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    how do you know?

    Before VNL started Fuji TV had a #dayoff feature of Irisawa now they're featuring Shibata so I'm guessing she's coming. Last year Fuji TV was not heavily involved with them women's team but since Olympics is next year they have lots of mini features on the way.

    inigo the merch stall is outside. the one jva just posted now koga still has shirts but nagaoka's jersey is really sold out

    look at the very bottom of this photo you see on the far left is nagaoka then hayashi koga ishikawa (also sold out)

    speaking of this clayton guy he never gets his commentary right. the most excited i've heard him is during the time shimamura chased after a ball which was really the bare minimum but japan eventually scored it. it wasnt even like a foot save or anything she was just running towards the ball and was able to pass it to i think seki or koga

    Yoshino Sato is never going to happen. I wanna see Yoshino Nishikawa instead.

    both nishikawa sisters are very hip yuki especially. yoshino nishikawa is quite popular among koreans. if yuki survives being in the a-team she too could be popular in the future.

    unfortunately i dont see the likes of fukazawa if she gets over her slump to be a big stan attractor in the future. nakashima? will be saga's next shinnabe both in skills and likeability. i feel like kurogo has faded after mayu came along so i dont know what'll happen to her.

    If you think about it Mayu has not gotten a break since WCH. She went head on into V League as she explained "out of frustration". It makes sense to preserve her health. She seems the type to not stop unless she's forced to. It's better than her appearing as a sub. Personally I feel like Koga should also take it easy and let the newer additions + Inoue take this week but I understand that being one of the aces playing at home, it's mandatory for her to participate. I hope things go smoothly for her this time no more accidents. Same goes for Nagaoka.

    you're right if they pull out koga the audience section would be near empty

    She couldve been told not to overexert herself there so she can be in good condition with the NT just a guess. None of the Suntory players did the same but they had a foreign player with them. Van Hecke left them asap

    Araki didn't half ass Club Champs Nishimura went limp from day 1