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    Tomorrow's matches are game changing. I wonder if my Team Russia could put a good match against Brazil. Russia has been inconsistent each year. I want to see that Brazil-Russia battle like before. Gamova/Fabiana days. That 2012 London match for me was the best game ever. I hope there's Garay/Castro vs Goncha/Koshe moment tomorrow.

    Turkey can certainly beat Brazil. But Brazil is a best team than Turkey. In fact Serbia, China, Italy are above the others teams. USA come behind and near of them there is Brazil. If some team can be dangerous to big 3 certainly is Brazil and USA

    We'll see when they face each other. Turkey is developing while Brazil for me is deteriorating.

    Where did you see I was saying that Brazil was on the same level of China, USA, Serbia or Italy? That was not my point. My comment was related exclusively to the people who were saying that Brazil was on the same level of Japan.

    About Turkey: very good team, can compete and win against Brazil on this days for sure, but when they managed to win something BIG them we can talk about their being on the same level of this Brazilian team.

    I love when people starts to diminish Brazil, that's when good things happens.

    Yeah, that's what I want. I want Brazil to get back to their strongest form. Seeing them lose that Olympic game against China is a total heartbreak. After that event, Brazil seems to get weak and weak each year. I miss that Fabiana Thaisa like MBs. Their MBs were one of the reasons why Brazil kept on winning. And I can't see anyone in their line up right now who can play on that level. Like the hell, when you say Volleyball it is absolutely Brazil. But now I think things really change.

    A few days ago there was people saying that Brazil couldn't be top 5 NT's because they were on the same level of Japan...

    I still don't think they are as good as USA China, Italy, Serbia and even Turkey. A lot of team has power house hitters right now plus very good MBs and setter.

    USA Serbia and China are still the teams most likely to get the podium finish in Tokyo. Italy or Turkey can snatch a spot though. My Russian Team should win the matches against Brazil and Japan. Then maybe their chance to get a spot can also be possible. This VNL Women is kinda boring and predictable. USA is the only team that is displaying a high level play.

    I want the team to work with their final line up till the end of the VNL. They should defend their title. OG is really the most important but this league is a good avenue for them to train their starting line-ups. Especially next week when they face Poland and USA.

    I am looking forward to a full pack starter next week. They cannot afford to lose too much since only 4 teams will get into the final round.

    OH - Volkov, Kliuka

    MB - Musersky, Vlasov

    Opp - Mikhailov

    Setter - Kobzar (Pankov switch when Kobzar is at the serving line)

    Libero - Golubev

    It's too early to tell. They are not even playing yet against the top teams in the VNL. They only beat USA whose line up is not that solid. We will see when they face Serbia, Poland, France, Russia and even Japan and Slovenia.

    After this Polish loss, I see Brazil with one hand on the gold medal. I really dont see the Southamericans dropping points with other team which isnt Poland (of course, only if the world champs play with their best line up).

    Brazil is always on the frontrun of every League but fails to secure their spot in finals in the last 2 VNL.

    I'm not expecting this win from Slovenia. Next week's USA, Poland, Russia match-ups will be surely bloodbath.

    I want to see the strongest line up for Russia next week. Poland and USA are much stronger teams. They should at least win against one of them.

    OH - Kliuka and Volkov

    MB - Musersky and Vlasov

    OPP - Mikhailov

    Setter - Kobzar

    Libero - Golubev

    What a match! Congrats Japan! What a tactic match played by Blain, he just schooled Sammelvuo.

    I think Maxim should have been rested in some parts of the match, but unfortuntately for Russia, their OHs didnt delivered when it mattered, so Pankov was feeding and feeding Maxim.

    What a shame to not let Kliuka play again in the 4th and even in the 5th. But all credits to Japan's great tactical plays.

    Out of all Russia's OHs, only Volkov has yet to enter the court. I wonder if he has a small injury or something :/

    I think he and Musersky will be used next week against Poland and USA. Though Podlesnykh is showing a superb performance.

    An exciting Russian Superleague season with Dynamo, St. Petersburg and Kazan loaded with the best line-ups. I think Kazan can get the title this time.