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    nagaoka is not in the clear either and it's not known whether she's still training with the team since they didn't post a birthday group shot with her during the 25th when they sent off the b team. i didn't see airi and seki either but that's beside the point. anyway wada and hayashi are simply superior to nagaoka now. she hasn't yet shown 1/3 of what she's supposedly capable of. she's already exempted from receiving she can't fall behind in offense that's literally her only role.

    What happened to Shimamura? She had some good matches last summer but didn’t get much (or any?) on court in VNL this year and now even demoted to the b team? She showed declined form during the V-league or just Manebe gives her up and prefers the younger players?

    i can't say whether she did decline but shimamura is still far superior to irisawa. honestly it's hard to compete when airi is now mb and is now doing what shimamura did back then.

    Didn't Yanagida get demoted to the men's B team?

    im sure he was offered the deal that he can return to the nt if he agrees to play for the b team. i doubt blain even considered him with all the rising new faces so much taller, stronger and younger than him. nobody and i mean nobody will take ran's spot now.

    Their flight to USA was this morning

    Araki was shown in a wheelchair with a cast on so I assume she's going back to Japan. Irisawa should accompany her home.

    it took me longer to remember because i havent seen her in years but wada reminds me of yuri yoshino. she was in nakada's team for tokyo olympics but i dont remember what happened to her because she didn't make the vnl team but she was there during their intrasquad match.

    She tore her ACL and was replaced by Uchiseto.

    She's set to lead Toray (lol) next season. I mean I'm guessing she will since that highschool flop aka Erika and Saori's top choice hasn't been tested.

    Are they heading back to Japan or will they go straight to *Thailand? dropping Matsui and Nishikawa and continue making Airi their dollar a day translator

    I'm not happy with Koga's performance so far or maybe I'm not satisfied with the combinations we've seen so far. I know very little about the other players but the setter this time has better timing than the last one that was overused to make the mbs move.

    That setter is Mika Shibata

    What do you think it might be? I don't think there's much wiggle room really

    I can't say that right now. We're only entering leg 2. They could've defeated China last week but they didn't and they got swept. Their current ranking is 6th they're far from being solid.

    I don't think this is close to what the real OQT team will be. Before Rio, Arisa Sato wasn't even the main libero if I remember correctly, some other player was but I forgot her name. Kotoh was also close to taking out Miyashita as main setter but at the same time Manabe wanted to take credit for making Miyashita popular.

    Manabe could still be reserving some players for later. If he switched up a team that did really well during WWCH, he can reset this team just like that for the OQT no doubt about it.

    This feels weird somehow

    I can't remember if Lonneke was considered new at that time

    Remember how Koga was so awkward her 2016 self would've made Hayashi look like a real baddie

    Nishikawa has been a big letdown. Whoever said she lacks the mental fortitude or something like that was right about her all along. Too bad

    Does anyone else find it odd that Shimamura is participating in this lineup? Manabe could've let AIri start here. I wish they kept it all rookies tbh and just save the rest until the China match.

    I have to say though I was super annoyed with Irisawa when Nakada first selected her. She never got anywhere with that anyway. I don't pay particular attention to Hitachi so I can't say I've noticed any changes and for the longest time I thought she was in JT or at least my mind always registered her in JT.

    But after seeing her last night I liked her a little. She did look much more confident, almost matching Araki's energy.

    right now, outside of Koga and Ishikawa, there really is no name recognition with this team to the general public.

    Many of the stars from the most recent high school tournaments/champs have not really made a dent in the national team.

    Kurogo basically is living a better life right now but she had the most name recognition because of the high school success.

    Ishikawa has name recognition, but she is kind of similar to her brother in that their play does the talking.

    Manage is trying to find his core for 2024 and 2024 qualifying, but right now outside of those two, most people don’t know whom is whom.

    Nagaoka is in her last stages but I'm sure if she could be active later on there's a good chance that some of her fans could get into it again especially Thai and Filipino fans. If you notice she has the highest engagement rate on IG and her personal Instagram account created just last August now has 186K followers without her posting regularly. Second highest after Koga who reached 200K after her marriage announcement.

    Honestly it doesn't matter to me whether or not they're popular. The main thing is they do well. Popularity will eventually follow through no matter what.