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    Don't think Lavarini would consider Songhwa... she's a little slow imo.

    Ibk pretty much has Anna to score, other players are non-existent. I guess pretty similar to KGC's reliance on Diouf, 53 points, wow!

    I thought Shin Yeon Koung is a pretty good libero...

    Would anyone know if this saturday's match between IBK and Hi-pass would be the crucial one on determining 3rd place?

    When either one gets into 3rd place, would be really interesting cos Hi-pass has never won GS and IBK has won GS twice (i think).

    If I'm not mistaken, 2nd place and 3rd place will have playoffs (best of 2 matches) and will play Pink Spiders for the championship - is that how it works?

    Congrats to PS and GS for securing their places in the playoffs.

    PS' match against KGS was probably the best match I've watched in this season thus far. After all they've been through, getting back up and focusing (and eventually winning it) was such a feat! I know KYK has some awesome leadership skills, but it's a whole different level in that match. New found awe for her.

    I've always like GS' teamwork and their bond. 3rd place... IBK seems to have many problems within the team (wings aren't working, centers are on-off, heavy reliance on Anna, and having the worst coach in the league) , and HI-pass, not great, but have it better than IBK.

    The emotional side of me wants PS to win it after what they've gone through. Logical side of me wants GS to get it. Teamwork makes the dream work.

    Actually, I'm more interested in the NT after the league ends. Who will Lavarini choose for the VNL and OG? Thats a separate topic for another day.