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    And the Kovo cup starts tomorrow!

    some deets about the NT players (if they'll play at Kovo). source:…/0000023309?lfrom=twitter

    1. Park Jeongah will start for Hipass, responsible for the main attack

    2. Pyo Seungju will play OP, Kim Suji and Kim Heejin may come on depending on situation

    3. Yang Hyojin may play if Hillstate advances to the semifinals. Hmm.. can't tell if Jung Jiyoon will play, maybe she'll come on, but they are plans to develop her to play Left

    4. Ahn Hyejin and Oh Jiyoung should be starting? Google translate didn't state they are not 😅

    5. Yeom Hyesun and Park Eunjin will be subs (if my understanding is correct). Soyoung will not be playing, she needs to go on rehab, had an shoulder injury even before the OG.

    May the best team win :dance6:

    Let's not forget about the feud between DY and KYK. At the moment, a common view is that DY tried to sabotage KYK's career by those Instagram posts of hers. So there's plenty of hate directed at the twins from KYK fans, and unfortunately I don't think this hate train will stop, regardless of the investigation result.

    Can't help but wonder if this will somehow be resolved or if we'll ever find out what happened.

    i think besides the hate from KYK's fans, the general public don't have a favourable opinion of DY regarding this (if we put aside what they did when they were younger).

    I did ask 2 of my korean friends (they don't watch volleyball btw, but knew about the issue) their thoughts on it, they said KYK is very respected in Korea, so for DY do something like that (and we don't know the actual story) is totally out of line.

    I personally think, they likely would be back in NT for the next OG, (i don't know how they will return haha), if the police investigation is in favour of them, it'll be easier. If it isn't... maybe time and their absence (lie low in greece) will help.

    team korea does need a OH and a (better) setter. :gone:

    And on the case of Heejin's, sounds like sasaeng fans to me. Stalking, invasion of privacy, etc and since Rio OG - 5 long years. How did she endure it? Could have taken legal action earlier.

    Some crazy world we live in. :white:

    I really wonder why KVA isn't concerned about the lack of strong Opp candidates in their NT and over-reliance on foreigners in that role. They are too complacent with having Heejin alone.

    This. I think Tokyo 2020 was a great example of relying on Heejin alone for OP. Basically nobody is able to cover her if she's down with injuries or not in good form. They can't assume she'll always be there, and play in every match. (i think she's being bogged down with injuries since 2019-2021 for playing too much? correct me if im wrong).

    Jiyun is a good potential, but she also needs to start playing OP at club level, else she'll never improve.

    The mindset is always win first, national team later.

    This goes all the way to middle school and highschool, where win is more important than player development, all tall player put into MB without learning a proper defense.

    650 for LSY may seems to much, but they need the culture and leadership beside the skill, and of course the fandom too.

    Sad truth about wins and no developments. Hopefully some form of change could come its way, will it ever? haha

    Talking about fandom, i think the clubs will see their merchandises fly off the shelves this coming season - especially those of Heejin and Jeongah :woohoo:

    Which teams will yall be watching this 21-21 season?

    KGC (they paid exorbitant amount for Soyoung) + I haven't seen Hoyoung played before, there's a lot of rara over her in the pervious thread.

    Hillstate (Da-In! really wanna see her growth) and i would think the new coach would implement some "lavarini style" into his coaching too.

    Pretty much those two. Oh! I hope Heejin gets to play OP in her club, if not... such a waste of talent.

    the girls should really rest a lot. those that need rehab (heejin), please do so, can't bear to see her career being cut short. KGC please share your ginseng with the NT girls.

    best coach ever: Lavarini. I don't think any korean coaches could take his place. i bet other offers are coming or have come his way.

    Hmm.. in fact, if KYK doesn't play, i would love to see her come back as a coach. she probably will do better than the domestic ones.

    it's a wrap. See y'all in the league thread - starting with Kovo Cup!