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    I'm glad to see people recognising Wada! I feel that she has a lot of potential to be a strong player for JT, and if she continues improving steadily, she might just be NT material. During last week's matches against Denso when Lowe seemed to be off-mark at times, she was subbed in and contributed points to the set.

    Also, not to pit teammates against each other, but I'm a little confused on why there is so much hype around Nishikawa Yuki. Sure, she's a promising player too, but is there something about her that really makes her stand out? Anyone has any idea why?

    Kobata was the only member of JT that has achieved something think about that and tell me where JT stands

    Megumi Kurihara doesn't count because she considers herself a Hitachi OG

    This is whack I love it. Yuki Ishikawa is THE NT anyway

    But things haven't changed for the girls since Saori's time. It's like if you made it to Hisamitsu or Toray after being some kind of highschool hype that was already a big deal and these girls are prepped for the NT by their clubs. Now with Ishikawa and Ran's success going straight to Italy after uni that might change the whole system for the girls who are tall enough to go play in other countries.

    Oh god am I reading Tugbas stats right!? That is truly horrendous. Her performance should be better than this. If this is how she will perform whole season I think it's clear why Turkey is struggling so much with their left side spikers. I mean the Japanese spikers are performin alot better. Maybe it is because she is not used to the quicker sets? I've thought Turkey NT been using very high slow sets recently compared to how they used to play (mostly because of Karakurt?). Her strength in NT was attack not defense. :P

    Tbf Tugba is performing better than when Merete Lutz started out last year. Kurobe was as expected a BAD choice for Tugba, had they put her for example in a club like Denso where Neriman is she might actually improve. Their entire team is still in testing mode so many of their former players left after last season and their current setter is quite terrible.

    Not me being unaware of the league having started already ;(

    If anyone can explain me how I can watch the matches and if there are replays I'd be very grateful.

    If you're willing to pay you can register for their subscription. I dont really know any youtube channels that uploads stuff (yet) the ones from last season were already taken down

    Follow the link here

    Hopefully it's only a mild sprain, but if Koga is unable to fight in the match against Brazil it's about damn time Manabe shows us if Airi can do something for the team. If not, he needs to boot Airi off the team. I can't imagine why that would be a tough choice she hasn't done anything anyway. No reason to keep her around in the main team if all she does is watch the team "until she's ready"

    I think she keeps on spraining her ankle because she's jumping higher than what she's used to. It's not as bad as her sprain during Tokyo. She was still able to walk with some assistance and didn't need to be carried or anything. But it's better to make sure her ankle is really okay and that she doesn't push herself too much.

    I got a kick out of those things. Several teams did it. I remember Hisae Watanabewon it and hit all of them in less than 15 seconds , IIRC , and she wasted at least 5 of them tossing the ball up to herself and then passing it to the setter

    Imamura did pretty well too, I think

    Oh yeah it was Hisae not Uesaka.

    I'm trying to find the one from NEC where they hit the ball from above the 2nd floor I think?? instead of the other side of the net. Koga did it successfully.