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    Yeah, since 2 years or so I think :gone: She's one of those players who never really made the transition from "talent" to "good player" unfortunately. It's like she's always one step away from the real breakthrough, but she can't seem to take this one step.

    She was better when she first arrived here but flopped hard ever since the season started.

    The team last year had played together quite a while, of course they look much more like an oiled machine than this current squad filled with VB rookies

    The issue is that the established vakif players seem lost. Not just Nika. Zehra Cansu chemistry is weak. Zehra can't kill so well and is not as intimidating in blocking. Cansu is shaky, liberos are well... still I'm looking forward to see the development of Nika in the hands of Gui. I want some good surprises.

    People need to remember that it's the beginning of the season, not the decisive phase. No player in the world can be in top shape all year, so it's perfectly normal for everybody to have weaker matches now. They're not robots! :aww:

    It's just vakif spoiled its supporter for years to the detriment of Eczacıbaşı particularly. Now following the egounu's arrival the expectations grew even more. Now everyone is in shock and neither the team nor the coach show good body language. All we see is self doubt. They have time and they are good enough to sweep fener already. And gui is known not to be beaten by the same club team two times in a row.

    vakif's MBs, OHs, liberos and setters are all underperforming, their confidence is going downhill. They no longer have the winner mentality and is now a toss up with big games. They can be better, sure but Vakif usually would lose the super cup which they give zero f*ck then streamroll the league and other trajectories onwards. I'm sure gui now appreciates MBH's contribution a lot more. Who knows maybe he call her back or try to land her brasillian lookalike. With her liberos, mbs, all others looked better. Now everybody feels shaky due to shaky reception. Poor Egounu was gonna almost break her back today.

    Let's see if they can get good enough by the world club championship. Or else ecz and imoco will be favorites.

    Nika is a big liability at reception which is not a surprise to anyone but problem is neither Derya nor Bajema are not any better at reception. That's why to me the team composition of Vakıfbank outsides are completely wrong this season.

    absolutely, following the success of 2 balanced OHs with mbh and gabi, vakif should have pursued someone like Kelsey. Now Gabi does not have a back up, neither a foreigner nor a local.

    Kyk and Larson were far from their prime, and Zhu was better than Boskovic back then. Also, Vakıfbank roster were far ahead at MB and setter rotatition.

    I felt this way too and criticized Ecz spending so much money on old players. But after what 5 years or so we're asking almost every top team to hire one of the two to fix their balanced OH problems. Haha

    Eczacıbaşı almost always starts the season well and flops when it matters so I wouldn't have made any conclusions based on a few matches at this part of the season

    it's weird to see that ecz..., at least for now... :)

    I said at least for now. What, should we shut up until the end of the season. What's the fun without sharing observations with clear constraints and reservations...

    dude last season I started criticizing ferhat for not having any results against any team during preseason and you bashed me again like this. I just didn't see they had it and it turned out to be true eh? Maybe not all early comments are so off dear mr. Know-it-all:)

    it's weird to see that ecz with kyk and larsson as OHs accompanied by boskovic couldn't win any meaningful throphies while Vakif had Zhu and a less dominant lonneke for 2 years. Now with its both OHs less flashy looking, ecz seems much more stable compared to Vakif with Egounu&gabi, a duo very comparable if not better than the previous one, at least for now. Maybe the reason is that this time ecz has a better starting MB duo than büşra&gibbemeier :)

    we all see what a useless and probably not cheap signing meryem is. Such a pitty gizem doesn't have a back up. I saw no extra digs from her. Ana C is getting better. Most feners attacks were predictable be it set by macris or buse. As I guessed fener has a high ceiling but with high volatility. In order to become champ one needs to win an entire play off series. Good luck with that.