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    Well Manabe is back as HeadCoach. I was Mentioning him awhile back about him bringing at least london bronze medal and 2010 World Championships bronze. I guess they couldn’t find a better replacement compared to him. 😆

    There's another setter in that video, the one with long hair...

    Miyashita was noticeably pushed aside by late 2017 or early 2018? when Tominaga was main with Tashiro and Sato. I don't remember the exact timeline of changes anymore.

    Saori for one wasn't much of a jumper so she didn't need a super high toss. Miyashita took advantage of Nagaoka's freak whack back in those days.

    That’s Kanami Tashiro if i’m not mistaken. She’s still have a bit long hair there then.

    True, forgot Koga in the equation. Guess I should have said Koga and Kurogo....since Mayu is already a 2nd OH for Koga. And Koga already has proven she can score, so guess Kurogo won't likely get OH1 spot either way. Poor girl......

    Since she’s playing opposite now. Might aswell get better on that position. She still has time to improve shes still very young

    why can't Kurogo have a role like Ajcharaporn on the Thai team? Ajcharaporn is a main OH, but she plays OP when Pimpichaya was injured and Malika was needed to be a reciver. But now that Pimpichaya is healthy and Malika retired, she will be the main OP and Ajcharaporn will go back to OH.

    Maybe that might work for Kurogo too?

    Though Mayu would have to be the 2nd OH who helps reception, If Kurogo takes such role. But who is a better point getter of the 2? There might be a

    She cant be the Main OH. Koga is already the Main OH. No chance for kurogo to take Koga’s place.

    makes me remember Asako Tajimi’s jump serve. 😀

    Hybrid6 failed big times at WCH 2014, mediocre performance in 2015 then upseting QF elimination at Rio 2016. Time for change, JVA said.

    well still better than nakada. Literally nothing has been achieved since she took over. Went downhill. Japan became mediocore team.

    he worked with a lot of the golden girls and brought japan’s success. Why he left the team?

    Maybe because they didnt got any medal at the last olympics. So they thought he’s not ideal anymore to keep the position. and also during that time Hisamitsu was pretty much dominating the japan v league. So they opted to Get Nakada. I still prefer manabe over nakada by a very long margin.

    No. He should have some coaching experience at least at a club level first.

    If JT wins another championship, Yoshihara will be in really good position for coach.

    Or maybe bring back Masayoshi Manabe. He managed to get japan to World championships bronze medal and Olympic bronze medal. But surely there must be better options to Coach the Japanese team. I hope JVA will think about this thoughroughly. The realization that they need to get the best coach they can have.

    Like i said. Nakada should resign, she’s just not good for the Japanese Team. Since she took over it went downhill for Japan Women’s Volleyball. Nothing has been achieved. I feel sorry for the Girls who fought hard. But its just the strategy isn’t working. I cant wait for someone to take over Japan’s Womens Volleyball. I am so sad i could cry seeing the girls cry 🥺😢😭