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    Surely the two people are rather unknown to most people here. But Florian Völker is the coach of the Bundesliga team Rote Raben Vilsbiburg and is also part of the coaching team of the German women's national team. Annika Kummer currently plays for BSC Berlin in the 2nd Bundesliga and got a taste of Bundesliga air with the Roten Raben Vilsbiburg in the 2018/19 season. At that time, however, Florian Völker was not yet the coach of the team. The two have known each other since they were part of the second team at Köpenicker SC.

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    Louisa Lippmann will form a team with Laura Ludwig after the latter returns from maternity leave. They'll aim for Paris 2024 but it will be a tough road, probably they won't play any tournaments yet together this year.

    I also see this as a very difficult mission. You have to see what kind of teams we already have and how many starting places there are. At the last Olympic Games there was a maximum of two starting places per nation, if I'm not mistaken. If you now look at the teams at this year's European Championships and only leave out Lippmann/Walkenhorst. Then you already have four teams with the following teams. fighting for the Olympics:

    • Svenja Müller and Cinja Tillmann (the rising star of this season)
    • Karla Borger and Julia Sude
    • Chantal Laboureur and Sarah Schulz
    • Sandra Ittlinger and Isabel Schneider

    We already have four strong teams fighting for the Olympics and then another team should come in with Louisa Lippmann and Laura Ludwig, but they will have a big disadvantage compared to the other teams because they don't know each other that well yet.

    In my opinion, the combination of Sandra Ittlinger and Louisa Lippmann might be interesting for 2028. Sandra can play both positions anyway and Louisa probably can too. In my opinion, that would be a promising combination.

    Is kozuch still playing beachvolleybal? It could be an interesting duo with lippmann

    Last year she took a longer break. Three weeks ago she reported back to her Instagram account and wrote about her sporting career. I think the last sentence is the most important sentence in this post: „Ob nun kämpferische Spielerin oder spielerische Kämpferin, auf dem Feld stehen möchte ich 'zukünftig' immer mit erfülltem Herzen.“ (english: „Whether it's a fighting player or a playful fighter, in the future I always want to be on the field with a full heart.“)

    So, based on this post, I think it's safe to say that she hasn't finished her career and that she might want to attack again if her mental health allows. The only question is when she will return and if so, with whom as a partner.

    Btw. Lippmann played European Championship in Munich with Kira Walkenhorst with a Wildcard 🤣🤣🤣😂

    Sorry for being so blunt: but what kind of nonsense is this? Other than the big names, I don't see any reason for a wildcard for either of them. Walkenhorst is coming back from her break last year and Lippmann has hardly played beach volleyball. You could have given the wildcard to other teams that deserved it more.

    Thanks for posting this here. It's nice to see that the sum has already been reached after one day. Nevertheless, I also wrote an email to Schwarz-Weiß Erfurt to inform them about the fate of Sara Kovac, if they might not have been informed about it already.

    It is hoped that Sara will be able to fully recover from this stroke of fate. I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed.

    Don't know where to put it, but Louisa Lippmann will move to beach volleyball!

    It wouldn't be the first time. In 2020 she had already taken part in the German Beach Tour in Düsseldorf with Isabel Schneider. This time, too, she and her partner would certainly get a wild card for such a tournament.

    Maybe she will take a double role..OH in the club and libero in the NT..?

    Wasn't Kelsey Robinson doing that in the American NT as well some years ago?

    This is of course possible and certainly makes sense in some situations. With Kelsey Robinson, I can't personally assess that. I just think that such a dual role with Linda Bock doesn't make sense for me.

    For me, such a dual role only makes sense if you have no other choice. So like the OPP position, where it may be that an actual OH player has to play there. But we don't have such a constraint on the Libera position. Behind Anna Pogany we have several players who play at a similar level.

    I would put Elisa Lohmann and Linda Bock on the same level and that's why it doesn't make sense for me to take a Linda Bock who isn't used to this position and leave Elisa Lohmann at home. Vital Heynen has a different assessment than I do and I have to accept that too, even if I don't quite understand it.

    Not many surprises actually, anyway it would be interesting to see how Vital works out on the Opp position.

    I do think that Linda Bock is a bit of a surprise. She hasn't really played in Libera's position this season. That's why I would have thought that preference would be given to the well-rehearsed Elisa Lohmann, who also had a very good season. But maybe there will be another change before the World Cup, who knows.

    According to Serbian media reports, middle blocker Jelena Delić is about to move from Zagreb to Suhl.

    Link: Реконструкција Звезде: Павличевић нови тренер, клуб напуштају Дрча, Делић, Ђорђевић, Милуновић...

    Citation: “[...] средњи блокер Јелена Делић (21) на прагу је немачког Зула.” (transcription: “srednji bloker Jelena Delić (21) na pragu je nemačkog Zula.”)

    Notice: Зул = Suhl

    Suhl signed Yina Liu from Borken

    From my point of view a very interesting personality. A loss for Borken, of course, and I would have liked to see them promoted to the first division with Borken next season. But of course the change is understandable. With Suhl she can play European competition in her first year in the first league. You can't turn down an offer like that. After her mother Dai Ming Liu, her father Changcheng Liu and her younger sister Jenni Liu, she is the fourth of this Chinese-German family to play in the German Bundesliga.

    There was an interesting story from Pia Leweling last night. From this story you can read which players are currently in the course at the Olympic base in Heidelberg. I'm assuming that this is about the U23 course, even if Vital Heynen and not Nicki Neubauer is marked.

    S: -

    OPP: Lena Große Scharmann (1998), Liza Kastrup (1999), Lydia Stemmler (2001)

    OH: Pia Leweling (1998), Luisa Keller (2001), Sina Stöckmann (2002)

    MB: -

    L: Annie Cesar (1997), Elisa Lohmann (1998), Sophie Dreblow (1998)

    The name Annie Cesar in particular surprises me. But I also see the possibility here that it is also a tactical move by Vital Heynen, who wants to find out who he nominates for the senior team as the second Libera behind Anna Pogany as the second Libera. There is a lot to choose from with Annie Cesar, Elisa Lohmann, Linda Bock and Sophie Dreblow.

    Edit: Lydia Stemmler is also linked in a story by Liza Kastrup, which is why I added her.

    What happened? She is still young, isn’t she?

    She gives the last three years as the reason, which have been very demanding for her physically and mentally. Since she also says that she wants to take a little break from volleyball for now and clear things up, it also seems like she may have lost a bit of fun in volleyball.