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    Ball grazing the face was pretty common at that time it was like a spook touch for their opponents with Nagaoka, Hisae from Hitachi, and Koga being the most likely to cause it but I don't think anyone has ever truly been hit with a ball straight to the face certainly not Saori. Her face is a Japanese treasure there would've been a huge public outrage lol

    Regardless of the outcome of the Denso vs Saga pity match I'm just happy that Rosamaria finally has her supply of matcha ceremonial grade tea which she said was given to her by Denso she's been talking about matcha since 2020. I think their setter Julia? has one too.

    Also just wanted to share my brother told me that the season before the Rio OQT, Toray Arrows was in the semis but got eliminated by Nakada's team. Nagaoka's ball accidentally hit Saori in the face (he can't remember what place they got) but he said he clearly remembers Saori sobbing like crazy but everyone assumed it was cause she got hit by a ball. I wasn't a fan of any Japanese players back then.

    Toray was defeated by Hisamitsu during the season before Rio. She still made the next season but was defeated by NEC that was the time she had announced her retirement as club fans were already criticizing Toray for being too Saoris-centric not nurturing their bench players blah blah blah typical morons rushing veterans to go away so future Haruko stars can start building their reputation. Kurogo was already in Toray at that time. Saori wasn't able to get Toray to championships during her last active years and they were so close to getting a medal at Rio but well. It was not the exit she wanted obviously that's why she didn't hesitate to retire.

    Saga should've gotten a Thai libero. Their MBs except Ohtake are all NT hopefuls it should've been obvious that Chitaporn isn't getting that spot over them. The one that needed the most help is Nishimura. Secondly why get that American setter who wasn't any better than Mandai. If they already had a so-so sub setter the logical step is to get a better setter than what they already had but both are equally bad unbelievable.

    Still this is such a drastic loss for Saga. First they got bumped off by Hitachi and then Toyota. They aren't the most solid team we agree on that but just how unstable are they. They had the lead it was supposed to end there.

    They need to stop with those uglyass tiktok videos that has nothing to do with their current team. Especially Nakagawa she ain't shit. If she wants to be a local celebrity so bad retire from this industry immediately and go set up a youtube studio.

    It was a weird day for Saga. This is the first time they lost to Toyota. Saga still beat them during their pandemic fall from grace (2019 til 2021 season) when ishii was having an existential crisis. Toyota is a very different team now almost unrecognizable. I wasn't a fan of Arisa Nagano but she outshined Saga's middles in the match so you guys should know her by now.

    I think it may be different with the help of Araki who is injured twice this season which is a new low for her that doesn't happen at all. Hanai who was initially in bad shape until she got injured and required surgery which again is another bad juju for the team. Mandai/Nakagawa/Yoshitake all flop subs.

    But I think what really blew up in their faces was Sakae's biased tosses to Nagaoka. I read her article that she wanted to win, to dedicate a win for the 2 of them but unlike in her prime, Nagaoka is no longer the fastest nor the sharpest spiker especially when exhausted. She's been heavy with feints so as to preserve her condition throughout this entire season. It's clear that neutralizing her was Toyota's priority. Another is Nakajima being unable to dig leaving all the burden to Nishimura who was already overwhelmed.

    All that said I think this will ultimately go down with JT and NEC. No more surprises.

    That's gotta be a fucking typo because there's no way?! what

    First of all why her. Second of all I guess that means she will be the main setter for Paris but who convinced Imoco to get her?!

    beggars cant be choosers after we whined about having more nt players play overseas lmao

    I think it could have something to do with the fact that Ohtake and Sakae are her last active teammates from the same generation as her from her time at Denso and Hitachi.

    close enough but her best friend is Koyomi Tominaga/Iwasaki. Koyomi even made Inoue the godmother of her son

    if inoue hadnt torn her acl last year she would probably still be going strong

    I just watched Haruko for the first time in YEAAARS and I'm only going by their jersey number since I don't know anyone in particular nor do I stan any schools. Anyway I forgot just how great their energy is compared to the regular V League and they also generally have more energetic commentators than the monotone and almost depressing female commentators they get at V League. The girls still have their bullish confidence not the usual all out smile but they shed that when they finally go pro

    She goes as Maya Yemon. However the Yemon part of her name might not be her actual surname there's some confusion from how she's been credited in some of the recent articles. I don't know her nationality.

    watch this video closely and the girl on seitoku's side wearing #1 is that girl but the male commentator pronounces her name as I-YE-MON MEE-YA like miya sato not maya i know its confusing since her katakana is hard to read イェーモン ミャ

    starts at around 2:58 he says it so fast you might miss it but the MIYA is clearly audible

    My guess is that her surname is the Japanese version like how they Japanized Justice into Jahstice

    Today's finals was really just Koga blocking Nagaoka neutralizing any efforts on her side. You can immediately see her start to waver in the last set after yet again getting shut down by Koga. Basically the same thing that happened to her during their JT match. They don't even need to watch out for Fukazawa cause of how useless she was.

    They need better local OHs than the 2 players they have or it's just going to be the same thing over and over again. Nagaoka no longer has enough stamina knowing she gets targeted every time.


    They went from having zero losses flawless victories and hoohaas to being swept by NEC and Drews looking slightly disgruntled lmao ouch.

    Koga is honestly scary during times like these especially after they tasted their first championship already during her time.

    She definitely looked more than ~slightly disgruntled.

    Maybe I'm in the minority here but I actually love their orange jersey but it's probably cursed lol

    I'm aware of all of this but I think that the main topics are

    1. Nagaoka's first time since 2017 to be a starting player again.
    2. She's the last remaining golden era pillar. Ishii is no longer there (re: your point)
    3. Most likely aiming for Paris but they won't discuss this just that if you know, you know

    It has everything to do with Nagaoka's revival. It's about taking back control and becoming Hisamitsu's ace until the very end of her career.

    It's unfortunate that Shinnabe was left behind in finishing strong before she retired. I thought it was a matter of her getting pregnant or something. I definitely want to see her coach someday.

    i never thought id see the day with megumi kurihara and nagaoka japan's most notable number 1s. yes i dont care about koga's husband

    but especially since kurihara was so indifferent towards nagaoka when she "inherited" her number and that's a big deal in the nt obviously