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    lmao the frustration is real. next thing you know they'll be putting a million watermark on a 200x200 image and their highlight clips will be just 10 seconds

    i remember someone complained that vleague took down their screenshot of santiago's face claiming it was an intellectual property violation. vleague definitely owns their souls

    This conversation with Inoue took a wild turn lol

    What about Airi Miyabe? is she not someone who Manabe should consider looking at? Does she not want to play in Japan anymore?

    I'm happy/surprised at how well Valdes seems to be improving the rest of her game. I think it's a good thing that (beyond individual awards) she hasn't won anything and she plays for PFU :rolll:

    It's important to know how to lose and still keep your head on straight

    She's ranking too. Equaled Drews in points atm. Not exactly BCS but "foreign player" indeed

    I hope he does this since Nakada was too lazy to do it. Someone no one knows except you lmao

    Honestly I'm not so sure about her taking so long. The reality would be that if she did take a year off, time would be completely against her. For example someone like Nishikawa gets into the roster and grows by leaps and bounds it again would be another thing to compete for which is what Kurogo makes it - inside competition. If you're always at that state then the unity tears off. Fans and pros alike were complaining that the T20 OG had no chemistry well there's your answer.

    But I do get that rushing mental issues does more harm than good. Hopefully she realizes by now that comparing herself to others is what will hold her back. They can't all be jack of all trades. She should stick to what she's already good at and continue honing it.

    Sakae might be Hisamitsu's worst veteran setter lol. The other girl who retired with Zayasu and Iwasaka used to be better than Sakae but still inferior to Chizuru Kotoh. I know her and Miyu are bffs since they went to HS together but it's funny how Miyu doesn't like to be paired with her and links up with Inoue instead. People weren't happy with that choice last season. Inoue got a lot of flack

    kojima was it? yeah maybe. i don't remember her style very well.

    one of their inoues should use their first name instead. so many inoues in division 1.

    I'm not sure why Saga is doing so well... Ohtake is pretty good. Shirasawa is their Shinnabe now

    tbh im a little surprised they paired sakae with shirasawa. her toss is on the low side. they should pair her up with mandai since nagaoka only trusts setter inoue.

    imamura and arisa inoue have improved their reception. i feel like those 2 try to outpower each other in a good way, hirayama and hamamatsu also have the same vibe, both capable of strong hits.

    kurobe is not communicating with each other at all. you don't really see any of them connecting on the court. for a sec i thought kanasugi transferred to kurobe but i remembered she's in victorina.

    Takeshita was in her mid-30s by London right? I was worried he's gonna go the ageist route here (Miyashita) but I think there's a good chance he'll have her change her toss

    She impressed me a lot in VNL.

    Not sure when serbian/romanian league starts - but otherwise maybe there's a chance she is going to China?

    New team in China (shenhen) which is a collaboration between China/Serbia I believe (maybe just my wishful thinking)

    Do you know which Serbian players are confirmed to join Shenhen?

    "I want you to see the flames of my eyes and the powerful attack. "

    If Himeji handles this right, they may not win a lot of matches but they should be fun as heck

    Big Player Energy:box:

    She seems like someone more suited to Ageo tho. Who does Ageo have? They had that Canadian player last season iirc. Their current standing isn't too bad

    These 2 together were just tragic.

    Around 2018 there was that match the ball that Iwasaka was supposed to block hit Shinnabe straight in the face...


    makes more sense for her to retire before the vleague season starts because by then more veterans are likely to announce their retirement and there's an unspoken rule for veterans especially well-known players not to retire together.

    if yoshihara is going to be the locked coach she's gonna wanna pull a hisamitsu-style championship reign before being sent off to the nt. provided neither toray nor nec doesn't destroy that goal.

    Nakada's comment is so basic, I doubt that was even from her. How come everyone retiring in Japan's volleyverse always say they have no regrets obviously that's bullshit. Literally everyone from Shinnabe, Iwasaka, Sato, etc. maybe only Ebata spoke her true feelings. Nakada knows people are wondering why tf she brought 4 middles. Could have at least explained that or idk actually take the time to give her side.

    I understand she's probably tired of it all but this no regrets motto is starting to get annoying. How they gon progress from there if they don't wanna talk about what's wrong. That would have been a good time to address A LOT of issues but meh nO rEgretZ