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    Damn, that 5th set loss to Japan is so crucial.

    I must say that 5 set win yesterday is to be blamed. They played really bad against Italy. Russia could have won that game in 3 or 4 sets but their unforced errors were all over the place. Kliuka has been the key player for the team. When he plays bad the team always gets defeated.

    I just want them to lose this last game against Brazil as a consolation. Losing to Brazil only means they really don't deserve a spot to Final 4.

    I'm still puzzled why Musersky is playing the opposite position. I might be right Sammuelvo will pick 3 OPP 3 OH 3MB for Tokyo 😂

    What a comeback from Slovenia. Mozic is such a revelation. Russia will surely have a tough opponent tomorrow.

    Russia needs to beat Serbia, Slovenia, and Brazil to make it to Top 4, Brazil especially will be a hard nut to crack.

    Serbia most probably gets the 4th spot if Russia loses one more game. Serbia's remaining opponents are easier to beat than those of Russia's.

    Thrilling games so far. I wonder if Russia can still defeat all their remaining games especially the Brazillians or else they won't be able to defend their title.

    That was a great showing from Volkov. I hope he will be part of the starting line up tomorrow with Kliuka.

    Agree. I don't think Muserskiy is Russia's #1 MB, him and Iakovlev will fight for that 3rd MB spot.

    But I think he will surely get a spot in Tokyo for a reason that he can become a substitute for Mikhaylov in crucial cases like in London.

    Volvich is not that good to be picked for Tokyo. I hope Iakovlev will recover soon. I want him, Vlasov and Kurkaev get the positions for MB.

    I don't think Kurek is safe. Symbolically, yes because of his WCH performance but currently, I prefer other opposites over him.

    He will surely be the primary opposite. His experience gives him that lock.