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    Today Dresdner SC announced that the team will take part in the Agata Mróz-Olszewska Memorial Tournament in Mielec between September 22nd and 24th. The opponents of the Dresden women will be the Polish teams ŁKS Commercecon Łódź, DevelopRes Bella Tal Rzeszów and the promoted team ITA TOOLS Stal Mielec.

    The article also mentions that neither Mika Grbavica nor Lara Berger are currently in ball training.

    Link: DSCVOLLEY beim Agata Mróz-Olszewska Gedächtnis-Turnier in Mielec am Start

    Potsdam won a preseason tournament in Poland. Tara Taubner was awarded MVP of the tournament, Suvi Kokkonen MVP of the final, Raquel Lazaro best setter, Veronika Djokic best MB.

    Dresden also won its preparation tournament in the Czech Republic at the weekend. The other teams there were Dukla Liberec, VK Prostejov and VK UP Olomouc. There was also a small tournament in Aachen, where each of the three teams had one win and one defeat. Suhl won against Aachen, which was the third friendly between the two teams. Suhl lost against Gent and in the end Aachen won against Gent.

    There were also the BMC Volleyball Kick-Off Games in Dresden, where the German youth teams (VCO Dresden, VCO Münster, VCO Berlin, BFP Stuttgart, Schweriner SC II) and the second team from #Voley Wroclaw competed. The team from Schwerin won, ahead of Dresden, Berlin and Stuttgart. The game for fifth place between Münster and Wroclaw ended in a draw.

    I also just saw that Glaab played a tournament with Stuttgart this weekend, which raises the question who will be the 14th player in NT if there aren't 3 setters. Going with less than 14 players would be embarassing!

    Maybe Heynen will take Hannah with as a third setter alongside the two Pias? At least Hannah was in the extended roster and was in Schwerin with Pia Fernau last week and maybe then in Kienbaum together?

    The new presidency of the DVV pointed out that the full-time positions within the DVV needed to be filled, and last week advertisements for all vacancies were posted online. A director of competitive sports/sports director is being sought, as well as two leading national coaches, one for the female and one for the male area. Here you should perhaps not allow yourself to be misled too much by the term national coach. Because the two leading national coaches will be the successors of Christian Dünnes, as I understand it.

    Yeah that confused me as well. But if so...who will then be the 2nd setter? Corinna Glaab is in Stuttgart...

    Especially since, as Matthias writes, according to Rett Larson, she (Sarah) was actually already in Kienbaum. That somehow doesn't make that much sense. But I also don't understand why Hesper is with Dresner SC now and not with her national team, but that doesn't belong in this thread.

    But what's also strange is that Sarah was also there at the test tournament, if my eyes aren't completely deceiving me. Does that mean she won't be part of the national team after all?

    I actually wanted to add a note to my post. Because Dresden is in the Czech Republic from today to Sunday and is taking part in a test tournament there. When Janiska plays there, she is of course not with the national team. But unfortunately there are no pictures for this test so far.

    I don't see Janiska's chances as high either. But you can still argue that the Dresdner SC doesn't mention her so that she or she together with the DVV can announce her return. And in principle such an announcement would only make sense shortly before the final nomination, because Janiska might not be nominated for a variety of reasons.

    With the help of their main and some new sponsors, Dresden managed to aquire the needed 285.000 € and solved their financial problems for this season. They'll have a budget of 2.5 million €.…ie-2023-5905679-plus.html (paywall)

    Of course, the MDR also reports on the new findings surrounding Dresdner SC. The amount mentioned in the Sächsische Zeitung is not confirmed there, but it is said that Dresden made a loss of 230,000 euros last season. In addition, Dresdner SC actually has to repay a loan of 180,000 euros to the Free State of Saxony. However, it will be tried here to see whether the Free State will waive the repayment to the DSC.

    Link: Dresdner SC: Großes Finanzdefizit, aber Zukunft gerettet

    Sophie Dreblow will not end her career after all, but will play for ESA Grimma Volleys in the 2nd Bundesliga Pro in the new season and help the young Grimma team with her experience. The change is also interesting in that the team from Grimma now has four liberas under contract. Even if there was no official Instapost for her contract extension, Maria Eckelmann, one of the club's identification figures, is still listed in the team list on the website. Here, however, it may be that she is only used sporadically as a stand-by player.


    By the way...

    How can they qualify for the Olympics?

    I mean both, the national team and Ludwig/Lippmann?

    I'll just interpret the national team in terms of volleyball and Lippmann/Ludwig in terms of beach volleyball. So let's start with volleyball. There are two ways to qualify. The first option is the Olympic Qualifying Tournaments. The German team is in Group C with Poland, Italy, United States, Thailand, Colombia, South Korea and Slovenia. Since only the best two teams qualify, it will be very difficult. There are two more tournaments in total, which means that six teams qualify via the qualifying tournaments and the French team is qualified as hosts anyway. The remaining five places are awarded via the world rankings.

    In beach volleyball, on the other hand, there is one big option and several small options. A total of 17 teams can qualify via the FIBV Olympic ranking. This list is based on a team's top twelve results in FIBV events, achieved between January 1, 2023 and June 10, 2024. You can also qualify as this year's world champion. And after June 10, 2024 and the associated clarity as to which teams have qualified via the ranking list, there will be one more qualifying tournament per continent, where the winner will qualify.

