the quiet leader, but I think it will be the two of them Aika and Wakaba trading off. I don't think Aika will just take over

    Did you see Takeshita's post with Lerbs? what if they get him as part of the NT.

    Btw the small Yamaguchi girl was the one who gave him that nickname Lerbs so I'll stick with that

    I don't know. I'm not good at math. Every team has played about 22–24 matches and they were scheduled to play 33. So assuming they are going to play all of them (so far only 3 missed matches have not been re-scheduled) ... it's that many :drink:

    Final 3 starts April 9. So four+ more weeks of regular round including some Monday, Wednesday, and Friday matches

    I thought it was only til the 27th? When does NT usually start? now that the uni girls are already training

    I'm sorry I neglected to put the source. The JVA site is down for me right now so I can't get the exact link but it's in topics. Volleyball Monthly covered it

    Ken Nemoto from NSSU. I believe he's been the go-to coach for this tournament for a while

    :what:their website is down. Hopefully they didn't get hacked again.

    It's kinda amusing how both Yokota sisters are the same height like how rare is that

    Who's their coach?

    JVA announcing a red & white match (after VNL) August 20-21 sponsored by Mizuno.

    Mizuno better get it right with their shitty promotions. Their advertising department had one job to doX/

    The French coach for the men's team getting asked about Hinotori is embarassing asf as he could not name a single player... bruh

    or maybe he doesnt care? but anyway do you know if jva has a new president already?

    I saw a discussion about how Kurogo might want to change teams with the arrival of the new HS hype kid at Toray. Not to mention Nishikawa is doing ok. What do yall think?

    I don't know anything about the new twins except that she and her sister made headlines. No one can say for sure that she will do as well as Kurogo did post-Haruko or will only reach Ono's level. Anyway, since Kurogo will be left behind during the first stage of Manabe's team it's not gonna be easy for her to pick up the pace and I highly doubt Manabe will make her an exception just because she was an Olympic faux ace. By the time she returns she's going to compete within her own team first. So would it be better for her to transfer to a quiet team like Denso for example or stay in Toray's hype machine?

    i thought kurogo's main issue was that she didn't want to be overshadowed with her being toray's captain and an nt "faux-ace". reputation clearly means everything to her and that comes with being in toray so i honestly don't think it's even a question of her transferring anywhere else but whether she will remain toray's other ace is a different story

    listening to an old Carlini podcast....... yea she didnt like playing with Egonu lol (said she had extra practice being a therapist.... and egonu-ball/her ego.... was too much)

    shaded Gonch too :rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll: ("i didnt understand what she was saying... i was oblivious and that was good")

    Lol now I kinda wanna hear what Plummer thinks of Ego-nu

    JVL should just cut this season short imo. It's no use having 2 teams continuing while the rest cancel and certainly some teams would rather cancel than hold remote matches. Also I saw this discussion about how there are a lot of conservative volleyball players and staff who refuse to get vaccinated so if say they get infected by the variant it's not going to be as easy for them to recover. Surely by now Manabe's crew already have an idea which players did well.