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    yeah, I do wish Kim the best. I do worry about the backlash she might suffer would she come out publicly while in Korea...

    I think she would never come out publicly if she's gay. She knows very well how korean react to things like this. Might rather stay 'single'. Unless she dated Kim Suji (her bff since forever) then no one would realize or suspect anything:lol: but for real her fanbase is >90% women

    Man fans sure are vicious, I'll never understand why Korea grants their toxic netizens so much power

    Yes there are toxic netizens in every country, but Korea creates clickbait videos/articles to spread them further without any fact-check for clicks/views, and then the public and federations take them seriously too :wall:

    Hated/Defamed on Kim Heejin for her performance in Olympics so now she's taking legal action against them cause its too severe

    Hated on Yoo Aeja (lady who referees video challenges in v-league and also KVA PR; also ex-Olympian) cause of interview questions leading her to step down from her position

    I saw the articles regarding Heejin's case. She faced all these for years, glad that she's taking legal action.

    Feel so bad for the athletes to be honest. KYK did mentioned in one of her yt's video that they received many hate comments/harassments not only towards them but also targeted their family members. I believe it's not only in sports but also in other industries.

    I think it means they want to held a ceremony for her retirement from the NT and she refused. But there will be a ceremony at the end of her career as a player (not just as a NT member).

    Oh i see.. Thanks a lot! Now we all wonder how long she will play at club level😅

    I have a feeling that KVA will try everything to hold back KYK:whistle:

    They interviewed Kim Hyung-Sil and he wanted KYK to stay at least until Asian games next year.

    As for Stefano, please come back sir. If Kim stay, maybe he will stay as well😉

    omg… i’m jealous that you’ve been following them since 2012 😭 my biggest regret is that i only started following vball when kim returned to vleague so the only NT competitions ive rly been a part of was VNL and this olympic games :( too fast too soon and it’s all over now nuuu

    Better late than never👍

    Back then in high school I almost never missed their matches including London OG. Only regrets I have was during Rio that I didn't actively follow them since medschool drives me crazy:wall:Post-graduation I was like yess finally have time for vball then Covid era begin, no int'nl matches:wall:so yeah such roller coaster of emotions there for me😌

    I'm proud of this team no matter what.

    I'm sad that most of the players will quit NT. I'll accept it with an open heart maybe few months later haha. It must be hard for them to come up with this decision. Gonna miss queen KYK + our tall towers:rose:

    self quarantine at home i think.

    Oh i see.. I'm not surprised to see big crowd at the airport welcoming them:heart:

    Reality has set in. The last we'll see of them together. ;(

    Nooo😭 I've been following them since 2012.. It takes some times to let go

    At least can still watch them at clubs but the feeling is not the same😢 and KYK going to Shanghai

    By words it's already confirmed that she will retire from NT. Just that she need to meet KVA's chairman to make it official.

    well, they better respect her decision.. Sooner or later, they need to face reality that there's no more KYK in the team.

    At least she still play for club:heart: I would be more heartbroken if she retire completely from volleyball's world

    Woahh what?? She hide her pain so well😭😭 when we all lot more concern about the bruises on her thigh.. Still she play like a pro as if nothing happen

    They don't really have enough time to rest. They barely have time to meet their families as well. KOVO cup is coming and they are mainly main players who will play the most. As for KYK, hope she has plenty of times with family and friends before heading to Shanghai.

    KYK as a coach? Yes please! Starting with her sports acadeny

    Oh man this OG gives me a bittersweet memories. Nice to know people in this forum

    Of course she need to discuss with the association first about her future. As for now, she need to rest her body and mind. I would love to see her wearing NT uniform again. In 2024 she's 36 same as Fe Garay now.

    Well for CSH, I just don't like him lol

    This team need to rebuild and Lavarini is the best person to do it. Or any foreign coach with european style volleyball. To put it simply, I don't trust local coaches

    Please make it happen! Let's build on this momentum to completely reshape the national team and put away for good the dinosaurs of yesteryear like Lee Jung-chul, Cha Hae-won and Kim Hyung-sil.

    And NO Cha Sang-hyun, I don't wanna see you lead the team. We need someone who understands modern volleyball.

    Omg yes please. KVA please throw all your money to Lavarini & co.

    I don't want Cha Sanghyun either. After what he did to Kim during the league, I hate to see him around. Hell no

    I literally bawled after the match. I cannot believe this is going to be her ending. No Olympic medal for a legendary, global superstar like Kim. I just don't know what to do now.

    I have no reason to watch Korean volleyball anymore. Korean volleyball needs to really think about how to proceed without her now. That's going to be a HUGE challenge. Without Kim, there is no Korean volleyball at this point.

    My heart is CRUSHED for Kim.

    Me too😭 my face literally swollen from crying too much. No Kim means no leader, no 'go to' player. Icon of volleyball. She's irreplaceable! So I guess jersey no 10 will 'retire' as well together with the owner.

    I dont know how this Korean team will look like after this to be honest. With Suji and Hyojin also retire. Heejin might follow as well considering her struggles with injury