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    Korea has zero chemistry as a team. Having KYK was the biggest advantage even when she was "declining" but now that they no longer have any reliable hitters they're doomed. Gonzalez has absolutely no idea what to do with this team and frankly if they get another European coach the more they'll lose their identity.

    This "Purist" idea is absolute nonsense, this isn't Saori's generation anymore. The men's team have hired a French coach what would prevent them from having a non-Japanese naturalized player for the NT should it benefit the team? Aki Momii is like 1/3 Japanese and she already played during Tokyo Olympics. Purist my ass.

    I know this was covered already but I hope that Manabe doesn't market Koga as a Saori wannabe when it's time for Paris promotions. Manabe is a flashy director and I can appreciate that because in a way it livens things up. Saori herself is a whole brand while Koga is only an ace.

    But anyway, I see this as problematic because Koga reverted to an insecure place again after Tokyo where she said it herself that she wanted to retire. Even if we don't know how accurate that is, the fact that Kurogo hasn't even emerged yet means there is truth to the emotional damage it must've caused.

    I think they should follow Nishida, Yuki Ishikawa and Takahashi's marketing. Their own brand that youtubers and impressionable anime fans could lap up. Since Japan isn't going to send their players to Italy or Turkey where the biggest stars make a name for themselves. The Saori marketing is outdated in the Haikyuu generation and only a mere reminder of Manabe's past achievement which should have as little as possible to do with the current team.

    Does anyone know why Manabe excluded Kobata? is she retiring already? pitiful

    I'm surprised he's very loyal to Uchiseto. I just don't see it. Maybe if she was at least Sakoda's height.

    Manabe's crew also doesn't seem experienced at all.

    If Leal says Travica was racist, I believe him. Why wouldn't I? We have to stop doubting the victims of these acts. Also Travica was never an easy going guy.

    I can't understand why Travica hasn't received any punishment.

    Leal hasn't said anything yet. Webvolei said Legavolley banned Leal from posting anything on his account or they will extend his punishment that's why Ngapeth was the one who posted it (3 separate posts btw) on his account. Other than that there hasn't really been any kind of coverage or explanation of what's been said only that video of Leal lashing out.

    I am familiar with Abloh.

    His statement said that his initial concern was due to issues with his vision. It seems the doctors weren't able to detect it earlier which I find perplexing. Aside from his eyesight, surely there must've been other symptoms? it just doesn't go straight to that stage without some other effects on the body. Which is why I was asking whether it's something only being made known now.

    Anyway, I do hope he overcomes it.

    Just wanna add that someone with undiagnosed cancer can worsen due to stress. The fact that he was in good physical condition all these years then all of a sudden he experiences these symptoms could be that his condition escalated due to the high amount of physical and mental stress of being an athlete. Since he was never diagnosed before this he wasn't able to take the necessary measures. There are things he shouldn't have been doing to begin with because it could aggravate the tumor, stuff like that.

    He may have been able to tolerate the chronic pain of those other symptoms too. Majority of athletes develop high pain tolerance... until it affected his eyes.

    This is so confusing. I think some fans on twitter have been getting the wrong dates and info because there hasn't been any official release I think...

    Do you know when exactly it will take place? or a link to the full information. I can't see it on their website.

    OT but It's so hard to follow FIVB's social media most content are as cringey as Power Volleyball's delusional content on youtube. Their number 1 priority these days is licking Ran Takahashi's balls and barely putting out relevant information on future events.

    I suggest you follow volleyballnl's social media

    Here's the link…n-gehouden-in-zwitserland

    She said last year that she's not really an animal person which was a little disappointing but that might change since she likes cows now (alive) but I don't think she owns any pets.

    Saori seems like an animal/dog lover but she also eats bears and dolphins which I thought was disgusting and sad;(

    As much as I don't like Terzic, from the moment I saw it was Bruno Voloch who posted these "news", I immediately thought of the possibility of not being true. Voloch is such a gossip lover and give some news as 100% true when they aren't. I don't like any of them, but, for me, Terzic is innocent and said nothing until other more reliable source says otherwise

    Terzic should sue him for defamation if that were the case. Insane that he would go to that length to publish an imaginary interview.