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    Frankly, it doesn't matter if the speaker is an A.I. or a human being in a chat forum. What matters is whether it can generate meaningful opinions. Does the logic work? If you can provide meaningful opinions, even a good prompt engineer who is a valley amateur can provide opinions as much as possible.

    The match weights for the ranks are too big; 25-30 is about right.

    Now more and more people in chat are concerned about the health of the players. When I first started VNL, I kept telling the players to stop playing 3 matches 5 weeks in a row and traveling long distances every week because it would break them. I think it would be better to divide the 8 teams into 2 groups of 2 cities, 7 games in 2 weeks, with the top 4 teams in each group in the final tournament. What is hard is the long distance travel.

    Last year, the lack of attendance in the U.S. was criticized quite a bit by fans, so this year should be an improvement. I don't think Americans are incompetent or stupid. I just don't think they are motivated. With two decent promoters, it would be easy to get a thousand people for a local high school game.

    I'm not going to be so wild as to point out a few mistakes. But the last excuse pisses me off.

    Watching the men's games, it's now commonplace to scout the opposing team and take countermeasures, and how much you can correct in a game. How much can you correct in a match? Do you have that option? I feel that this is important. In fact, there is a tendency for men's trends to be transplanted to women's games.

    This is GPT's answer.

    Women's category:

    - China 🇨🇳: Defending champion, strong and cohesive team, led by Zhu Ting and Gong Xiangyu.

    - USA 🇺🇸: Runner-up, fast and aggressive offense, led by Larson and Drews.

    - Turkey 🇹🇷: Bronze medalist, resilient and passionate defense, led by Boz and Karakurt.

    - Italy 🇮🇹: Fourth-place finisher, skilled and balanced style, led by Egonu and Sylla.

    - Brazil 🇧🇷: Fifth-place finisher, experienced and dominant team, led by Gabi and Natalia.

    - Japan 🇯🇵: Sixth-place finisher, agile and disciplined team, led by Koga and Nagaoka.

    - Serbia 🇷🇸: Seventh-place finisher, powerful and imposing team, led by Boskovic and Mihajlovic.

    - Croatia 🇭🇷: Eighth-place finisher, new and promising team, led by Fabris and Milos.

    - Germany 🇩🇪: Ninth-place finisher, disciplined and organized team, led by Orthmann and Geerties.

    - Netherlands 🇳🇱: Tenth-place finisher, steady and cooperative team, led by Plak and Buijs.

    - Korea 🇰🇷: Eleventh-place finisher, energetic and determined team, led by Kim Yeon-koung and Lee Jae-yeong.

    - Thailand 🇹🇭: Twelfth-place finisher, improving and ambitious team, led by Chatchu-on Moksri and Pleumjit Thinkaow.

    - Poland 🇵🇱: Thirteenth-place finisher, unpredictable and explosive team, led by Smarzek-Godek and Stysiak.

    - Bulgaria 🇧🇬: Fourteenth-place finisher, inexperienced and struggling team, led by Dimitrova and Rabadzhieva.

    - Dominica 🇩🇲: Fifteenth-place finisher, inexperienced and struggling team, led by Joseph and Lewis.

    - Canada 🇨🇦: Sixteenth-place finisher, inconsistent and underperforming team, led by Van Ryk and Pavan.

    These are just my predictions based on the previous results and current performance of the teams. They are not guaranteed to be accurate or objective. I hope you enjoy watching VNL 2023.😊

    What I am talking about is succinct: Guidetti will not lead Serbia to this VNL final tournament.

    He cannot do the kind of thoroughness in service aim that is intended to monotonize the opponent's attack, especially against floater servers.

    It must also be said that he is inadequate in instructing attackers and setters on effective slot placement to disperse the opponent's block.

    Also, there is no indication of correcting the placement of blocks and receivers by looking at real-time analysis.

    It relies on the individual player's ability to agitate only.

    That kind of, old-fashioned way. I understand that many people like the composition of a girl being pissed off at her uncle.

    But what is right is that I am young and soft and I am not going to identify anyone personally and badmouth them.

    Turkey, which robbed Santarelli, made a good investment.

    But Serbia did not have to take Guidetti. His method of coaching, with its emphasis on "competition, competition, competition," is old. It does not suit today's players. It was inevitable to let go of Santarelli due to budgetary osmotic pressure, but there was no need to replace the expensive old man. The grandfather of Europe is only orthodox tactics that have not caught up with the era of data warfare to exploit the weaknesses of modern opponents and select more probable attacks.

    1.Turkey(+Vargas) 2.USA(+JT,Plummer,Larson) 3.Brazil(+JuliaB, Ana Cristina) 4.China(Zhu?) 5.Italy(+Antropova)6.Japan(+Inoue)7.Poland(+Smarzek,-Gorecka) 8.Dominica 9.Serbia(-Boskovic) 10.Canada 11.Thailand(+Sasipapron,Wipawee,Sooksod) 12.Germany(+Drewoniok,-Janiska)13.Croatia14.Bulgaria15.Netherland(-Savelkoel,Buijs )16.Korea(+Kim)

    I appreciate LJY, but LDY is not so highly regarded. is LJY healed from her injury?

    For example, Conegliano's number of sets in the standings is 57+15=72 as of 03/03/23.

    Team stats are 71. This is not a tally delay, it is not.

    Statistiche squadre>SQUADRA_Giomata per Giomata > Imoco Volley Conegliano

    4RITORNO IS A FULL SET FIGHTING AND WRONG. PUNTI also has an abnormal value of 174, which is impossible from the total score.


    There are also some inconsistencies in the personal statistics.

    You can talk about silly comparative cultural theories in pubs, but I want you to value the accuracy of the data.

    Result is surprise, considering how weak china man team is.

    But interesting how they prepare their self for hard spikes. :)

    As a matter of fact, it is 99% impossible for the women's senior national team to win the men's high school selection. The level of competition is so different.

    confirmation item. The reigning world champions are Serbia, and only the team that wins this tournament will be crowned world champions for the next four years.

    Saying that the team wasn't serious, or that player was injured proves the team's weakness, but it's no excuse. Discussing countermeasures is useful, but this community's attempt to undermine the prestige of the world championship is bullshit. What we want to see is a hot match, something that can be made with the power of the fan base.

    All you have to do is just enjoy yourself.

    One more, Player to watch is Coneo Amanda. This is the member when they beat Brazil in the 2021 South American Championship. To put it simply, it's Gabi from Colombia.

    As for China, it goes to the top 8. If JinYe is removed from the reception, Gong and LYY will be in charge, but with WangMenje there will be no holes, so MB can be used to the fullest. LYY is left-handed and Gong is right-handed with no S1-position disadvantage.

    In the Orient, there have long been excellent thinkers and strategists that many of us do not know about. Cai, who has that essence, would like to have some kind of countermeasure.

    The women's team has been actively adopting the read block system in recent years, but like the men's, American MB and Brazil's Carol are able to deal with the opponent's attacks with overwhelming physical strength. However, Chinese MB is late in reading. It's a bad thing that tends to happen when you introduce a male system, but looking at Coach Cai's career, he has been in charge of the female team. Is it simply the early physical decline peculiar to big players?