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    If we took 1 OPP then maybe Derya could play as attacker if needed :box: It seems to me that Mery will play in MS and then he will leave probably 🤔I hope that Eda will play until 40 like Maja:rose:

    I like Tadić (libero), but for some reason Gočanin is favourite when it comes to coaches. Anyway i would go with Đurđević as a full starter to prepare her for A team, she is our future IMO.

    Kurtagić is amazing blocker without doubt, but her attacking skills stills lack's power, timing, it's not great, she have to work on that really hard. Also she is playing with really bad setter, so that makes even worse situation. Kurtagić looks like baby Ruseva (Vuchkova whatever), even technique is pretty much similar.

    Of course, he has to improve the attack, but the attack on MB depends on what ball he gets from the playmaker and Hena either gets very bad balls or does not get them too , But without a doubt it will be the star in the center 👍 I remember that Tadic in 2019 played in the squad and did well presented👍Zeleznicar presented himself very well in the match against Eczacibaşi and the best received was Uzelac and Perovic:box: It is a pity for me that Mihajlović was so absorbed by injuries and I thought that we would see her at MS:white:

    Pelin is just bad. She doesn't get much playing time in Sarıyer and when she gets she can't kill the ball. I'm not sure about Yağmur. She doesn't play in Italy due injury but I like her. If she performs good in Italy we can try her. Tutku should get a chance as well.

    Right about Tutku👍I think it's actually time to say goodbye to Meryem:wavy:Lila as setter is very talented and we'll see if she gets a chance:box:I still can't understand why Gizem Örge doesn't play in the squad with Simge ~ it is clear that Simge is our No. 1 but Gizem should definitely be No. 2 and not Ayca:what:


    As for VNL, it depends if you can rotate the players, not last year, but yes ~>

    Opposite: Savic, Caric

    Setter: Perovic, Veselinovic, Jaksic

    MB: Kurtagić, Milojevic, Kocic, Osmajic, Markovic

    OH: Lazovic, Uzelac, Kockarevic, Tica, Mirosavljevic

    Libero: Djurdjevic, Tadic

    Looking at the statistics of the Serbian league, this is how you can draw conclusions :drink:The best blocker Hena Kurtagić (38 blocks) in 1 match made 11 blocks is wow:box:

    Ok,I think you can start discussions about the staff in 2022:box:I see it like this: Atak: Ebrar, Meryem Setter: Naz, Cansu, Lila MB: Eda, Zehra, Kubra, Yasemin, Karmen OH: Hande, Meliha, Saliha, Tugba, Ilkin , Derya, Melisa Bukmen Libero: Simge, Gizem, Berin yıldırım

    Saliha has a very good reception, he is also playing very well in the offensive ~ so far he has a very nice season and I hope he will continue :rose: Hande's stats in attack are really weak this season, but he is giving way in defense and service . Tugba only plays with fairly easy opponents and I would like to see her in such a tough match against a good team, although in NT she showed that she can be relied on :) she has to improve her reception. After Ilkina I expected that there are many more and her games in the league are quite average, but I hope her form will be better :box:

    A very nice game :) A very good game by Ana Cristina despite 1 such a difficult match ~ you have to give the girls some time because it is a young team and Arina and Ana together can do a lot:heart: Form fluctuations in FB will happen especially to young players like Ana and Arina but I'm sure it will only get better :dance4: I liked Saliha's game:super:

    I guess she would be eligible to play for Serbian NT but I doubt that Serbian NT would need her

    Apparently so, but the fact that she changed citizenship makes me a bit sad because she presented herself well in the youth championship and I hoped to see her one day in the senior national team of Turkey :)…ge.aspx?mID=45843&ID=1320

    On November 17, Zeleznicar- Eczacibasi match in Cev Cup :)

    Well, interestingly, but the Serbians are unlucky that they hit Eczacibasi immediately, but I will gladly see Uzelac in the game because she is a girl with great potential :super:


    Opp: Batinic

    Setter: Antonijevic

    MB: Kutlesic, Milojevic

    OH: Uzelac, Mirosavljevic

    Libero: Vujovic


    Opp: Boskovic

    Setter: Ognejnovic

    MB: Heyrman, Arici

    OH: Baladın, Şahin

    Libero: Simge Akoz

    Well, the difference is very big:cheesy: