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    Oh I didn't know about Yao's injury. What kind of injury? Is it serious? It is a pity that Chinese players get severe injuries at early stages in their career and had to retire younger than their European peers

    She has been suffering from serious leg injury for a couple of years now. On an interview, she stated that she has to take pain relievers every time she plays (for Tianjin at CVL). When the rumors of her being removed by Cai Bin (as she’s not part of the training list for VNL) spread, she came forward and explained that she personally requested leave due to injury.

    I almost threw my phone at the wall when i saw that... agree with everything but don't think Yao Di was *that* bad.

    Can't wait for the A team to get back and show these kids how it's done, right?

    This is to hoping Ding Xia already moved on from Liaoning because with Japan’s current situation, VNL might be the only championship we can look forward to for mean time.

    I’ll take note of this comment. As I am not that familiar yet with volleyball technicalities, I rely on other fans or articles to clear things up for me.

    I honestly expected Diao to play more during this game because even I can see that Yao Di wasn’t doing well in the first set so I had to ask why she had to stay in court during the whole game.

    However, there were a lot of moments when Changning, Yixin and Li Yao are clearly happy with Yao Di’s setting and Lang Ping wasn’t pinning the blame on her during coaching.

    I am hoping that they learned what they could during the game with S. Korea because honestly, Japan’s A team can easily beat them if they continue like that.

    They're already too busy blaming WMJ I guess. take the Chinese articles with a grain of salt (large buckets of salt)

    Lang Ping never cares about those bloggers/articles and neither should the players.

    Whether they win or lose, they always gotta blame someone. I had to remind myself that Lang Ping won’t put the players inside the court if she thinks they aren’t or can’t do well. Also, she was clearly not reprimanding Yao di only during coaching. She was annoyed at basically all of them.

    personally I think Yao Di is just the better setter... it's more than just setting ZCN.

    Oh thank you for answering. Chinese articles are saying she is sluggish again. I felt like she did manage to set well for Zheng Yixin and Li Yao. I hope she steps up her game though. I don’t want her to blamed again for everything.

    I have a (it might be stupid, I’m sorry in advance) question, why do you think Lang Ping insists on using Yao Di as the setter when she could easily sub her with Diao? Since Zhang Changning is the main gunner, it is understandable to let Diao set for her as they are teammates and are more comfortable with each other. She seemed to have done a good job helping Changning on the last part of first set, why go back to Yao Di on the following sets?

    Also, thank you for answering my question about Zhu’s shirt :)

    Do you guys know where I can buy Zhu’s “Zhuper spike” t-shirt? Taobao doesn’t deliver to my current address and I won’t be in China until December or early next year. Can you buy it from UA’s website?

    News has it that the remaining six will be arriving in Italy on June 5th. It’s understandable as it is in time for the game against Belgium, Serbia and Turkey but what happened to the “replacement of players for women is at June 9” rule ???

    They don't have to play every single match though. And there literally are no viable players if you don't include the 6 that stayed home and this VNL roster.

    Thank you for answering my question and for clearing things out.

    If you think that all the players attending the VNL won't be selected for the Tokyo OG... then which players will make up the 12-Olympian for the Chinese team?

    I will help you in part: Zhu, Li; Yuan, Yan; Gong; Ding -- need another 6 to make up the list.

    Honestly, before your clarification, I was already sad about the whole thing. I’m happy that at least some of them still has the chance to join the olympic roster. Thank you for pointing things out to me.

    Of course not. You think Zhang Changning and Wang Mengjie aren't going to Tokyo?

    With the amount of games they will have to play at VNL, the probability of them being injured is actually high. You’d think those who were going to Tokyo would be protected by fairy godmother Jenny as they don’t have the luxury of time to recuperate. It made me worried that those who were sent to VNL were the “reject” based on the recent test match in Japan and whatever test they probably do during training.

    Are those sent to VNL denied of their olympic spot? I don’t think it will be possible for them to go to Tokyo when VNL will last for a month. The amount of time to recuperate is just too short but if that’s the case, it will be weird for China to only have one setter with how Ding Xia performed during the test match.

    The photos below are screenshots of the behind the scene of the movie “LEAP”. When the team asked Yao Di why she was crying so much when she wasn’t even part of Rio Olympics (as she was just filling in for WQ) her answer was just “I wish this was true” and “at least my dream will be fulfilled in the movie”. You can see Zhu Ting trying her best in making her feel better. Lowkey jealous because she is sitting on Zhu’s lap 🙈🙃

    This girl will make me start going to temples and churches. May your dream come true this year pretty Di ❤️

    These two are so adorable. ❤️ Here’s the video

    Team arrived safely in Shanghai, will quarantine for 14 days (I heard in the training camp) and leave for Italy on May 21st. Of course, we see the besties Zhu Ting and Yao Di. ;)

    Give it a few more months, they’d start looking alike. 🙈 I wonder what those two talk about. They are literally beside each other everywhere (except the court).

    How she said nobody should experience what she did because it forced her to be mature at an early age was just so painful to hear. It made her disciplined, yes, but you can also see how aloof she could be at times.

    Despite earning a lot of money, she stays really simple. Although the matching bag with YD is quite expensive, it was the first time I saw her wear something from luxury brand aside from her Dior mini bag that she always wear before. Her parents are also really humble folks. They spent their spring festival in their old house and people saw them still using powdered detergent soap instead of the “higher class” liquid ones. 🙈

    There was only one video from last night’s flight from JPN TO CHN and she seems so happy, it warms my heart. I hope they stay that way.