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    I think four games a week is too much. If you're going to play four matches, you should have three set matches. Only the playoffs should be five-set matches.

    In some countries, players get very little compensation and are at risk of injury. We rely on their patriotism to criticize and be emotionally drained.

    I've said the same thing over and over again, but the American audience is terrible. The FIVB president should also hand out leaflets.

    I think Korea will be able to win two or three games before the end of the World Championships, but I think the WRScore will probably drop to around 170 this year.

    There is no doubt that they will meet the qualification requirements for the final qualifying round, but they will be in the lower pods.

    I like leejaeyong because I like herbots and sirra, gabi and frantti.

    I doubt I'am 100% sure korea not qualify to next olympics

    The ranking is so important and they are losing all matches,and if want to qualify in world quali tournament they would need to be one of brazil,serbia,italy,etc and i doubt even with comebacks they can do

    We know USA is not a full member.

    But there's nothing cooler in sports than making excuses.

    Rather than criticizing the players for their use and the way they were used, if there were 5,000 people in attendance, they wouldn't have been swept away, and if they were full, they might have won. Americans are not able to support the USA team.

    Also, I like frantti. Modern volleyball has become as small as GSW. Athletic ability is required. Of course, it is best if you can move tall like Antetokounmpo.

    We would like to commend the Thai team for their spectacular play and victory. There is a gap between the reserves and the starters and I am sure they will suffer in the long VNL, but first congratulations. I would also like to thank the Turkish Volleyball Association and the fans for making the venue more solid than it was three years ago. The attraction of the content should still make it more exciting.

    And one more thing I would like to ask all the volleyball fans in the USA, the Olympic champions and home country.

    If you can only attract 300 people, don't hold the event.

    I have always thought that you hardly see female coaches in top European leagues and national teams. (Maybe there was a woman as an assistant in the Dutch national team.)

    I usually imagine old European men frowning at the edge of the court or raising their gruff voices.

    They are the ones who are in charge after all, so I wonder if that has an effect on them.

    There are many female coaches in American universities, and in Asia, there should be several female coaches in the top leagues in Korea, Japan and Thailand, led by Lang Ping.

    They have recently signed a new marketing partner.

    VNL has not been successful so far. This is due, above all, to the fact that it has few customers. Week.

    before Corona, the Turkish National Team played in front of only 2000 people in Ankara (a few hundred for matches without a Turkish team). It looks shabby. It is also spoiled as a picture of delivery.

    First of all, we expect the FIVB to attract customers.

    Volleyball is not a war between nations. It is a hobby and a pleasure. That's why a system like the DAO fits in.

    But this is more of an ideological debate than a technical one, so I won't go too deep into that. It's just a feeling that if you think it's the right algorithm, you should have the right to agree with it, and a rebellious desire not to be ruled by some crazy dictator.

    I mean.... the whole system is based on international play....the others are more than welcome to elevate their national team... look at Haak. Some athletes are going to be better than their fellow countrymen because thats just sports. There's plenty of sports (that arent volleyball) that are dominated by a few nations and so on...

    Vargas needs to wait two years because she's not Turkish (origin)... if you remove that... what's stopping any player who wants to join a different national team from doing so? It's basically club volleyball at that point.

    Would you prefer the old ranking system? The one where argentina was ahead of turkey? Cuba ahead of Poland?

    With the current VNL, OLYMPIC and WCH methods, we will never see Cyprus' Zackaiou, Trinidad's Kisarjak or, as it stands, Sweden's Isabel Haak. Also, where is the need to wait two years for Vargas, who is now in season?

    Also, in Poland a few years ago, several players accused their coach of harassment, and Belgium changed coaches in similar circumstances, so why not stick to the Nation, or come together under an extended "Nation"? In an open VNL organised by teams, teams that are disliked by the players are naturally weakened.

    For example, you could have a team that supports this forum, or you could have a team of staff and players who share a fascinating new tactic, or you could have a team sucked in by the world's stupidest volleyball meme and become a historic team that will last for 100 years. (Whatever, the players and fans who hold those tokens could be worth a hell of a lot more.)

    The new ranking system decided by the FIVB old man who doesn't know any better, and no one here is committed to it, but it's a self-imposed algorithm that we have to follow. It will eventually become more of a system where players, coaches, staff and fans can commit according to their involvement. Or rather, it is already technically possible.


    Small countries don’t have the resources to compete on this stage. Add in rankings are becoming ever so more important, that’s just going to shun the smaller nations even more.

    CEV will have a massive advantage in the long term… but DAOs would defeat the purpose of international competition. Just extend the club season then

    Miroslava Paskova:Well-balanced OH who can attack, serve and receive to a high standard.

    Tamaki Matsui:Main setter in my team.

    I am sorry for not being airtight, but it is sad that we will not see excellent players like Fedorovtseva, Voronkova, Goncharova and Parubets due to the crazy dictatorship.

    Maybe the idea of national rivalry itself is not right anymore. There are practically no players from "small countries". Maybe it would be better to incorporate organisations such as DAOs, which are not only about regionality and money.

    The 'core team' that automatically qualifies for the VNL is unfair since the Olympic selection system and world rankings are now attached to it. The majority of countries have had zero chance of competing from the start.

    Perhaps, strictly speaking, they would have been caught by some Olympic regulation, which does not fit the spirit of the event in the first place.

    At the very least, the continental champions should have been automatically incorporated into the final qualifying round.

    The sport would be even more beautiful if the African and Middle Eastern teams were stronger and if the VNL opened up opportunities for the more talented teams. The trait potential is there, as can be seen from the Iranian men's team.

    Bergmann Julia still lacks playing intensity; NCAA tournament is glamorous but not international level except for some standout talent. Just as March Madness is not on the same level as the NBA.

    Kudos to Gabi for coming back to the VNL, from the Olympics to the continental championships, to the league and a few cup competitions at club level.

    I've put together a code that can calculate the new rank system, let me know if you have a match where you want to know the rank change in one section.

    Wang YuanYuan-Chinese League block champion, also excellent at slide attack. Up to now he has been a reserve, but will become the main option for No. 6 MB.

    Pena Yonkaira-Brazilian league and is gaining strength in the Brazilian league.

    Martinez Jineiry and Gonzalez Lopez have also gone from strength to strength and

    Castillo Brenda's weaknesses will help Dominica reach the finals this season.

    Moksri Chatchuon-The new Thai national team revolves around her. She has a good sense of balance in the air and the ability to jump with a unique extension. If she can overcome her competitive weakness, the mid-tier European teams will lose to her and her team at the VNL.

    We need to make a firm decision on how to handle the positives and the matches, or we will have a problem later.

    The new ranking system is highly variable, so the handling of matches will be totally different depending on whether they are postponed, nullified, or uncontested.

    In some cases, it may be more profitable for a team not to play a match, and a detailed protocol is necessary to determine how many players must play a match if they can register more than a certain number of players.

    I think 14 registrations per round is too few.