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    bolt bruh your predictions match


    Polish setter Katarzyna Skorupa retired ;( She had great career, but too many injuries which prevented her from being even better. One of the best polish setters ever <3<3<3

    Captain! she will always be one of my favorites;( I hope she'll still be a part of the volley community somehow

    This is my first time seeing/reading Maiko Kano saying that she wasn't a top player. She's always present at any London Olympic reunion so most would assume that she's a toptier player no questions asked but I have never seen her play with Kimura or Sakoda who she seems closest to. When did she retire, 2018 was it? When Ebata was injured she still had court time but Kano never did get to play a full set game. Maybe she got lucky all this time because she seems almost like a ghost in that she was never really on the court both locally and during her time in the NT.

    I can't be sure but I don't think Kano ever gloated or did anything shady knowing she was just an extra during London, unless you consider her opinion of V League teams ranking out of line lol. But you're right about how there's almost no proof of her playing on the court which is why I'm starting to think that she was probably only a sub for the majority of her career including the time Nakada converted her to setter.

    Kano is made for the commercial side of sports even better than Saori and definitely so much better than Princess Meg (Megumi Kurihara). Kano exudes charm, she's never awkward with anyone so I can definitely see why her success came after playing volleyball.

    My guess is that Inoue will be the main OP (Valdes later on) and the return of Miyashita as the main setter. The latter is what I want to see happen. Also, if there will be another Yamaguchi/Okumura, Denso's MB is more likely than Ogawa. Happy for her though. I like her and Rena the most in Toray.

    I remember the last time someone posted about his little speech he said he wants to level with the men's team right.

    So going by that he wants a female Ran. A tall, young, talented white-passing heartthrob that appeals to tweens.

    It is great to see the international support around the world for Ukraine. I wonder why people didn't bother when USA invaded other countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Not saying to justify Russia's terrible actions but I hate hypocricy of western world. They can take totally different stands depending on who makes the evil actions. Reactions change drastically if it is Russia or USA or China

    Very different circumstances. There's no easy way to explain it but neither are comparable.

    Post 9/11:

    The US claimed the intent was to remove "a regime that developed and used weapons of mass destruction, that harbored and supported terrorists, committed outrageous human rights abuses and defied the just demands of the United Nations and the world".

    Takeshita attended a business deal event for Victorina and she revealed that Manabe has met with some players since November (apparently before Empress Cup) according to this Victorina fan his account is private atm, he opens and closes it for some reason.

    Have any of you seen anything regarding the players he might be eyeing?

    I don't think he'd be a good fit for Hisamitsu. He was also struggling with FCT's strategy awhile back.

    They should avoid looking in the men's division for possible coaches and start looking for coaches that actually understand and want to develop the women's team. One of the highschool coaches from the Fuji TV feature said that the current volleyball is primarily from a male point of view so the strategy also relies on brute strength, high jumps and Haikyu-esque tempo etc which is unrealistic if applied to most female teams. Toyota is a prime example of having more than 5 male ex-players involved and still be that bad.

    The Cubans especially during Mireya Luis peak already perfected that ~Haikyu freak whacking, freak jumping style to a T and so did Saga at some point during Nakada's reign. But that is a whole NT right there with Mireya Luis being a one-of-a-kind monster machine. Saga doesn't have a freak-whacker like Nagaoka or a defense master like Shinnabe in fact they don't even have someone close enough to match Ishii's tenacity. While it is entirely possible, it won't be effective at all without the right players and they risk injuring/ruining 50% of their roster.