    Friendly Match Report

    Today were test games again. A public training session and a training match between VfB Suhl and the Ladies in Black Aachen took place in Suhl. The game ended 2-2 after four agreed sets. From the stories of VfB Suhl you can see that the first set went to Suhl with 25:23, the second with 25:27 to Aachen. The indication of the result of the third set is a bit confusing, since Suhl writes in the match point story that the set goes to Aachen with 17:25. But in the video you can see that the ball goes out and that the referee gives the point for Suhl. In a later story you can see the result on the display and the sentence with 25:17 for Suhl is displayed there. The fourth set then went to Aachen with 25:23.

    In a story from VfB Suhl you can also see that Mareike Hindriksen was present at the game and looked after the Aachen team. So now I'm wondering if she's really involved in the preparations for Aachen the whole time between the European Championships and the Olympic qualifiers. If so, that's also an extreme workload, which she calls up, I think.

    Teams from the 2nd Bundesliga Pro have also completed test matches. So today was the first duel between Schwarz-Weiß Erfurt and ESA Volleys Grimma, which was organized in Gera by the Geraer Volleyballclub and was even broadcast on YouTube. The team from Grimma won the game 3:1. After Erfurt won the first set 20:25, Grimma secured the second set 25:23, the third set 25:22 and the fourth set 30:28. This victory is quite a bit of a surprise, I would say, because firstly Erfurt should actually be a championship candidate in the 2nd Bundesliga Pro and secondly the Grimma team is very young. In Grimma's squad there are only two players who do not fall under the U23 rule. That should be the peak value if you leave out the VCO Dresden.

    In addition, the Binder Blaubären TSV Flacht had a test match against VC Oldenburg from the regional league today. As expected, this game clearly goes to the team from Flacht, which wins 3:0. The first and third sets went quite clearly to Flacht with 25:18 and 25:18 respectively. The team from Offenburg was able to make the second set more open and only went to Flacht with 25:23.

    I'll post it here again: Before the round of 16 game tonight, the extraordinary general meeting took place in Bremen, where the new DVV presidency was elected. As expected, there were no surprises. Markus Dieckmann was elected the new President with no dissenting votes. Julius Brink and Matthias Hach were also elected unopposed to the office of DVV Vice President. The presidium will be made up of Katharina Dierlamm (DVV Vice President), Janine Stanelle (DVJ), Maren Fromm (athlete spokesperson) and Daniel Sattler (VBL), who are still in office.

    The article goes on to say that Julius Brink wants to get involved in the area of marketing and medialization in particular and that he also wants to contribute his expertise there, which he has gained through his work in the world association. He also has very good contacts within the German media, since he has worked as an expert for both Sport1 and ARD or ZDF. Matthias Hach, who is probably no stranger to the DVV Presidium, will again be particularly active in the areas of marketing and finance. In addition to the executive committee and the office, the association is also accompanied by a support team from different areas.

    At the personnel level, the first major task will be to fill the two board positions. This task is to be completed by the general meeting in November. In addition, filling the post of sports director is a very important point, also with regard to the Olympic qualification. In addition, Julius Brink also wants to try to reintegrate Jürgen Wagner, the mastermind behind the two German Olympic victories, into a task in the association. He has probably already received positive signals.

    Links: Markus Dieckmann ist neuer Präsident des DVV, Ex-Beach-Volleyballer Dieckmann neuer Volleyball-Präsident, Volleyball-Verband sucht den Weg aus der Krise

    Neuwied (which is no concern IMHO, because due to lack of competitiveness nobody would miss them)

    A loss of Neuwied would be an immense loss for the Volleyball Bundesliga. You're right about the lack of competitiveness and also about the lack of spectator interest in games against Neuwied. From my point of view, the second is the fault of the hosting teams, because the VBL wants the volleyball games to be marketed as events and you can plan special guests for the games against Neuwied, which then increase the audience response again.

    The great damage to the VBL and German volleyball comes from the fact that Neuwied is the team with the most German players and together with SSC Palmberg Schwerin are the only teams with a majority of German players. Without Neuwied, the proportion of German players in the Volleyball Bundesliga is only 36 percent. With Neuwied it is a little more acceptable at 41 percent, which I still see as a disgrace for the Volleyball Bundesliga.

    In addition, you has to say about Neuwied that they follow a completely different course than all other Bundesliga clubs. For all Bundesliga clubs except Neuwied, it's about the playoffs. Neuwied, on the other hand, runs a U23 program that aims to keep young German volleyball players in the league. The fact that the Volleyball Bundesliga supports this concept can be seen from the fact that Neuwied is accommodated at the sports facility. Because if the license status is strictly adhered to, Neuwied should not play in their hall.

    As written in yesterday's post, a small test match tournament took place in Dresden today. In the first game, VC Olympia Dresden was able to win all four sets against SV Enegie Cottbus, although two sets were tight, according to the Cottbus team. In the second game, ESA Volleys Grimma won 3:1 against Cottbus. Here the team from Cottbus states that they narrowly lost the first three sets and were then able to secure the fourth set. In the final game of Dresden against Grimma, Grimma secured the victory with 3:1. As you can read from the teams' Instagram stories, it was good preparation for the season for everyone.