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    Kurogo was nauseating to watch these past 2 days. She just gave up while Koga and Momii continued to grind. Ishikawa didn't even do much today so it was Kurogo's turn to step it up but again she never did.

    Russians made many errors in the tie-break, letting at least three balls fall while they could easily control them. Nonetheless, China wasn't able to take advantage, as they usually do, of those situations. This is the measure of how Chinese players are not confident in themselves. They have a big mental issue; something went wrong in the approach of this tournament.

    Yeahhh about that, it's starting to look like a mental block. All players are looking physically fine, they can keep up when they need to grind but they're just not connecting as they should be. No matter how hard Lang Ping directs them if they're not able to execute her strategy then everything falls apart

    Whatever. This pro-ishi sentiment is bullshit. She's overrated and everyone can see that. If she has to retire bearing Nakada's name on her forehead then so be it she can take all that with her along with her tipping automatism legacy

    Hayashi is not ready in my mind. Throw in height difference (5 cm) and highest jump (292 to 305), both in Nabeya’s favor. It basically makes no sense.

    Nabeya has proved time after time she is a spark plug off the bench.

    One thing Kumi almost never does is double down on defense with a back row sub. It is usually just service change and then out. Nabeya can be serve and back row defense. Let alone she can hit from the back if available. Or even the double switch setter and opposite.

    Ishii I am ok with because longest tenured player and if needed can play OH or passing opposite.

    Okumura as a 4th middle, I don’t think will matter. Just making sure if there is an injury or that she has one more back up.

    That's just wrong. Quantity played doesn't equate to quality and the only one who has that down is Araki, you can't say the same Ishii. Her efficiency is not there anymore on top of being sluggish and her main weapon being tipping

    I can't believe they cut Nabeya.

    Okumura is the plot twist here. She wasn't able to participate during the CFM and her presence at VNL wasn't prominent enough. I'm ok with it though, since she has the whole 2nd libero thing going on

    are you telling me nagaoka dated an old ass coach while she was in her early 20s?

    kaneko is not a grandpa ok y'all can reserve all the choking not all of the coaches are as old as nakada.

    he's from the same generation as yanagida

    I think she started her culinary degree around the time she was dating Shinya Yamazoe from Panasonic.

    I'm about to cry blood now :gone:

    yamazoe dated and married 竹田沙希 from toyota queenseis. nagaoka dated nec's current head coach, kaneko

    did miyashita have significant international experience prior to becoming the nt lead setter? or is her case almost the same as momii after okayama got promoted to v1 thanks to her setter conversion

    Strategy included what I'm trying to get at is that all the best Opps have that much power to cut to 30s Haak, Egonu, Boskovic, even Karakurt is punching to 30s why isn't that possible for Japan even if the other teams also apply all the other factors you mentioned. And you can see Koga overcompensating when Kurogo falls behind

    you can't really compare Kurogo to Haakifbank, Egonugliano and Boskobasi those are 3 monsters they're built differently

    I went through their best scores for every match and it bothers me that KuroKogaMayu trio's scoring ability isn't hitting it big. Even during the match with Poland, Stysiak managed to outscore Koga and that was the only time she peaked at 26 pts. I'm sure Koga can do better than that

    that should be the opp's role. kurogo is damn strong but doesn't seem to be at that level smashing past 20+

    Momii is not that big. Ishii is taller than her and she's able to pancake and slide smoothly.

    Actually I think Momii's gotten thinner compared to a couple months ago during V League.

    Different build. Momii is a lot stockier and so is Mayu. But like I said, Momii gets kinda stiff when it comes to pancake-ing so it's not as smooth

    I hate to say this but Mayu and Momii are so awkward at pancake-ing. Momii doesn't slide smoothly she tumbles and it's painful to watch her on the floor. She's at least saved more balls than Inoue though

    Momii's kinda big and she's a little too stiff to slide as smoothly as Kobata does