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    Hopefully it's only a mild sprain, but if Koga is unable to fight in the match against Brazil it's about damn time Manabe shows us if Airi can do something for the team. If not, he needs to boot Airi off the team. I can't imagine why that would be a tough choice she hasn't done anything anyway. No reason to keep her around in the main team if all she does is watch the team "until she's ready"

    Airi is super lucky Manabe is her fanboy. She does the bare minimum by translating for Koga and already her ass is secured for Paris. Meanwhile Kojima almost broke her spine during VNL and she gets dropped:pinch:

    Btw in case anyone's wondering Nakada didn't disconnect from the volley scene. She's super vocal about the current NT and is still apparently part of JVA. I think she might return as a coach somewhere.

    A week before her birthday, Nakada held a training camp at Kobe with Nomoto.

    i read somewhere that nakada is consulting a v2 women's team have you heard about that? i was thinking it might be gunma bank since mayumi saito is their coach

    Kawakita is not about to let Momii outshine Matsui. This is the first time Denso dominates the wide roster at least 2 of them has to make it to the WCh

    I agree I just don't see it with Sato. I wonder which tournament Manabe watched that he was so convinced she has what it takes. We thought she'd be an Ebata but she's not even close to Nabeya in her early years.

    Never fuck with facebook freak that saw a 5 minute clip and decides to deem that player strong. Thank god for the block option. Not even Koga stans are this annoying but at least she's worth defending

    Irina why do you insist on that coach who 1. has nothing to do with Japan NT 2. will never help the team in any way 3. has never met the team 4. is not hired by JVA and putting him on such high pedestal it's hilarious when you made up so many lies about how this nt works and you don't even know who the VNL core teams are lmao


    This is some of the most ridiculous thinking. If France is a better league, and she wanted to try playing overseas, under a Nakata system, you basically were excommunicated from the national team for some stupid reason.

    you mean to tell me that a coach who know the best players in Japan (and theoretically around the world) is just going to say no to players going overseas being in the national team. Let’s ask Yuka Sano, Maiko, Kimura if they got back in the national team with him coaching…..oh wait no problem. Got it

    Japan practices way too long with the National team in the spring anyways.

    except inoue is neither a sano nor a saori. maiko kano is the worst example as she did nothing in europe to redeem herself. inoue has been with the nt as an extra either for nagaoka, kurogo or barely even used at all and she certainly stood no chance this vnl either. what's with the blind faith all of a sudden? weird

    Hawi is a strong hitter but she doesn't angle her shots properly. Shion isn't able to do that either. Nishikawa has short bursts compared to Hayashi so they usually use Tanaka before Nishikawa and Drews.

    Tanaka is league level only. She'd do way worse than Uchiseto.

    Setting aside the Japan/Thailand theories, I didn't get the part about how the big Euro people :

    "... the European Leagues, National and CEV, were just finished and Top Players are still human and in need of rest" ... for "building strength & endurance"

    How does that work ?

    I don't know but it's all too vague and lacking any kind of logical data. He didn't even follow it up with any specific methods. The fact that anyone is readily believing anything he posts is kind of yikes. Not to mention he's using those so called empty essays to promote some kind of training camp.

    As long Manabe doesn't change Inoue as a starter they will continue to flop. Inoue is the weakest link.

    Also, since she's being sent to France next season her chances of being called back to the NT are slim.

    I'm not sure if he currently has a team here but if I'm not mistaken, he does sports clinic. I enjoy reading his posts even though I don't agree with some of them (like Hancock over Carlini) but he does give some in-depth and logical explanations about volleyball which makes a lot of sense. (Like the one you posted earlier).

    It's not up to date and hardly accurate. He missed the part where Japan's new department head has changed and is no longer the one during Nakada's era. JVA got a new conditioning coach who formerly worked with Japan's most popular athlete, Yuzuru Hanyu (figureskater) so the technique as well as the endurance exercises they use is now very different than it was during Nakada.

    the main scorer doesn't necessarily have to be an opp, they can get an OH as long as they're capable of outscoring the other outsides. offense should be their focus.

    I meant Kojima. She seemed a little absent to me ... at least not up to the wow level she had been playing at

    She seemed fine to me in the last 3 sets. Less dedicated to be Koga's wingman but not terribly out of place during the match.

    I think I still prefer her style to Nyeme's.