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    does that mean the setters back then are considered aces?

    No, Ace is a title given to spikers only. You can't even call Sano an ace. Saori, Araki, Sano and Takeshita were "miracles / geniuses" which surpasses the whole ace title. Ace is more of a position of the strongest spikers in the team.

    Why did they put up Colombia's flag during the match with Argentina did they mistake it?

    I didn't even notice that:huh: they probably did

    TBH why is Japan even in this group???? This is not challenging enough for them. They might as well play the top 5 teams from V League

    that's what the middles are for. was it matsui or seki who made full use of ogawa and was forcing her to outscore inoue?


    More importantly, what did Matsui do?

    Did Mayu opt not to play because she didn't vibe with Matsui? now that Momii is back she may be more confident since she does better with her.

    Nishikawa is good for AVC but we don't know how good she can be against more formidable opponents. I didn't even notice her slow reactive strength since that flaw is not exposed during matches. Osanai was a strong presence in the past AVC but now she's a ghost.

    Nishikawa's height makes her a better option and if she is capable of scoring well that can be developed maybe even faster than it is to make Airi adjust but we know at least for now that Manabe is focusing on making Airi come out of her shell.

    Mingardi is a reach btw I mean Camilla doesn't have a freak vertical but the woman likes to fly and she has one of those heavy impact spikes whether she's doing pipe, OPP or OH. I don't see that in Nishikawa or even Koga, basically none of the girls atm.

    Different circumstances leads to different results. Had Manabe threw in Nishikawa we don't know for sure that she wouldn't do well. She may have been more effective than Inoue. Inoue is strong but like Kurek sometimes the ones that are expected to do well and are the team's ace don't do well when it really matters - someone else has to step in.

    When Kurogo blipped Mayu had to step in, when Inoue blipped Hayashi stepped in but Airi, Yoshino, Uchiseto none of them really made that needed difference in the offense. How will Mayu be utilized during WCh if she has to help Inoue.

    Even if Nishikawa is not the answer, the other 3 don't seem that reliable either.

    Enweonwu is a versatile player that can truly whip a fireball. Nishikawa doesn't have that sheer force. At most, she could strive to be somewhat like Mingardi.

    MINGARDI??? ON GOD that will NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER happen. Nishikawa is more like Kadochkina.

    Has anyone else noticed that Nishikawa's reactive strength is kinda slow? Like the times when she was blocked you can see that she's slower than usual to go upwards. The actual jump itself is fine but like her movement upwards is slower compared to say Hayashi or Mayu. I think it's the same thing with Hawi. That's probably the only thing that's bad about her. I want to see her switch to OPP.

    That can be corrected given the right band exercises that focuses on specific muscles that can help her take off better. Truth be told some athletes are just a lot faster than others and forcing one to change their "flight pattern" or take it up a notch is also something that could make them more prone to injury. It's one of those Plyometric consequences that athletes and trainers tend to abuse.

    For example Enweonwu. Her vertical has changed within maybe months of U-Squad. It was such a drastic change in combination with her spike but it was just too much for her body to handle.

    Miyashita has been a mystery since after 2019. Fans speculated that she had some sort of conflict with Nakada or Nakada simply did not like her which isn't true. Perhaps it's always been Miyashita who wasn't really showing any kind of fighting spirit or what the Japanese call "GUTS" maybe Manabe sensed that too or Miyashita herself withdrew voluntarily

    It's possible that she did withdraw despite Manabe's encouragement but it has nothing to do with her not having any fighting spirit rather due to her history of severe anxiety that's impossible for her to control. There's no reason for Manabe to force her since he still has other options.

    Now that you mentioned it, they might actually stand a chance at top 3 IF it were Vargas. Vargas and Valdes would mean pure business. This coach doesn't sound like he wants that. He's trying to revive a libero who hasn't played for 4 years, not that it's wrong but clearly they're not that team.

    Neither Tahara nor Yamashita can set to Vargas so I'm having a hard time visualizing it

    Nishida used to spend an excess of 9 hours in the gym before perfecting his vertical+spike trajectory and he got injured just before VNL last year and injured again when he was in Italy. It's not healthy.

    its not reasonable either to spend beyond 5 to 6 hours which the NT and V1 clubs already follow. That's going to create more strain than condition the body.

    I don't know why Ishii never played overseas. One of the players that could actually do quite well anywhere. Mayu and Hayashi should just Shinnabe it out.

    Irina why do you insist on that coach who 1. has nothing to do with Japan NT 2. will never help the team in any way 3. has never met the team 4. is not hired by JVA and putting him on such high pedestal it's hilarious when you made up so many lies about how this nt works and you don't even know who the VNL core teams are lmao