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    If japan loses are there any chance to qualify for the Olympics? Is it close to impossible to catch up with china in points?

    they should be fine as long as manabe doesn't overuse koga when she's in bad shape / exhausted. this is not koga and team he should bear that in mind. it's the you need to save this sinking ship.

    Koga is about the same height as ChatchuOn and Gabi but with less intensity. Her swings aren't as sharp and her vertical doesn't pack as much force as the other 2. But I distinctly remember when Koga first came to the scene or the very first time I saw her, there was a lot more thunder to her spikes. Crazy how different it is from now. She's not built to be a terminator.

    Her and Chatchu-On are on the same level of power to me. Neither are built to be terminators.

    I think the OPP position is bleak in terms of composition especially since Hayashi is such a special player in that she is one of the teams primary receiver too. The team is kind of a mess if she is off with the Koga-Inoue duo lol.

    The next in-line are Wada and Nagaoka seems to be the biggest picks from the roster but they are not the greatest of defenders and barely used in the tournament. I do not if there are other options or maybe Kurugo's performance with Ageo (I heard they were already included in the long list) or have a Yamaguchi Mai situation. This season would be an interesting bench mark for sure. I just know Manabe is willing to make those unpopular opinion if he deem fit.

    OT: China is a mess. Its looks like its gonna be SRB(3)-DOM(9)/TUR(1)-?/USA(2)-? with an African team and Six. That's 6 positions already. [JPN(8), BRA(4)],[ITA(5), POL(7) and NED(10)] still in the running. CHN(6) is practically a ranking qualification at this point. JPN's qualification is pretty much assured.

    The reason Shinnabe and Sakoda did well during 2012 was because Sakoda didn't have to worry about her defense since Shinnabe was there to go in when she had to. The reason Nishida is successful is definitely not because he has D-chops alongside his massive jumps. I'm not saying it's not important but having a specialty gives players focus. Someone handles the offense while others take on the defense. Having 1 player that isn't good at defense but is the team's freakwhacker serves their purpose. Having multiple players good at defense without guns is going to keep them in this state forever.

    I think it will largely depend on whether or not this team can survive Paris especially after their Tokyo disaster. On top of that, Koga has only achieved 1 global award - Best Receiver during the 2015 World Cup hosted by Japan. Btw Saori came a close 2nd in that category. After that nothing. It doesn't seem like she has any plans of playing in another major league overseas or for an Elite European club which is a dead stop considering she can definitely still do that at her age. It's also not common in Japan for married athletes to both stay active in their career which is why 99% of athlete couples usually wait for one of them to retire to get married and announce stuff.

    someone posted an article before that koga intends to play until her 30s but now we have a new article stating this is her last olympics. koga also thought about retiring after tokyo so in that sense i agree that the team's results will make or break her decision.

    We don't know the truth, but I think her actions were solely directed at LDY due to their conflict rather than her personality towards other players in general

    I won't discount the claims entirely due to LDY's attempt to take her own life though, which makes it very serious

    I meant the sexual harassment allegations which is what I got from those tweets above. People who sexually harass tend to have a pattern when they can get away with it so chances are it would've continued regardless of where they are and who they're with. If this were a #MeToo situation then wouldn't other players already ratted her out before these 2.

    Both twins are just so sketchy that I find it hard to take any of these seriously. One or both of them I can't remember exactly already tried to frame KYK in the past and it got nowhere.

    KYK has been in so many different clubs that if she thought she could get away with this type of behaviour and displayed the same type of behaviour elsewhere that players from those other clubs would have already exposed her for it.

    hows that even possible to choose outside of the wide roster? i know a little about nonaka and each time ive seen her she's only a sub and every time i see her play hitachi loses. i would much rather see like 50 other players before her

    any info on why the a-team are in okinawa right now? i thought their training camp is in himeji?

    one of airi's story translates to enjoying vacation. their next destination is saga, that's very far from okinawa.

    You have to make it look fanmade. Do not post the video straight up. The highlights they post on youtube don't use that because either 1. it will be reported especially the popular players that get a lot of likes 2. the audio automatically has copyright. Several videos of mine were also taken down before both on IG and tiktok so I had to use capcut to crop and put effects on it. Fortunately I haven't had any videos removed since then.

    i suck at capcut and I'm only really interested in the actual footage not make it look like one of those trendy videos that most teens do lol but thanks for the heads up I'll keep in mind all the tips posted here

    The problem with Inoue being bench is if either koga or mayu has no game, there's a high chance she also can't score. That's why wada is a great OH bench

    Out of all the OHs left in the wide roster my fav is Saiki but her being picked is slim

    she's my favorite in the league. okayama's ace. i haven't seen anyone with her energy in years. it's not kobata big but a different kind of energy.

    After 3 months V League finally replied to my email. I'm surprised they actually do reply and in English too but it takes them forever. It's a pain in the ass but it's better than nothing.

    how were you able to contact them? just emailing them or did you fill up some type of form?

    my volleyball account on ig got suspended because i posted a video from v league but i've seen so many other accounts do the same and the videos weren't removed

    That year too (2019) Japan hosted the pre-Olympic World Cup. The women's team were on a roll cause they had so much going on before the WC. Fuji TV handled most of their activities at that time and their exposure was pretty high.

    2019 was the year of ishii's rise followed by a rapid decline. they went to hongkong for vnl and i think they did well? by 2020 ishii was basically an extra since springs also saw its great depression with captain ishii "leading" them to back to back losses effectively forcing shinnabe to retire. they did have a decent amount of exposure and tv features since as you said it was handled by fuji tv. nishida was just emerging so there wasn't as big of a hype compared to the men's popularity now. currently japanese volleyball i'd say is 97% ryujin nippon.

    Universiade / World University Games is a huge worldwide multi sport tournament. The production of the opening and closing ceremonies has always been so good and such a big event. It’s like the Olympics of these Uni players 😂:super:

    wait when was the last one? where was it held?