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    I'm enjoying Kojima so this isn't a complaint but I wanna see Fukudome and her coconut head too. They can at least make her starter for easier matches. She's far too good standing around jumping in the corner

    theyre tryna qualify so yeah not gonna happen unless kojima's performance starts declining. you can enjoy fuku's puppy vibes in the corner

    I can't see her transferring since she's Okayama's poster girl and she will forever be associated with that team whether she likes it or not. So the way I see it either she rots in Okayama and continue playing until she's 50 and retire when nobody knows her anymore or retire during this Olympic cycle and still be remembered as one of the most promising setters that came from the current NT coach. There's no way Okayama is climbing top 5 any time soon

    Nishimura retired from active duty and came back as the best new libero at Saga. Miyashita could've made that slip too. Momii is leaving JT. Miyashita could've gone there JS

    valdes can't receive to save her ass which is fine as long as she can crush and block. not everyone has to be a jack of all trades (master of none). still she needs to work on that. if nishida can receive a ball with the back of his fucking hands then she should at least be able to have the same determination during crucial moments

    i personally wanted to see iwasaki matsui and kojima. nishimura has good coverage but her shuffling is not the smoothest and her pass is mostly flat. there are times when she can be fast but i dont know who would be the fastest out of the three

    How is that related to the board of directors having more power or involvement in the selection process sorry I'm having a hard time following you

    think of haikyu as jva's taylor swift and ran takahashi is their travis kelce. isn't that right? Phoenix

    can you elaborate the 70-30 control over rosters? why is that?

    I agree that Valdes may have a tougher time breaking through if she stays in PFU. That's like if Vargas played in PTT Ankara or the other Ankara whichever of the 2 is worse lol. No one's going to take her seriously.

    1000% agree she needs to get out of there asap before the next NT turnover. It's possible she'll only be there until she's naturalized since they did help her with her papers and can finally transfer once she's officially eligible for NT selection

    This is also what I understand. In Valdes' case, since she did not play in another country's Senior NT, she can immediately play for Japan when she gets her citizenship. Say, she gets naturalized next month, then she can immediately play in the next tournament. It makes sense that she is training with them already.

    It's a different case for Jaja since she played for the Philippine NT, and rule says there needs to be a 2 year residency after naturalization just like what Vargas had recently for players from other NT. Vargas was naturalized 2021 but had to wait until 2023 to play.

    This is both assuming they are still under the old FIVB ruling and not the revised one. She can’t play at all if following the new rule.

    I think Santiago's process should be a lot faster since she's married to a Japanese citizen

    notice how her answer to every question is about her as an individual and is detached from the national team. as in I WILL PROVE TO EVERYONE THAT I CAN DO THIS. perhaps it's the way the questions were asked so her tone sounds like she was alienated or something but basically everything in that interview is centered on the things she needs to prove.

    could she not have done that last year? is it because inoue went to france even though she showed no significant growth but the fact that she played in france gave her the upperhand over mayu?

    I was thinking that since the NT are fighting for an Olympic ticket that they're gonna go all out with some heavy media exposure. Plus Japan is hosting again so they need to look good after they flopped in Nagoya last time.

    nah heavy media exposure would require that they qualify during oqt like the men's team but they didnt so what are they gonna show lol... the london squad again? i dont think saori, yuko sano and shinnabe even care about manabe's squad anymore. only takeshita, sakoda and kano are the most involved but that's them standing on business and not a personal choice