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    I've honestly been curious about Miyabe and Matsui since I wasn't able to see any of their matches this season but now that attention has shifted to Kurogo and her ill prepared "comeback" no more mention of Inoue which was expected since they got V2'd but now even Hayashi is getting unfairly cast aside.

    Wada was nowhere in the friendly match photos but I swear if she doesn't get picked for VNL and Kurogo creeps in I'm boycotting JVA as a whole I'm not wasting my time

    I feel like Hitachi is more on the fanservice type of team because even when Ebata and Kurihara were there they were both past their peak and the strongest one for example Hisae Watanabe wasn't interested in the NT (I know crazy but there are always those girls). Even I'm not convinced Hawi is good. Like she is capable of aggressively hitting but without trajectory.

    hard disagree. anyone who enters a professional v1 team must at some point wanted an nt ticket even if its for the b team. but hitachi during watanabe's time is very mid. players from top seeded teams were always the one getting priority you should know that being a hisamitsu og fan.

    nt wide rosters has had some very questionable players in the past 4 years alone. one of them would be okawa from toyota who imo is probably one of the worse younger players ive seen not to mention nakagawa who only gets into the nt thanks to her saga privilege.

    She mostly started her first couple years off and on because the freakwhackers were OHs. But I think she was never truly healthy. She didn't start all the time, and then after a couple years, after sitting out most all of her third year she retired, talked about an injury she thought she would never conquer

    I liked her a lot but she never really shone. She hit mid 30s and received mid 50s

    i remember this girl now.short and stocky right? but had a clean swing and good reception. is she the impatient one with low stamina? i remember her by face only. typical of hitachi hitters strong swingers with limited range both uchiseto and osanai fall in that category in offense. i think uchiseto improved her swing at hitachi. it got heavier at least. kubota kinda was like uchiseto from the way i remember it

    More sads for Prestage :white: :(

    they're a likable and pretty determined group which makes it all the more difficult to be so harsh on them but maybe aranmare isn't built for v1 ...idk. how are they still struggling at this stage? is taking out meso too much of a loss for the team?

    i havent been keeping up with v cup right now since im not particularly invested in any rookies. players especially rookies should at least enjoy this while they can.

    Did Canada make the biggest leap? I don't know their players well except for Van Ryk and the one who played in Ageo before but who knows if it's still the same squad. They weren't a threat before but they are now given Japan's current ranking

    what good is a monster if she isn't ready? where was this monster during the qualifiers or during the championship finals? did drews suck up all that monster energy from wada... they can't afford halfassed baby monsters this time. besides the 3rd oh doesn't have to go that far as long as they are a reliable option. real monsters are key players not greenies.

    anyway to answer your question my pick would be ameze.

    Wada minus Drews is a very different player. Yes she did go short during OQT but remember that was her first time and she did incredibly well for a greenie, went above and beyond expectations. Let's say for example Manabe drops Inoue they can still take both Ameze and Wada during VNL and then choose from there.

    I loved her. Not my favorite but I enjoyed her style. Oumi's deal was that she was gonna give the opponents bazooka spikes for at least 2 sets anything after that, don't expect her to score as much which is where Koga came in perfectly unless they used Oumi as sub she was a total nightmare. She was kinda easy to target since she isn't persistent like you said also unlike sakoda her serve/back row isn't as explosive. Reception was meh. Still NEC was fun because of her.

    She had excellent reception which was insane. Maybe not as good as Hayashi but she dealt with blows really well. The season she was set to retire she wasn't at her best shape anymore and I think the season before that she got injured so probably by then her reception was falling behind but I agree her pipe was not as devastating as Sakoda's.

    She had a title at NEC some type of Japanese firework.... I forgot what it was. But again she was very short, shorter than Mayu so she never had much of a shot to make it to the A team plus it didn't seem like she cared about that stuff.

    Hisae Watanabe was fun to watch but Oumi was the full entertainment. Energy level like Kobata and was very charismatic.

    I want Airi to move to Ageo

    JT's Higashi did well this season. I don't think she's had any Usquad background? I want to see her get called in the NT for the B team and Iwasaki be promoted back to A.

    I like Mina Higashi. I thought she was a libero initially. She makes it easy for Tanaka and it wasn't always that way for her. A very hit or miss OH but Higashi gets her.

    Ball grazing the face was pretty common at that time it was like a spook touch for their opponents with Nagaoka, Hisae from Hitachi, and Koga being the most likely to cause it but I don't think anyone has ever truly been hit with a ball straight to the face certainly not Saori. Her face is a Japanese treasure there would've been a huge public outrage lol

    You forgot the iconic freakwhacker Akari Oumi from NEC. Terrifyingly strong which was rare for uni players back then. The real meaning of short but terrible. Blasted balls like a son of a gun. She had a brief stint as a referee after retiring. One of my all time faves. It's such a shame she was too short. The other problem with her is that she didn't have a lot of patience and after 2 shut downs she would give up easily. Not a rally girl.

    Isn't this Deja Vu from the Ono twins? does anyone still remember them? I'm not sure which of them made it far in the NT when Manabe introduced the hybrid system. One of them was extremely serious and had sort of an unlikable heavy aura (Kaho Toray) and the other was just so happy go lucky it's impossible to hate her (Kana NEC) I have the exact same feelings about Megumi and this weaker Toray twin. Tsugumi oddly has a very different vibe to Megumi but still likable.

    yuri yoshino? was she ever considered high stakes? she got into the nt twice i think but then she got injured so uchiseto replaced her. the only time she was able to play was during the red and white pandemic match. i remember sitenoise not liking her one bit haha

    High stakes might not be the most appropriate term for her but an NTer will always be an NTer and right now other than Seki she's the only other one that made it to the NT to some extent in the recent years leading to Tokyo that's what I meant about high stakes.

    Toray no longer has high stakes players in it not even Yoshino ex-Ageo. I'm not really invested in Seki. I had high hopes for Yoshino Nishikawa but she seems to have gotten heavier and slower this season. I don't think she's the volleyball is fun type of player but is more like I'll do this for a couple years and retire.