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    Hate to say it but I have a strong feeling we'll see Yeum Hyeseon on the list:sos:

    Cohort training start today is it? We'll get the full list soon then

    I'm praying everyday for Heejin and Suji to fully recover and join the list to OG.. This might be their last olympic also

    I don't know about setter but An Hyejin might make it don't you think so?🤔 though not sure about her injury & lack of playing time during VNL

    saw a post that NT will arrive in Korea in the afternoon on June 22. Then they wil be quarantined and will be able to do a one week traning together as well. Their quarantine ends on July 6 and the final OG lineup will enter Athlete's Village yo train for Olympics

    Hmm, I don't think Suji and Heejin would be considered in the OG lineup anymore? Didn't someone say that the deadline of lineup submission is on July 5?? If they can't train with them during June 23-July4, then it's almost impossible for them to be picked.....unless, Lavarini unconditionally puts them in the lineup.

    Is it?😢 I'm still hoping for them to join.. We don't know what's happening behind the scene so i'll consider them still have chance until final list is out🙏

    I personally hope that this won't be Lavarini's last VNL & Olympics with the Korean NT

    Wanna see the good younger players play more under him and really grow into their full potentials for the 2024 Olympics - to put up a strong fight, not necessarily medal contention
    (also since, ngl i'm not expecting anything at all for this coming Olympics)

    Saw Hi-pass's coach mention they're training to play faster volleyball for next season (which Hillstate did too), which is a good sign, but to what extent it'll be actual speed volleyball, and how successful it'll be is another thing lol

    KVA better offer Lavarini's coaching team new contract until Paris 2024 because I have no faith in local coaches lol let the younger players grow under his guidance

    well on the bright side, i had cringed at PJA’s defence + attacks straight into the block but she has definitely improved especially on defence, good to see her digging some difficult ones & running for the ball

    Yeah, got improvement in her.. She has strong arms too

    Final match tonight for Team Korea at VNL 2021. And unless KYK changes her mind about retiring from the NT after the Olympics (which is unlikely I think), this will be her last VNL match as well 😢.

    Feel sad thinking about her retirement from NT😭 She has dedicated her time in NT for over a decade.. It's time to have her much deserved rest from hectic schedule

    Turkish team didn't play too well. They seems disorganized and tired? But Korean team played decent.

    Man, every time I see Yeom Hye Sun and Pyo Seung Ju - I cringe so much. Sigh..

    We talk about this since the beginning of VNL😂 nothing has changed

    Anyway did An Hyejin's injury serious or just muscle strain?

    Anyone watched the match against Turkey? I missed the whole thing. But I heard Guidetti was looking for Kim during 4th set😂

    Jihyun is inherently gooood. I'm actually glad she shifted from center to opp in the domestic league. But one thing she has to work on os her decision making with her attacks. She pretty much slams everything in the same direction so it's kinda predictable. (or maybe I got used to seeing Heejin play OPP? lol) Well, she's has a long way to learn so, no rush 😄

    Other than that, I have no doubt she would be great!!

    Then Hyundai should permanently let her play as more MB/OP

    Almost having heart attack while watching that match😂 aggressive captain Kim is what they need! Have to admit PJA was🔥

    I also agree. I'm all for getting Suji and Heejin to the Olympics.

    The chance of getting a medal for Korea is close to zero (even if twins and Haeran remain on the team IMO). As the captain, it's inevitable that Kim will feel burdened. Having her close friends there will hopefully lift some of the burden off her shoulder and help her enjoy their last time together at an Olympics.

    Suji always have a soft spot for KYK.. I think she will retire from NT together with KYK after OG

    Spiders have basically been one of the worst run teams. Anyone remember them saying to KYK, “we need you to come back from Turkey to play for us in like 2013?”

    KYK basically telling them to take a hike or I will retire.

    I agree Heungkuk has the worst management. I wish KYK to never return to that club again! That club is like a bad luck for her. Had 3 knee surgeries during beginning of her career there, nearly retire in 2013 because of the contract and now never ending drama in 2021.

    They claimed not knowing that KYK signed contract with Shanghai & can't even make decision regarding the twins now. Clueless all the time

    Kinda agree😂 It feels different when you're surrounded by your bestfriends. The 4 of them already play together for a long time and always hangout together.

    For sure she have a lot of thoughts now.

    Saw a clip of her playing piano at the hotel so hopefully she can ease her mind a bit😅

    I wish they can win against Canada this week..At least to avoid last place. Last round would be tough against Brazil, Turkey and NED

    Thailand already won their first match.

    I still think they have chance. Once the roster is confirmed, they can focus on practice among themselves. No more try and error. Of course time is limited but fingers crossed they can turn the tables.

    Well it's olympic, anything can happen.

    I also think he's still experimenting. But we all agree Seungju should not make the list to OG! Prefer Jiyun, she's young with more rooms to improve and got power even though she's not playing smart .

    Told yaa I pray for Suji & Heejin's recovery everyday. And the libero as well


    sorry, not good with names! It's Jeon Jiyun for OP.

    It's okay😂

    So now they have some improvement for blocking? Main problem is defense? I didn't have chance to watch the games live anymore

    err you mean Jeong Jiyun or Park jeongah for OP?

    Edit: ok my bad i didn't saw Park Jeongah for OH

    I think we're all so done with Pyo seungju now😂 we need enforcement for defense

    Definitely want to see more of Hyejin and Dain playing as well instead of Yeom

    Only 6 matches left

    If Lavarini continues to use Yeom, then I'm guessing she'll be the final main setter for Korea. But Hyejin has barely played in VNL thus far (guessing due to her knee..?)

    Yeah, he's hoping for Yeum to improve more by letting her play a lot. She has experience in big stage than those 2 so make sense Lavarini want to include her. Hyejin has knee pain but she did played for a while against Italy🤔 Maybe not a serious injury

    2 more rounds to go.. Not much time left for experiments