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    1. I watched all Legionowo-Budowlani matches. Różanski received very badly. Fedusio was great in those matches.Maybe Różanski must be backup OPP?For me first team Wołosz, Łukasik, Fedusio (Czyrniańska) Kąkolewska, Stencel, Stysiak, Stenel

    Wołosz,Wenerska, Kowalewska,
    Stysiak, Smarzek,
    Łukasik,Rózanski, Czyrnianska, Fedusio,Drużkowska, Górecka

    Kąkolewska, Stencel, Witkowska, Gryka, Pierzchała

    , Stenzel • Łysiak, Lemanczyk, Szczygłowska

    I want Drużkowska in OH now . Wołosz, Stysiak, Drużkowska, Łukasik, Kąkolewska, Stencel Stenzel in sub Kowalewska,Witkowska,Smarzek, Górecka and Czyrniańska,

    Ok for me Stysiak and Łukasik first squad not Górecka. If Smarzek play not good wy must risk witch players like that Drużkowska,Różański or Czyrniańska.

    For me Łukasik, Różański , Drużkowska, Czyrniańska and Dudek have big potential. Lavarini must show this potential. If you not we have Stysiak in OH,but Smarzek must play good in OPP.

    My shortlist for Lavarini:

    Setter: Wołosz,Skorupa, Kowalewska, Wenerska

    Opposite: Stysiak, Smarzek, Zaroślińska-Król

    OH: Łukasik, Różanski, Górecka, Czyrnianska, Drużkowska, Fedusio

    MB: Kąkolewska, Stencel, Witkowska , Pierzchała

    Libero: Stenzel, Szczygłowska

    what is bad in converted Nowicka, Łazowska in setter?

    Drużkowska and international level…:whistle: but playing right or left hand?:roll:

    1. It is not yet, but it will be. Watch the last game with Chemik. Watch her attacks in the game with Radomka over the block. She played a few matches in OH and she is 3 years younger than Rózański.

    For me is very big problem because very good young player is very often only back-up. Drużkowska is better player but always start Krzywicka or Mucha. Piacecka sit. Play Grajber everytime. Borowczak sit. Czyrniańska play great ,but often no start .Łukasik change witch Czyrnianska .For me must play together.