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    you can't actually pigeonhole "power" since there are so many techniques involved as to what makes someone a lot stronger than others. there are far too many factors and varying levels to consider. it's also unfair to koga to be compared to gabi when gabi has been playing alongside the creme de la creme of volleyball for years now, not just against them but with them on the same team. while koga has only ever really played for 1 club since her professional debut. not to sound euro elitist but gabi's experience isn't on the same level as koga. in the same way, pre-vakif saori was not the same as post-vakif saori even if she didn't get a lot of playing time she still had that first hand experience and she used whatever she learned while in turkey as an advantage to how she played for the nt.

    I don't like making things personal but I will not stand for bigoted misogynists sending out those types of messages. My wife and I have raised both our daughters in Japan without any issues like that and no we did not live in any of the major cities during those first 5 years. I feel sorry for anyone with such a primitive and disgusting outlook. It reflects more towards your upbringing than anyone else's.

    There's also nothing wrong with being a housewife or househusband. Why on God's green earth anyone would belittle a parent for choosing to raise their children after giving birth is beyond me. Some athletes have longevity while others will walk down a different path sooner or later. it's only natural to have a shift in priorities regarding their futures outside of their careers as they age.

    Araki has said in almost every interview I've read that it's not easy to find that balance. It's a personal choice first and foremost.

    I don't agree at all...

    The names circulating now (Velasco and Mencarelli are the main ones) are very low-profile names for women's senior volleyball and they are coaches who, in managing the group, would not give any more guarantees than Mazzanti ...

    Clearly desperate solutions: we would only get the result of not seeing that stupid smile anymore, but the problems would all remain...

    Why would Velasco still be considered? isn't that man ancient.... what is he like 80 or something

    I asked this guy who I did a collab with during pandemic he runs an asmr youtube and is pure Korean he follows me on my channel Metro Volleyball.

    He said it doesn't seem to be considered a scandal in Korea right now. The latest thing people are getting worked up about is a volleyball player called Im Sung Jin possibly dating the Korean model that went viral for looking like Sulli.

    i wonder why Mayu didn't always start majority of the games in VNL.

    They should drop Nagaoka first. Then Inoue. Inoue is a decent bench. Just in case *god forbid* someone cramps.

    Nagaoka is an OP. Inoue is the useless OH in this team. Why should they drop Nagaoka? her attack efficiency is high even with an awful setter. Inoue is even worse with an awful setter and it takes her 500 swings just to score a point.

    Inoue is nowhere near decent.

    I guess it's normal to be shocked whenever a veteran returns lol I mean Sheilla had all sorts of unnecessary shade thrown towards her when she was still around and some of the Korean NT fans wanted KYK to retire from the NT asap which she eventually did. Brazil still has Thaisa and Japan has Nagaoka who busted her ACL twice now.

    Except for that one user that overreacts to everything that's not normal but you do you

    I don't know if we can trust what Manabe says he definitely flopped in putting Airi to action, he did Uchiseto dirty then completely ditches her, not to mention he wouldn't let Mayu play until Koga got injured.