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    I am writing this having skipped browsing the messages throughout the game to avoid any possible toxic messages.

    Amazing game. All sets were close. There was fight till the end, great rallies. Too many mistakes for my taste especially by Turkish setters.

    boskovic was great, flawless to be precise., popovic was definitely better than her time in Fener😂 Busa was killing around 50%. So kudos to Serbia when most crossed them out due to their lack of form and also to Turkish proven track so far by wins against Poland and Italy.

    Turkish girls made 31 errors which made the game even closer. Santa should have subbed Hande when she kept making mistakes and never subbed in Simge. She is certainly not it. There are at least 3-4 better liberos in the Turkish league.

    It was truly a befitting game for a final. I am glad I got to watch it and winning was a bonus.

    I am also happy my other team Dutchies won the bronze medal. I am on cloud no 9.

    lets all appreciate this great tournament


    btw, I watched the game later and even though someone spoiled the result I honestly thought I was misinformed and Turkey actually lost it during the 4th.

    Then I browsed through the forum and I found Jules’s posts hilarious: “ one more set for Italy… a few more points…….. I hate mazzanti”:rolll:

    and as usual crovolley with specific emphasis on the word “Cuban”, revering Italian players then putting the blame on underperforming this or that, consciously or subconsciously indicating his team would win if it wasn’t their own mistakes, hardly giving credit to the opponent.

    anyways, please stop with “we Turks”, “you Turks” game and see people individually and become one and enjoy the game.


    Different take on Ebrar’s antics by Santarelli. I don’t expect him to be fully objective but here it could be true for the most part. I wonder if she has some sort of asberger’s or sth like that. I hope she can control herself better in an out court though chances are slim.

    First of all, I need to say that Turkey was not a mediocre team without Vargas, whoever saying this is a liar. Turkey came 3rd in last edition of ECH and 2nd in 2019 (losing 3-2 in the final) (both without Vargas). If being a medal contender in any tournament since 2018 means you are mediocre, you have serious problems.

    "Victim complex" is another issue. To be honest, the victims here are not the Turkish users but those provocateurs who is simply here to trigger unnecessary discussions. They are the victims because something must be really wrong in their lifes that they come here to point out every single negative thing about one particular country and their volleyball team, over and over. It is almost like an ex you are still in love with, that you keep talking bad things about in every opportunity you get. I feel really sorry for you and I hope you get the right treatment.

    I fully agree with the first paragraph but the second is like a chicken and egg problem. There are provocations and there are Turkish users who rub it in every chance.

    Poland will come back strong. They are always dangerous. It could have been a totally different score today. Congrats Turkey for keeping your head cool and catching up each set

    Where are you @madden when Ebrar is useful. You’re always too quick to single out her mistakes. How about giving credit when it’s due

    Kübra would work better in block than Eda or Zehra I guess. At least today. Rozansky and Lukasik are spiking higher than Turkish block very often. While I’m typing comes a block by Zehra😂

    What a joke this FIVB ranking has become. Serbia - world champion - is just 6th team after ONE event after WCH 😅 if they won’t qualify directly to OG they may not have a spot in the rankings to qualify 😅

    I mean, congrats FIVB. If China wins today or Turkey they will be number 1 without even making TOP4 in OG or WCH. China even failed to qualify to TOP8 in Tokio. But well.

    world and OG champions should be locked into top 4 for 2 years at least.

    so turkey reached again a final

    If they lose...they will repeat their best place until now

    If they win....they will $how the other teams whats the way to win

    That’s a new low even for you. Just when we think we’re done with this conversation you feel the need to ignite it Jules. And fyi the others cannot copy the Turkish blueprint anymore even if they want to. Vargas has been the shaquille O’Neal of the sport, the rule changer. Maybe fivb heard your cries.

    And despite the, Turkey is not even top 10 in CEV, the Turkey will now lose 3-1 against Italy, Turkey doesn't have the depth to beat USA, salty naturalization talks, Ebrar hate, digging into deep ancestry of every player and claiming they should play for their possible partial ancient ancestral lands ☠️ Turkey is in the finale! 😆😅🥳

    Great year for Turkish volleyball I don't blame people for their jealousy, after the Turkish club finale in CL too, now a VNL finale! ❤️ Let's go for gold girls 🥇

    Beri is that you girl?

    Turkish saying 1: priests don’t eat rice every day

    Turkish saying 2: one who sh*ts with determination pierces through marble.

    finally after what 10 games, many of whose were so close. Due to the winner being the same all the time, this rivalry has been under appreciated. It’s about time

    . So many Hungarian names such as Attila. Do you know from where this name comes? From the Khan of Hunic empire who invaded half of Europe. So should we consider these people as Turks? What about the discrimination of the Turks/Moslem population in 1980's Bulgaria? Names forcefully changed and do you you know the story of Naim Suleymanoğlu? War between China and Hunic (very old Turkish Empire from the 2nd Century) lasted decades and even China wall built against Hunic Emperor Mete (Oğuz) which was not enough to stop the attacks of Hunic Empire and invaded some parts of Chine and kept going on decades back and forth. So now shall we open another discussion that there might be some Turkish player in China Roster and/or the vise versa?

    dude I am a Turkish citizen with Uyghur origins 😂

    Chill mate. The other Turkish users are joking it off and I advise you to do it for your own good. Your message contains more elements to be deleted by the modes with all the aggressiveness and f words. This is an international forum, not the best environment but still not the nationalist Turkish twittersphere to project anger.