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    I hate to say this but Mayu and Momii are so awkward at pancake-ing. Momii doesn't slide smoothly she tumbles and it's painful to watch her on the floor. She's at least saved more balls than Inoue though

    Momii's kinda big and she's a little too stiff to slide as smoothly as Kobata does

    momii is also not playing today.

    nakada is really over-using the toray duo. not that i mind but looking through the matches so far, they should probably give those 2 some rest. nabeya looks to be in good form. she always looks pumped


    Why isn't Arisa considered for NT?

    Internationally, Arisa never had much hype. Inoue was Ferhat's favorite (along with Kimura, Nagaoka and Ebata. He is or was obsessed with Asians in general) and Kobata is being hailed as the successor to Sano so Arisa never had a shot.

    :rolll: OMG that's one of those things that's so obvious/good I can't believe it didn't enter out conversation earlier :thumbup:

    By process of elimination, if there is a secret weapon, it has to be Hayashinnabe at OP. It's the only thing we haven't seen.

    I just hope Nagaoka is up to it. I haven't seen Hayashinnabe hit a ball from the right side of the court in years. I think it bums out Kurogo to be stationed there, although she does play that position with Toray. I think she's much better from the left

    i stopped worrying for nagaoka she just does her thing. but it would be bad if kurogo wasn't effective on that side since nagaoka will never be a starter so if they have other options they should test it out already especially hayashi.

    Reminds me of Yuan Xinyue, when she was compared to Zhao Ruirui (for literally no reason other than they're both 1.99m middle blockers) and her response on if she will be the next Zhao Ruirui:

    "I want to be the first Yuan Xinyue"

    it's ridiculous and cancels out their own strengths. i understand that its mostly a term people throw around for the next big thing but it's cringe. imagine if you were kimura and you don't agree with the comparisons. not a dig at koga btw koga is awesome.

    lebron didn't have to be called the next mj he's lebron. if the player is strong they're gonna be known for themselves not just as a successor (which doesn't pull through most of the time)

    There's all this odd mythology being built up about Shinnabe Hayashi :)

    Mayu is taller than Hayashi. Mayu jumps higher and hits the ball harder than Hayashi, especially OOS balls.

    but will nakada make mayu play as op? she seems decided on kurogo or hayashinnabe. im surprised hayashi was able to overtake nabeya just like that. nabeya must be too:roll:

    Kurogo not performing as well as expected should be a cause for concern right? it's a bit worrying that she might fall into a slump now starting with the back to back JT travesty. i.e. Hande Baladin performed terribly during the regular season and she got a lot of criticism from fans since she was considered as one of the most promising ones in the NT, but it happens.

    If they switch Kurogo back to OH and Shinnabe Jr. gets to take on the OP position will it be effective? Ishii could also work as an OP

    ishii has never played as opp, i doubt it will start now. i think mayu played as an op in the 2019 season but again her main issue is height and she's easy to block because her aim isn't as sharp. hayashi seems to be a lot stronger ironically

    they should stop with the next kimura because that's going to be a rut. if koga proves to be great then she's koga. nobody called kimura the next oriental witch ace

    She had one serve sub, that's it. She's going to be fine. She's the new Shinnabe , haven't you heard? :)

    which set was that? i was looking forward to seeing her play but after watching mayu struggle to get the ball across i gave up on that thought