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    Teammanager of Grimma: I said before last season that it had never been so difficult. Unfortunately, it's even more difficult this year due to less financial resources in the Bundesliga, but also due to a new professional league in the USA.

    Yes, I didn't see this article until the day after I published the post, after the article was "promoted" on Instagram. I thought about adding something from this article. But in the end I decided not to. But it's still cool that you posted it here.

    After taking part in all three weeks of the VNL last year, Linus Weber was absent from the European Championships onwards. He is said to have been missing there because of glandular fever, but I don't know if that was officially confirmed. But he continued to miss the Olympic qualifying, where he perhaps canceled because of the “aftereffects” of the illness.

    Last year's result and the will to improve can certainly play a role. But I do believe that the point mentioned in the press release, "challenging situation on the player market," is the decisive point, because Stralsund is not the only one with problems there. For example, Grimma is also still looking for players for their team and is doing so publicly on Instagram. At least the situation there must not be quite as bad as it is in Stralsund.

    Today is apparently a day when the German clubs are announcing a lot. After Schwerin, the ladies in Black Aachen also announced two personal details, even if they were not players. Because the Ladies in Black are bringing Oscar Feglia as their new assistant coach from Vilsbiburg and Tim Berks as their new team manager from Suhl.

    Link: Co-Trainer und Teammanager der LIB klar

    In addition, Dresdner SC today also announced the signing of the already rumored Lorena Lorber Fijok. The Slovenian international, who is described as a passionate fighter, comes from Greek first division club AO Thiras.

    Link: Nationalspielerin Lorena Lorber Fijok wechselt nach Dresden

    So I haven't read up on the CEV regulations. But if you look, for example, at this year's Challenge Cup and the document "2024 CEV European Cups Slot Allocations", then you will notice that Austria and Slovakia, for example, competed in the Challenge Cup with more teams than they were entitled to according to the document and this had nothing to do with any qualifying competitions.

    The fact that two teams from this country started in the Challenge Cup was probably because the two countries did not take advantage of the starting place they were actually entitled to in the “Champions League qualification” and instead registered two teams each for the Challenge Cup. If Austria and Slovakia can do this, then why shouldn't Germany be able to do the same? Just that we wouldn't claim a CEV starting place instead of “Champions League qualification” starting place.

    Of course there is a connection there. In contrast to the men's area, the VBL also obliges the clubs in the women's area to take part in the European competition if they have qualified, based on the license status that you submit to with the license application. Otherwise you have to pay €20,000 to the VBL.

    And in the same way, the VBL can also set requirements in the license statute for the registration for the European competitions, which is carried out either entirely by the VBL or jointly by VBL and the DVV. And this is exactly what is done in paragraph 24.3.3. The following is said there:

    "Lizenznehmer, die in den letzten zwei Spieljahren mit Sanktionen gemäß Ziffer 3.9.3, 3.9.4, 3.9.6, 3.9.7 oder 3.9.8 belegt wurden, werden grundsätzlich nicht in den beiden oberen Europacup-Wettbewerben (CL, CEV-Cup) gemeldet.” (english: "Licensees who have been subject to sanctions in accordance with Sections 3.9.3, 3.9.4, 3.9.6, 3.9.7 or 3.9.8 in the last two playing years will generally not be allowed to compete in the two top European Cup competitions (CL, CEV Cup) reported.")

    Number 3.9.3 is important here because it describes “points deducted in the current or next game year”. And SC Potsdam received such a punishment, as did Suhl and Wiesbaden. This means that none of these three teams are likely to play in the Champions League or CEV Cup this season or next, even if they qualify.

    Link: Lizenzstatut

    Today first friendly against Romania in Potsdam, on at 19:30 CEST. They should win this, but most importantly is testing of course.

    If someone - especially from the German-speaking part of the community - doesn't want to watch Spontent's broadcast, you can alternatively follow the stream provided by SC Potsdam on The stream there starts 15 minutes earlier, at 7:15 p.m. (CEST).

    Of course, the consideration always depends on the consumer's use and I may have focused a little too much on myself. For someone who had a club pass or who only bought individual games, this deal involves additional financial outlay. I don't want to downplay that either. Because for someone with a club pass, the costs increase from just under 60 euros to just under 102 euros if you take the monthly cancellable subscription and then only have the subscription in the months when the Volleyball Bundesliga is running. This is of course a significant increase.

    Although the TV contract between Sport1 and Volleyball Bundesliga GmbH would have covered two more seasons with regard to the women's leagues, there have already been changes. The media partner Sport1 is ending the multi-sport platform Sport1Extra, which means that women's national league games can no longer be offered there. Dyn will now take over the broadcast of these games for Sport1. At least 30 games will still be broadcast live on free TV on Sport1 in the 2024/25 and 2025/26 seasons.

    Because the men's 2nd Bundesliga will also be added to the Dyn offering in the 2025/26 season, one can definitely say that this is a good deal for volleyball fans in Germany. This means you can watch all German pay-TV leagues with a subscription or via a provider. On the other hand, the deal is not so positive for foreign fans who watched the free TV games on Sport1Extra or even took out a subscription there. For a Dyn subscription you need to be resident in Germany. This means that only the live games can be watched via the Sport1 live stream, which is not of such high quality.

    Link: Volleyball Bundesliga baut Partnerschaft mit Dyn frühzeitig aus